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  1. Anyone knows if there is a coupon code? I have ordered 2 perfecdraw works really well....unfortunately i lost them already ?
  2. They look gorgeous!! I want BOTH of them for different occasions!???
  3. Where can i get these custom rolled cigars?? I really want to try some of them!
  4. Can FOH import and sell some custom rolls? I am sure they will be a very popular items if FOH has them.
  5. Anyone know where can i get this humidor at a reasonable price?
  6. WOW!! Congratulations!! Where did you get this? How much did you pay for this beautiful humidor!?
  7. I have seen this and it cost HKD 3,888 (around USD 500). I do agree that the ashtray is too small and it only large enough to hold 1 cigar's ash.
  8. I love royal robusto! They taste so good even when they are young! You should definitely try one!
  9. Yes, 8 is a lucky number in Asia, 8 means wealthy, hence they made 8888 boxes ?
  10. Please put me on the waiting list when there is one for this Cohiba humidor. [emoji5] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I have tried this cigar in a PCC event. They sell it for HKD 2,140 for a box of ten. This is a mild or mild to medium bodied cigar.
  12. If FOH is able to get a few of these, how can we pre-order this humidor?

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