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Greetings FOH,

I wanted to get you thoughts on cigar cases.  Custom made ones would be nice.  Particularly the 3 finger cedar lined type.  I've seen a lot of just plain leather types without the cedar lining.

Wondering if the leather will impart on the taste or flavor of the cigars?


This case would be for my daily "EDC".  For longer travels I just throw them in a cigar box that lives in a pelican case.


Thanks!  Thoughts and recommendations is appreciated!

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I like the Xikar 5 stick and 20 stick hard cases for serious travel, but have cheapo 2 and 3 stick leather cases for light travel (like heading to a casino). My two stick leather one is just leather, while the three stick is cedar lined, but since cigars never stay in them for more than a couple of days, I notice no difference in flavor. 

Sorry, no experience with the custom ones, as I just couldn't imagine spending much on a travel case (they're fun to look at, but I'm sure I'd just end up losing it). 

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2 minutes ago, Fuzz said:

Hey Rob, did I miss a beat? When did you launch the "FOH Classifieds" section?

Quiet launch until we get it right. 

If members have a comment about some of the suppliers, post it on there. If you think there are suppliers who add quality value to members here, let them know to get in touch. 

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You may also consider the below cigar cases. I don't have them but they look great, especially the Wood Cigar Pouch. 

Siglo Wood Cigar Pouch.

Siglo Stitches Leather Cigar Case



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5 hours ago, NweakO said:

I got this, one of the best cases I ever bought.

Yes, they do look very nice! I have seen them in the PCC retail store. They are definitely a high end cigar case. 

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On 2/6/2017 at 8:47 PM, RolandHeadlessGunner said:

I like wrapping in cellophane, too. The trick is to use Saran Wrap Classic. It's literally a different plastic and much less permeable than the cling-wraps.

When rolling up the cigar, I like to use a Post It note inside the out edge so I can tell where it is when I want to unroll it.  

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