30 day Churchill Challenge - It's for the children!


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The Challenge: Most of you probably know i'm not too regular a smoker (generally one cigar a week, and normally a PC size). I am doing a challenge where i smoke a Churchill cigar every day for 30 day

Day 1: Ok so no find the cigar in this one.. this is a special cigar so wanted to show it off First day, kicking this challenge off with a Partagas Gran Reserva. It's fly out night so all the peopl

Day 29: Penultimate cigar! Wanted to go to the Dubai Boat Show today but when I got there was told it only opens between 15:00 and 21:00. Stuff that. So walked along JBR Walk. The La Casa Del Haban

Thanks everyone who helped and joined in. Based on the posts in this thread and on the other australia only cigar forum, i will be donating $162 on behalf of all of you good folks to the Nicaraguan Feeding Mission. Thanks for participating!

You can unpin this thread now El Pres :)

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Hey Khalil,

Looks like you had an amazing trip… fine cigars, good food, catching up with relatives, meeting new folk, and dashing around the Middle East for a month. As a vagabond traveler I'm more than a bit envious. :/

Even more amazing your dogged determination to make a difference in young lives in NIcaragua. Your donation alone will feed over 3,200 children! As well, through you encouragement members have contacted me via PM to contribute. All good!clap.gif

You're a good man mate, hope to catch up with you over smokes down the road. ok.gif

Cheers, Rob S

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