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i know we are only a couple of days in, but how is your team doing? happy? not so much? and how is impacting on possible draft picks for you? 

not sure i'd want to be a giants' fan at the moment (well, ever, but you know what i mean).

browns' fans must be wondering what is going on. you'd have to think not making the playoffs would be a fail. imagine that! 

skins - we were always going to lose some players who would get big dosh - Psmith, crowder especially. the trade for Keenum hardly made us contenders but probably took us out of the QB stakes at out pick of 15 (some talk we'll still trade for rosen), which i think is a really good thing. losing Psmith suggests to me that if there is a quality pass rusher there at 15 - burns seems most likely - we'll take him. possibly metcalf as years since we had a good WR. some talk of Hockenberg (??) the TE but i doubt that. and possibly the O line (although it is not as though we have a valuable QB to protect). if white fell to 15 (ILB), he'd be a real chance as well. 

we also lost ty neschke to the bills. shame as he was well liked and useful but we were never going to pay a 35 year old back up tackle $15 mill for two years. 

the only 'incoming' so far is landon collins from the giants. interesting one as i remember he wanted to come to the skins back when drafted. big skins fan - imagine having a player actually want to come here. when i heard he might be available, he was the player i really wanted, so have to be happy. has been very solid for the giants, one of their best. some questions on his coverage but i think he has made more tackles than anyone over the last four years - three pro bowls and one all-pro, so hardly a slouch. and a position of need for us. so all that could not be better.

the only issue is that we did pay a bucket load for him - $84 mill over six years, though the last couple will be the usual iffy ones that can be cut or manipulated. and somehow, he is only costing us $4.5 mill against the cap this year, important, given the money wasted on Asmith and his busted leg. 

so thoughts on your teams? 


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16 minutes ago, Çnote said:

I'm a Cowboy fan. I'll try to ignore everything until we pick in the draft. JJ's decisions have a tendency to ruin cigars

oh for the old days when the NFC East ruled the NFL. the only good thing these days is that between JJ and gettelman, dan S only looks like an insane man, not quite yet completely certifiable.  

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Your thoughts pretty much mirror mine.  Skins have to address that left tackle issue.  But they also must get help at WR and both safety and edge pass rusher.  Not sure what the hell they might due at QB subsequent to getting Keenum.  Hoping for the best but expecting the worst from Allen.  :tantrum:

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Steelers front office look like bigger idiots after the Beckham deal came through. Good job guys on getting nothing for AB. 

Leveon Bell get's less money than the Steelers offered him plus the 14 million he missed out on last year. Oh, and now your a Jet. Great decision making process there pal. Break a leg, literally. 

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Giants moves are questionable but it looks like they're about to blow it up and enter a full rebuild around Saquon and whichever QB they draft next year. They're paying something like USD $38 million to players not on the team this year. 

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