Your favourite / most memorable 24:24 cigar description...

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Going on my theme of 24:24 posts recently....

As we all now @El Presidente is a cunning linguistic and can entice all of us into buying that extra box of cigars even though we were over our budget. (starts ringing bell and chanting shame like in Game of Thrones). 

What's your favourite / most memorable 24:24 cigar description written by our illustrious leader. 

Last spring El pres posted some Epi 2's on 24:24 and he described them and  I quote "It's like kissing your sister" they were on clearance and I was a newbie back then and I was assured by members that they were legit that even clearance is quality and they couldn't have been more correct. They were excellent! 

On a side note i'm pretty sure if PCC were to pull up their records El prez must hold the all time record for sales on the JL 2's!! He has had some excellent descriptions of those. Cheers! :)

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5 minutes ago, benfica_77 said:

I'd like to see @Ken Gargett do the write up for 24:24 one day....he'll probably complain that all of the cigars have bad draws haha ?

So funny.  I'm going through a lot of the FOH vid reviews on Youtube.  Draw issues definitely seem to be a common complaint.

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Was perusing the store and saw this gem.

'The Cuaba Divino is a better cigar than the Traditionales. The Traditionales lacks the full frontal peanut hit. To be honest it just lacks any personality at all.'

Call a spade a spade, buyer beware, etc. Just another reason to appreciate his descriptions! 

And, yes, I passed on the Cuabas. 

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