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  1. Hate to say it, but it's possible the lawyers won't be satisfied with moving the offending use of "Habano" down to the tag line. Consider "Friends of Havana cigars." There isn't anything they can say about that. (I'm a retired lawyer, so I know how they think😉)
  2. I have a hard time believing it's just an attempt to cook brains. What's the point of that? Plus, if it's a demo, the point has been made. Unless the perpetrator is waiting for U.S. intelligence to write up a top-secret report of the effects, which they will then pilfer and read at their leisure. If I was going really dark to look for an explanation, I would say the Chinese (who are crushing Russia in tech advances) are testing out some mind reading equipment. It really is a mystery.
  3. I've been listening to him since his first album came out. He was amazing. May you rest in peace, John Prine.
  4. Not everyone knows the vintage ratings as well. Frankly, the more ranges the vintage rankings cover, the more I appreciate it.
  5. Thank your friend, because you've hit the motherload. Be sure to follow 24:24 religiously.
  6. shadowACE, Welcome. My calendar is set to alert me every weekday when 24:24 is due. It's the road to perdition for sure!
  7. Agreed that it's a fun hobby. I shaved DE for years, then switched to Harry's cartridges and love 'em. The best part is jumping around between shave creams and aftershaves. A recent interesting addition is a shave cream from Lush called Dirty. It's the only shave cream I've found that doesn't required an aftershave balm.
  8. I'm so happy with igloodors (3 and counting), that I don't touch wood-based humidors anymore. I rarely need to add water. The seal is perfect, each new box of cigars is already humidified and the cigars act as there own humidifier element. I have some beads that I mist periodically, but the hygrometer almost always says "not necessary." Igloodors aren't much good for display purposes, though! Doug
  9. I like wrapping in cellophane, too. The trick is to use Saran Wrap Classic. It's literally a different plastic and much less permeable than the cling-wraps.
  10. Wow, this guy really knows how to open a pitch! A couple of "you poor peasant" lines, then a swift pivot to "I'm a NASA god" lines and you're in. I could learn from a guy like that. Plus, you would only need to "reduce costs/complexity, create small form factor" to get it below $1M apiece to produce. You obviously have the easy part. I say go for it; the market for such a contraption would be YUUUUGE!
  11. I've got Monte Robusto LEs from both 2000 and 2006. In my opinion the 2000's are excellent (although the wrappers are fairly leathery) and the 2006's are just average. I'll smoke a 2006 tonight and check back. I've only got one of the 2000's left, so that one will wait until late on a mid-summer night.
  12. I would agree it's the taste that makes Cuban cigars recognizable. To me the closest analogy is salty.

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