Box of the Day: Policromia

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30 minutes ago, Deeg said:

That wolf adds an undeniable cool factor.

Maybe a fox?

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8 minutes ago, Ken Gargett said:

agreed. i'm thinking from JJ Fox, the odds would be marginally in favour of it being a fox, not wolf. 

That makes sense, but it looks like a wolf to me, ROFL.

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Definitely looks better in person!

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policromia f (plural policromie)

1. The shiny silver bits on a cop car

2. The title of the only album released by the little known British semi-metal band “The Why” who broke up while trying to negotiate a contract with any major (or minor) label in order to record a second album reportedly titled “Lighter Shade of the Pale Side of the Moon”. Some of the members had a brief bit of notoriety when they reunited as an Elton John cover band on the Isle of Jersey called “Stuart and the Ducks”. This success was short lived.


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 OOHHHH  :drool: :drool: :cigar: Cigar - related BLISS!!!

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