I honestly do not know how PSP grading works

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but it does. Almost every time. Easily the best performers in my humidor, holding age and marca constant, are PSP. 

Being in the US, I rarely get the chance to appraise a range of boxes before purchase. Maybe I would be able to identify the same things that lead to a PSP or HQ designation. But I doubt it: When I get new boxes I rarely see or smell major differences. But when I smoke a PSP cigar, it almost always delivers an exceptional performance. 

Am cognizant of the placebo effect but I don't think that's it. I usually don't notice the colored circle stickers before I pull a stick from the box. Usually only after I smoke an amazing stick I look at the box to see the sticker. 

Whatever is in the secret sauce, it works for me. 

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6 hours ago, BeerPimp said:

Can someone remind me is PSP Red and HQ Orange?

It changes over time 


Totally agree, a high %  of my stock is psp now for a reason. It doesn’t guarantee a great cigar performance, but my comfort level is high knowing the crew inspected my cigars

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57 minutes ago, patrickamory said:

Just to clarify... I've had great luck with Clearance too. FOH is truly the best. I'm just curious whether / when we'll be seeing some more of that tasty PSP...

It's not "Mostly Clearance"  It is all clearance.  Mostly has to do with the box codes/dates.  And there is psp in there.  Luck of the draw.  Stuff just isn't currently separated into various catagories.

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2 hours ago, patrickamory said:

PSP and HQ are great.

Related question... why are all 24:24 now just "Mostly CLEARANCE" ?

Supply shortage I presume. It has only been that way lately. Usually it is more of a mix of psp, hq and clearance. Hopefully it goes back to that soon.

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