On your deathbed - what do you pull from your humidor?

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I hope I never lay in my deathbed. I'd like to move on in the throws of some enjoyable activity, in or out of bed. My buddy Jeff died on his bike last summer. Pulled over for a minute to have a drink of water and a breather and he collapsed. Dr said he was dead fast, not more than a few minutes after he went down. Not a bad way to go considering the deathbeds to which I've been exposed.

I've got a Siglo VI in a tube that I've had forever. that would be as good as anything else, I suppose.

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2 hours ago, Juliano88 said:


That would finish it!😅


The Espy from the 2019 Christmas sampler. Hopefully it will be well-aged by then...😳

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13 minutes ago, Shrimpchips said:

I’m pretty sure the question was which cigar would you have on your death bed, not which cigar would send you there. 😜

😁 In that case....a PSD4 or a Sig VI. 

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My directive to my friend for disposing the remaining sticks from the estate. It is in the top left singles drawer.

He gets picks on keepers.

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