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  1. Monty 4. Maybe Mag 46 but in that case I might just have smoked bad cigars plus that I'm not a Corona Gorda fan.
  2. I love these! I just started to shot film myself, 135 with a Pentax S3 and a Canon EOS 650 and 120 film with a Mamiya 645 1000s. Haven’t developed anything yet, though. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  3. RyJ Short Churchills and PSD5 both come in 10ct boxes and are in the same ball park as the Punch in price.
  4. Got my first Pfizer shot today, Can’t say I feel anything at all but it’s just been 5 hours.
  5. Is this really true though? To me it feels like something a CC smoker says because that's what people expect you to say. I would say that most of the cigars I smoke are good. One in ten I'd say is mediocre and maybe one in fifthteen is bad. I honestly don't feel like I have to "hunt" for good cigars.
  6. Well, I've only had the Partagas and I've smoked three from my box, 2018, 19 and last summer. They went (for me) from "interesting" to, atleast the one I had last summer, one of my best smokes in the last five years and undisputed #1 of 2020.
  7. So I sold three new prints today. I didn't make these images to sell them at first, it was more like an experiment I did when I bought my last camera. It's 50 or so different photos of acrylic paint in a tub that I stitched together digitally to make it look like bouquets of flowers. But now I ended up printing them in an edition of 20 and sold a couple. Vildblommor (Wild flowers) I-III
  8. I've just smoked one cigar in february, a Partagas D4, TOS 16. It kicked ass.
  9. Yes, and I love it. Not really what I was referring to, though. I kind of liked having a thread where people just posted random stuff that happened during their week and not just a picture of someones hand holding a cigar. And I liked it especially after a year like this when you don't... get to see that many new things...
  10. Maybe it could be an idea to have a dedicated weekly review photo thread? I kind of miss the ”old” A Week In Pictures when it wasn’t just another cigar thread.
  11. It didn't even take a week, now the snow is all gone.

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