Ok......Rob.....I want the truth!

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13 minutes ago, Charley said:

We need to arrange conventions for these retards, pass them hand grenades, and tell them they are 'iluminati easter eggs', and definitely don't pull the pin, as it will let out all the secrets.         Drive away to a safe distance and listen to the bang.

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Jokes on them. England never really existed. 400 years ago, our great leader, "Davo", decided to play a big joke on the people of this tiny island off the coast of Australia. Secretly changed their history, and gave them the idea of sending off their "criminals"to Australia. In reality, they were sending back those Australian agents sent over there to plant the seeds of the joke.

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Look I know this site doesn’t exist in “Australia” because the videos on this site are upside right.  

Further, these ridiculous claims of world records for the most poisonous snakes, venomous spiders and the concept of dingos is a pathetic myth that makes people not want to travel to this mystical place “Australia”, ergo, preventing the masses from realizing that Australia does not exist and that the earth is indeed flat  


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The "Australian" accent is actually a dialect of Earls Court bartenders in London.

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This is a classic one:


Lyle Zapato’s argument for why Belgium doesn’t exist:

Belgian" citizens are actually innocent (for the most part) people (for the most part) that have been kidnapped by the New World Order's Belgian Conspiracy division and brainwashed using psychotronic mind control, psychotropically enhanced beer, and neurolinguistic programming into believing that they are Belgians. All memories of their past lives have been repressed -- replaced with implanted false memories of superior Belgian lives.

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