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  1. wow….that is certainly a watch worth waiting for! Stunning to look at and ask most watch geeks to come up with a short list of their favorite watches, that would most certainly be on most of them! Congratulations!
  2. I am a Jets fan and I always considered Jets/Dolphins an odd rivalry. In fact, living in Miami for 10 years I actually wished they were better! Same with the Jets/Patriots “rivalry”…I always say for a Jets fan, beating th Pats every so often is our super bowl. Hard to call that a rivalry! That is just being us being bitter! lol
  3. I am a Yankees fan and a Devils fan. Growing up the Whalers were my second team as we shared a few players. I always wear a hat if I can get away with it, I feel almost funny without it…typically a Yankees hat. Any time I am traveling north of about Fairfield County CT I typically swap to a Whalers hat. Seems the respectful compromise and gets me alot of thumbs up and no middle fingers. That is anywhere in New England mind you. At a Celts game I’d imagine wearing a Yankees hat would be a pretty unpleasant experience!!!! I saw a guy in a leather Dolphins jacket get carried out of a Jets game one time looking like he got into a fight with an angry Elk. Brutal! This one has been inside enemy lines many times!
  4. I have run into MJ a few times as a family friend knows him pretty well through a golf club they both play at. He always has a lit cigar every time I have seen him. I never had the nerve to mention it…you meet Michael Jordan you try to act normal, smile, and let the guy go about his business. He, in my brief interactions, is an almost unbelievably nice and personable guy.
  5. Bariloche and Mendoza will be tough to find good cigars. BA you might do a little better. I know I have bought cigars inside of a little mall in Recoleta but it wasn’t remarkable. Foodwise BA is amazing in my opinion. My wife once said “all we ever do in BA is eat” and I’m like…yes, exactly. Hard to even narrow it down but I will say for classic parrilla Don Julio and for empanadas (again there’s lots of places to get good empanadas) La Cocina a little place in Recoleta is the best if I had to choose. For Mendoza, I would highly highly recommend you visit Carmelo Patti in Lujan. He is basically a one-man winery, I don’t believe he speaks a ton of English but regardless go. He is an amazing person and his wines are phenomenal, very old world style bordeauxish type wines. I’ve tried for years to source his wine from the US and haven’t been able. Enjoy!
  6. Good story: I usually have very few opportunities to share cigars. This past week one of my lifelong best buddies who is also my only friend that smokes cigars somewhat regularly came down to Florida for a 24 hour fishing mission. He probably owns 3-4 boxes of CC/NC cigars in desktop humis. Loves a good cigar but not down the rabbit hole like many of us are. To open it I gave him an HU #2 Reserva. He didn’t even look at the bands, but he also knows I’m not going to hand him a bad cigar when I’m hosting him. I also know what he likes. Nuts, bread, cream, cedar. He’s an HU and HdM guy. He lit it up went silent for 30 seconds looked at me and said “Holy sht, that is the best f’ing cigar I have ever tasted by far.” He couldn’t stop talking about it. Also gave him an older HdM DD the next day that he said was good but didn’t get the reaction. He’s had a few SW that are always a hit I also got him on his first tarpon and first snook, had a couple big suckers too. He left happy.
  7. 2015 factory code is BALR. I tipped a guy $500 to light it, then lit it myself.
  8. I read that price list and in my mind the value discrepancies are obvious as is the playbook. Like reading a wine list priced to sell wine to people more focused on perception vs. value and that haven’t had enough experience drinking wine to exploit that approach. Luckily I drink alot. A number of these prices are beyond absurd. If someone knew I paid that much for a box of Cohibas I’d be embarrassed to smoke one in public regardless of how much money I had. Like some of the POS overpriced watches people walk around with. I’ve bought several expensive boxes of cigars over the years, Reservas, etc. These prices for these cigars is shocking.
  9. I don’t dislike Jimmy Buffett (I live on an island wiith the water in my back yard, that would be highly inconsistent)…but I’m not a die hard fan. I just remarked just the other day as I was driving down 95 in Florida and saw a billboard for the Margaritaville cruise lines and mentioned to my wife what an unbelievable brand that guy has built. They have literally everything from shot glasses to cruise ships and megahotels and everything in between. Wanna live the Jimmy Bufffett life? How about this beach chair? Genius. You can have your Landshark Lager while you’re at it. I’ll also say every time I hear Cheeseburger in Paradise I want a cheeseburger. Luckily I already live in paradise.
  10. Looking forward to seeing/meeting folks tomorrow. If someone could post or PM me on where/when everyone is meeting up Saturday that would be great. Gracias!
  11. My favorite cigar and easily one I am the deepest on. Over the years I always stocked up when they popped up. I probably have 10 boxes I am smoking from 2003 onward and another 10 -15 boxes I haven't even touched yet. That was always the one cigar above all others I wanted to make sure I always have enough of!
  12. Due to the global fresh CoRo shortage I am scraping by with an old 2003 discontinued HdM DD I bought in bulk. Doesn’t even have a band on it
  13. 2017 898, headed to Miami tomorrow…looking forward to seeing the crew Saturday!

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