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  1. Anybody smoking these lately? Had a few myself and I am enjoying them quite a bit. Coffee, some baking spice and a little pepper in there. What I like most is I don’t have to think about it too much.
  2. The last of my Punch Black Prince while walking the trail to my hunt camp to cut fire wood for fall. Someone brought Snoop Dog.
  3. Trini Coloniales. Looking for a box, always miss them on 24:24 Hoyo DC in a 25 count box.
  4. A 2015 BRC and some Diplomatico RE Rum while reading Beachbum Berry’s Sippin’Safari Tiki Cocktail book. Haven’t had a BRC in a while and I am really enjoying this one. Very earthy, mushrooms and a subtle roasted flavour akin to dark beer. Although that could be from the rum, which if I am being honest, is a tad too sweet for me.
  5. Perfect burn on a ERDM CS from 2014 while the sun goes down.
  6. 2015 Connie A while I double smoke some ham. It’s a good day.
  7. My purchasing went way down the past year. I don’t go through a lot. Can’t even say I am a “x” number of cigars a week person. Some times I have a few in a week and then none for a while. Time is often the issue. That and most people I socialize with don’t really share the same interest in them as I do. As a result I have a good number of boxes with 5 or so years on them, which is about when I started buying by the box. I still browse here and have a few boxes I would still like to buy, but it really hasn’t been anything I am in a hurry to do. One thing I find is the more I have the harder it is to pick what I am going to smoke. More first world problems.
  8. SLR Regios LAT DIC 2018 - good, but the draw is a little too open for me. Great box so far though.
  9. A few from the weekend of camping. Monte 1 and a stunner of a 100% Rye Canadian Whisky. MOB JUN 15. If only I always had time for DCs.
  10. Party short. Memorable because it is the only cigar I smoked in January. Too cold here. I' am off to Aruba tomorrow, so I will have more to contemplate for February's most memorable thread. My vacation line up is going to be good.
  11. Someone please make a shirt for Ken that says this for an upcoming FOH review video.
  12. One could say that at any given time any given cigar may fall short of expectation. Perhaps they are all overrated? Personally, I have had great luck with PLPCs and ERDM CS, not much else has really given me any kind of consistency. Tomorrow that may change. And may I also point out I have already read PLPCs are on several people's overrated list...interesting. One person's stud is another person's dud. When you really think about how many cigars are made every year at all of the factories in "Cuba" (and I stress the word Cuba) is it any wonder how there will be so many different answers to this question? There is just no way to guarantee any kind of real consistency in an organic product that is impacted by so many variables. That being said, when I can, I still buy and smoke trying to chase the moments when everything does come together and savoring them when they do.
  13. Monte 3s and Regios. Missed the Regios this week so I will have to wait until next time.
  14. Found on a recent trip to the US. New Riff has been on my radar for a while. I appreciate how they are producing their product, as far as I know are independent and use transparency as their marketing strategy. A brand I am happy to support. The Barrel Bourbon was not on my radar. I was surprised to find it actually. They are sourcing their product, have very little transparency in what they sell, but they certainly have proven themselves with a track record of awards. It was also quite spendy at $89 so here Is hoping it’s in my wheel house for taste.
  15. It seems a popular strategy is to not tell anyone your strategy. For me living in Ontario, Canada I can only go to one place. The government run liquor monopoly store also known as the LCBO. Unless I am traveling to the US, in which case I do basically the same as you. Hit as many liquor stores as I can until I come across something noteworthy I can't get here. Once I nearly came in my pants to find a several bottles of Weller 12 just sitting on the shelf in a liquor store in Florida while I was on vacation. You never know what you might find. Happy hunting!
  16. No.2s in the lead for me. If you can find them the discontinued PCs are up there as well. I wish I could say otherwise, but the Connie As have not really wowed me, but I have only had a few.
  17. Easiest would be the parking garage accessible from both Cumberland and Yorkville Ave which will be a short walk to LCDH. If you are “expensing” the lunch go there because it isn’t cheap to park there from what I remember. Otherwise you may be able to find street parking a little out of the way depending on how busy it is at lunch time.

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