What Cigar boxes are on your "Hit List"?

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So what cigars are on your top 5 of your "Hit List" for upcoming 24.24 24.72?

I missed a few, but lately been very much addicted to Robs sales!

I was able to acquire pretty good collection so far, but here is my top 5 on my Hit List.

What are yours?

1. Cohiba - Siglo I

2. Saint Luis Rey - Regios or Serie A

3. Juan Lopez - No.1 or No.2

4. Diplomaticos - No.2

5. Vegas Robania - Famosos

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I need a PSP cab of Shorts and PLPC to put down for a little nap. I have PE/hand picked cabs of both I'm smoking through.

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Party Shorts box of 25

Party Serie D No 4




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Sir Winstons

Monte 3

Sancho Panza Belicoso

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Hit List or perhaps Wish List? I think if any of the following showed up on a 24:24 they'd be snapped up in minutes:

1) Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo des Dieux

2) H.Upmann Sir Winston

3) Cohiba Siglo III

4) Cohiba Siglo V

5) La Gloria Cubana Medaille d'Or No.2

The truth is, these aren't on my current hit list because they've been unavailable or rare lately, but hey, it'd be marvellous if they showed up!

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Nothing special really. It was RyJ churchill till last week when I scored from the PSP batch.

I'm pretty much set for my regular smokes, so anything could come what grabs my attention.

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A repeat of the '06 QDO Gran Coronas from a couple of months back. It was the one of those nights where I didn't check the 24:24 and...yeah.

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