Blind Tasting Results for Cigar Number One and Revealing Cigar Number One

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Hi everyone By now you should have received your Blind Tasting pack as they were shipped out a couple of weeks ago (if you haven't don't panic you have heaps of time  ) For those who have sm

I'll be busy with work over the next few weeks so I decided to light up Blind Tasting cigar No. 1 this weekend. The cigar has a nice looking wrapper. Clip the cap, nice draw as well. Picking

What a lovely night in Texas to smoke a cigar. Obviously, I've got my Shiner (at least a version of it) and Topo Chico ready to go. After a quick cut and cold draw, there are hints of grass, toasted t

On 3/6/2017 at 7:08 PM, dflan82 said:

I'll be busy with work over the next few weeks so I decided to light up Blind Tasting cigar No. 1 this weekend.

The cigar has a nice looking wrapper. Clip the cap, nice draw as well.

Picking up flavors of bread/yeast, toasty tobacco, and some woody notes.  Every now and then, I had a bit of sweetness pop in but it never lasted more than a puff or two.

Not a ton of evolution but the flavors are enjoyable so no complaints there.

Lovely aroma from the resting smoke.

Construction was near perfect.

Overall, I'd give it an 89-90.


Good luck to everyone out there partaking in this competition. I learned last year that this is a challenge, but loads of fun. Thanks again to the FOH crew for putting this on!


Good luck this year Brother!



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21 hours ago, WillEd11 said:

What a lovely night in Texas to smoke a cigar. Obviously, I've got my Shiner (at least a version of it) and Topo Chico ready to go. After a quick cut and cold draw, there are hints of grass, toasted tobacco and leather.

photo1 (2).jpg

so what was your dog's opinion?   :o

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Haven't smoked #1 yet, but based on a cursory physical examination I think I know what it is (famous last words right?).  However, after reading the first two reviews some of the flavor descriptions have me questioning my first instinct.  I know we have until April 4th to smoke #1 and submit our official response, but I might have to get down to business this weekend.  My curiosity is building.   

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I smoked cigar number one last week.  All I can say is it's a cigar I've never had before; and, if I get one out of the five cigars correct it is pure luck.

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Here goes nothing. Smoked this puppy last night while reading a book on quantum physics. Got me thinking about the different reviews of the same cigar. They say nothing exists until it is observed, or in this case enjoyed. 

Nice construction on this one, lovely dark chocolate wrapper with a hint of red  thrown in. Burned like a champ the whole way through too with no need to correct with any re lighting. Flavor wise I got loads of earth on the front end of this one, with a mellow woodiness thrown in for good measure. Earth gave way to cocoa as the Cigar progressed, ending in leather with a good strong nicotine kick. 

Paired it with a barrel aged saison for the first half, and a barrel aged belgian quad / braggot hybrid for the second half. Spot on for a pairing and I'll need to run straight to the 24 24 sale of this stick once it's revealed to stock up as I've already placed an order for the beer. 

Of course, the above is all meaningless drivel. The ravings of a man who most likely completely missed the mark, but passed a lovely evening with friends and had some good beers and an excellent cigar. 

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I just finished cigar no.1

It was a great looking stick with nice and firm construction. It smoked beautifully. 

I can't tell you much about what I tasted, but I know what cigar it is! ;) 

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Before cutting this cigar I was worried that it was overfilled and would be too tight or plugged but draw was only slightly tight.

Cold draw sweet, salty, citrus.

1st 3rd very nice level of salt, intense citrusy twang. pepper on the edges of the tongue. These flavors subsided through the rest of the cigar into earthiness and toasted tobacco but it burned beautifully and was very enjoyable.

I have no real clue as to what it was but I will take a questionably educated guess.

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This is a great cigar! Perfect draw/ burn. Medium bodied full of flavors. Floral, citrus, a dash of cocoa. Tons of creamy smoke. This is the best cigar I have had in a while! I need a box and I have know idea what it is! Hahaha (other then narrowing it down by the size)

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I smoked cigar number one on Saturday night, opting to go for a walk with it to get away from the endless conversation and "herbal cigarette" smells coming from the apartment above.  It started to rain lightly about 30 minutes in, and a few times it got really heavy and I had to take refuge in whatever cover I could find, but I still think I made the right decision in leaving.

The other reviews have generally reported good/perfect construction, but this was not the case for me.  The draw was really tight and only started to ease a little during the final third.  I found a couple of stems in the head of the cigar, but removing these didn't really help things that much.  The cigar opened with a citrus sweetness, but this quickly developed into an intense sugar sweetness that lasted until the end of the first third.  During the second third, that sweetness faded into a mild syrup that sat quietly in the background and a gentle spice began to take the stage, like a cinnamon spice.  The final third saw the spiciness grow in intensity, but this was like a kitten attacking as it was still incredibly gentle.  The sweet background remained all the way through to the end.

The draw issues are the only negative point I can make about this cigar.  I really enjoyed the flavours it delivered, and I have never experienced anything like that opening third.  I'm clueless to what it is, but I'd be interested in getting more.

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Ok so now I try my hand at this blind tasting thing.

Pre-light/cut: Earthy at first I thought barnyard but upon reflection more like dried grass, very light sweet cocoa

1st third: I get a light vegetal/floral flavor with hints of leather and cedar. There is also an undertone of Toasted tobacco. All of the flavors are muted at this point but not to the degree of being boring or flat.

2nd third: the vegetal/floral notes fade and a mild spice emerges. This is not a pepper type of spice but more vanilla extract rich but not sweet. notes of cedar are also now present. The toasted tobacco is still there.

Finish: A mild creaminess character in the smoke not a flavor so much as a change in the character of the smoke. Toasted tobacco lingers long on the finish with the spice and cedar.

I feel this one will be much better with some more age to it.

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Well I can tell you it is not a cohiba robusto bc that's what I had to light up after 15 minutes of fumbling with cigar #1.

I was very excited to taste #1. Great aroma on the wrapper, prelight draw was really tight so I was worried. Lit it up and immediately got some of the great flavors above. I got a lot of cedar notes to start, lots of leather, some sweet cream, then a blast of milk chocolate and some sweetness from somewhere. 

Unfortunately the draw was so tight it was only burning on the inside the wrapper started to crumble around the outside.  After about 15 minutes I got extremely frustrated and didn't make it any farther. The draw produced almost n smoke to taste at the 15 min mark. 

I wished I got one of the ones above that weren't plugged and I wish I had the patience of the other review that also was plugged. I havent had this one before but I will give it a real shot when the results are posted.


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2 hours ago, backbone said:

I did dry box mine at 50 rh for three weeks, and it burned well for me. 

Mines been at a solid 65% since it arrived. I'm not complaining was just disappointed I wasn't getting the same results. 

Hope everyone enjoys it. I certainly, for a short period.

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Haven't smoked it. Won't get to smoking it.

Box pressed corona Gorda. Smells like.... tobacco.

With a few other blokes on watsapp (who aren't doing the blind tasting either) we came to a decision on what this cigar is. We also took robs prickish tendencies into account while making this choice

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Finally got some nice weather and time synced so that I could get out and smoke this one.

The cigar was firm with a nice colorado maduro wrapper which seemed to be slightly thick and a bit oily.  Smelled quite floral.

The prelight draw gave tea flavors.  The draw was perfect with a slight tug.

First light gave a quick hit of white pepper through the nose, followed by a blast of woody/earthy notes which left as fast as they came.

The burn was perfect throughout.  Flavors consisted of fruitiness, a honey sweetness, and hints of wood and leather.  At times, the flavors were quit bold while, at some points throughout the cigar, they became quite muted.  I found this cigar to be  slightly above medium in both strength and body.

I'll submit my guess and go 0-1 for the blind tasting...

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Sample #1 is a 143mm x 46RG box-pressed Corona Gorda. Firmly rolled, quite tight from the band to the head.


Nice weight in the hand, one of my preferred sizes. These always feels more balanced to me than many other vitolas.

Lots of sheen, smooth and oily feel to the Colorado wrapper. One sunspot.

Guillotine cutter snips off just the cap at 12:30 on a comfortably cool early Saturday afternoon.

Rich toasted tobacco bouquet, draw a fair bit firmer than I prefer but workable.

Dark earth on the cold draw, touch of cocoa.

Fires up with soft flame, smoke production limited by the tight draw. Lightly massage the knots. Expect it will loosen up as the cigar warms. A short visit to the fridge in advance might have been called for.

Just on the lighter side of medium. Earthiness, leather, bread.

Firm ash, light gray with dark gray striations holds well past the first inch, dropping of its own accord. Burn is even with a thin burn line.


Draw opens up a bit near the end of the first third 30 minutes in and more flavors begin to come out.

Touch of wood, coffee and spice. Hints of dark earth and toasted tobacco predominate.

In the center it moves closer to a solid medium-bodied stick with decent strength. Burn a little uneven though not enough to worry about a touch-up at the moment.

The way I figure it there’s a 15% chance of a guess across the line of current production sticks in this size, 1 in 4 given clues from the cigar itself.

Approaching the final third decide a slight touch-up is required. Remains medium in body and strength. Dark chocolate and slight pepperiness on the retrohale. 


A savory smoke with a bit of spice, somewhat dry mouthfeel.

Light fruit undertone near the finish, nice.

A few rough edges throughout the second half and some bitterness creeps in during the final inch. Youth.


About a 90 minute smoke and an enjoyable one. Fairly confident in my decision, pick submitted.



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Great construction with a nice dark wrapper that burned perfectly.  

Leather prominent with cream and light spice on exhale.  Little woodsy and bitter chocolate starting at end of first third.  

2/3 more leather and baking chocolate with light cream and sweetness. Earthy and mushroom notes more prominent toward end of 2/3.

Final third still earthy, woody and the leather and cream are pushing back into the forefront.  Chocolate making a stronger showing near the end with the spice getting stronger tasting of cloves.  Finished up with leather, cream, mushrooms and spice.

Paired with black coffee and mineral water with lemon.  Draws with coffee brought chocolate and earthy tones forward while with the mineral water I was picking up more of the leather and cream aspects.

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Pre-light: Nice dark wrapper, a few noticeable veins present. Floral scent at the foot. A straight cut reveals a very nice easy draw with the same floral taste.

After lighting up I get a floral grassy taste. Halfway through the first third still has nice floral taste but now with slightly fruity and maybe some leather present. Getting a familiar dry smoke taste/feeling in my mouth.

Second third is a change to more leather and tobacco taste. Strength picking up.

Final third chocolate comes in. Still has leather and tobacco taste but also slight fruity taste again - cherry? Strength picked up again - of yeah, I can feel it. 

Delicious cigar all the way down to the nub.


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I had my guess from the off.  I know I've had these before. One green spot of corrosion under the band.  Nothing a little Brasso won't take care of....  

Very nice smoke.  Razor sharp burn. Perfect draw.  60%rh at 62° since its been here (30 days...?).  Frustratingly dropped it on its head (glad it wasn't a bottle of bourbon) and it split, dammit.  Still, no draw issues.  Only into the first 1/3.  My mind won't change.  


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