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  1. Yes All 3 or any of the 3 are great sticks, personal choice/palate comes into play but I have all 3 and are in constant rotation
  2. This firefighter/paramedic life is for the birds, always wanted to do this but my mom was a naval officer and my dad went to the naval academy and was a marine corps officer and they both told me what this took. Haha looking back about the same time I've spent where I'm at
  3. Gentleman sorry for the radio silence but the firefighter world is crazy right now. We are still doing this but waiting for a calm down in the current situation, especially where I live. End of August beginning of September seems likely at this point. I know we have some people that are high risk and we shall deal with that as it goes. My state exploded with cases and it got crazy for a few but seems now to be trending in the right direction. Precautions will be taken
  4. Sorry for my absence on the forums recently. There has been two problems 1. My metropolitan fire department decided this was the year we got into the wildland fire game, and we got in deep. 2. Covid-19 has hit my state (Arizona) very hard and I've been dealing with that for what feels like forever but right around 6 months. Hopefully I'm back, missed the forums and all the shenanigans that come from them. I'm raising a glass to FOH tonight and excited for the future
  5. With the exception of the Punch DC, I've had all the others recently and they are smoking fantastic. I voted Hoyo just because I like it the best, can't go wrong with any of them to be honest.
  6. trying to install to join I can't join the club just keep getting an invalid never mind just went through and too late, possibly in a few weeks
  7. I can't recommend them enough. Some people don't like Bolivar so I understand they aren't for everyone
  8. Don't mind me, just here for the extra ticket, enjoy your week everyone!
  9. Steak, steak, steak. A filet and a ribeye. Bolivar, bolivar, bolivar. My two favorites. I'm about halfway through this box of BBF and have reviewed before but I'll tell you this, they are smoking the house down! Beautiful cream feel with solid earth and text book Bolivar flavor. If you don't like Bolivar, I get it, we can't all be perfect. Far and away my favorite stick, I've had others that are fantastic, however I always keep coming back. The steaks are phenomenal, we get them in our Butcher Box every other month and are always fantastic. perfect draw throughout, razor sharp burn! Perfect for me!
  10. Based on everything here late June seems realistic, having said that if members are still in lock down mode we will extend the start date. I don't want anyone feeling unsafe going out. Also interested to see what's going to happen with USPS. Being optimistic brother, little light at the end of this tunnel

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