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  1. @MoeFOH this is happening intermittently to me as well
  2. You probably need to buy new cookware that is compatible with induction
  3. - is a great resource for learning about the packaging, warranty seals and other ways to identify genuine cuban cigars. - shows the price of boxes when purchased from official stores in Cuba which is as close to a universal base price that you can find. $32 a stick for a Monte 2 sold as a single in a B&M is very different to an online retailer selling a full box who will have less overheads and/or operate in a duty-free environment.
  4. Have you applied for the new quarantine-at-home system for double-vaxxed returning QLDers?
  5. Sydney's Union Bosses Fly The CFMEU Flag At Half-Mast Following The Closure Of Golden Century — The Betoota Advocate
  6. The Snook do look a little bit like a saltwater barramundi caught in the ocean
  7. Just last week we referred an example of Cohiba Siglo VI Tubos from 2006 to the Habanos Knowledge group because according to the best information available to us (CCW) they were released c2008. One of the distributors who is a member of the Habanos Knowledge group was able to confirm on their system that they received their first mastercase of Siglo VI tubos in May 2004!
  8. US banking system blacklists foreign corporations who conduct business with Cuba/Cuban products. That is the bigger hindrance than no direct trade with the US
  9. Does the box have a warranty seal?
  10. I was listening to a podcast where they interviewed Bruce Arians about this topic. He made the point that the NFL is better equipped to handle this then the MLB for the following reasons: - Even in non-Covid times, teams spend an average of 26 hours in a city for an away game. MLB teams will spend 3-4 days in a city for a series. - Night before game they motorcade to airport , private jet to host city, motorcade to hotel, Sleep , motorcade to game, motorcade to private jet , fly home . There's very little "outside" interaction - Every team has a hotel "bubble" in their home city. It's optional (for now) but teams like the Cowboys have a strong buy-in from players and staff It's not perfect and I don't think there should be fans in the stands but I think they will complete the full season

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