When did slide lid boxes switch direction?

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Here's a picture of 4 slide lid boxes.

The two on the left are older and open upwards (2001 and 2009 I believe) the two on the right are newer and open downwards (2019 or 2020).

When did things switch?


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The phrase “Cuba being Cuba” comes to mind...

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1 hour ago, Nevrknow said:

I just got 2 ‘20 boxes. Open in different directions. 

1. If the hot chick has on a red or black dress do I really care? No

2. See #1.


Which boxes? I'm pretty sure all my hoyo from long ago open one way and all the recent ones the other way. Don't have anything else from both periods of time.


Hmmm I have a 2016 hoyo du Prince... I'll have to check that one.

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41 minutes ago, Nevrknow said:

JL and bottom Hoyo 2020 top Hoyo 18.. 

I know I have seen it before. I’ll have to check my other boxes when I get to work.

Looks like the Juan Lopez is the only one opening upwards.

I'll check my boxes again too.

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