La Gloria Cubans 25 Aniversario Humidors...

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It's beautiful...However this is still my favorite. Would love to find one.

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Agree, I saw them being made at Humidors Havana in 2013. I have seen them in LCDH's but have shown restraint; but I sure would like one.



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They are true works of art. Lovely to admire and covet. They kind of spoil if you dare smoke one though, so that factor and the price lead me toward looking elsewhere. 

I try to stay grounded from the point of view that cigars are for consumption, more of a staple than something to merely collect

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On 29/01/2017 at 0:45 AM, NSXCIGAR said:

...and if they can take the same tobacco and sell it for 5-10 times the money

4.5 times to be 'exact'.... (just considering the unit cigar price..;)). Had been offered one recently - pricing is ridiculous...skipped. And even the humidor - for the most part made of simple beech wood. Looking cheap, like a mass-produced industrial thingy with a high proportion of machining and automation. In no way is this comparable to the handcrafted Replica Series. As @rehabit sais, has a bit of a toy's appeal to me.


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Are humidors crafted in Cuba?

Humidors Habana make great Humidors but not likely for sale on their own. They make many of them for the festivals which are filled with cigars and then auctioned off, make for special releases as shown in this thread and do humidors commissioned by people. A few pics below including one commissioned by a famous actor/Governor.

Not sure if there are other shops in Havana making them but I would think there are. The skill the people have in this shop and what they do with what they have is amazing. True works of art.







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