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  1. Glorious weekend in the great white North (Toronto, specifically). 21C today, so I figured I’d bite on the review contest. Stocking up the last of my Salomones singles that I picked up at a hole-in-the-wall B&M in Hvar, Croatia two summers back. 2014, but I didn’t get the box code off it (Or I was too inebriated to commit it to long term memory). This thing was built to perfection. A little slow to light on start up as the flame stretched out the wider ring gauge. Early draws reminded me of biscuits with a serious spice kick. Water was an insufficient pairing so I switch over to beer. Perfectly cool, light smoke we’re great for pulling out savoury flavours for the first third. As I rounded into the second third the heat and thickness of smoke picked up. Gone are the biscuits and spice, and flavour profile is now meaty, earthy (grass) flavours. Couldn’t help but think this would pair perfectly with red meat. rounding my way to home plate, the second half is where all the action is. This is smoking true to its heavy Partagas heritage. Still meaty, but more spice coming in for the home stretch. Pictured is the beer I paired it with, local Toronto establishment. rating this 8.5/10. With certainty, the nice weather brought the score up. thanks for reading - cheers
  2. glad to see someone else taking this side. Jose stood up looking for a fight and Odor beat him to it. I'm glad he got clocked. - also a jays fan
  3. I'm hoping that sticker is just replacing the ID recorded one - I've received the same
  4. Smoked all 5 the same week I received them - they were great and had I had the whole box I would have smoked through all 25. Also, I remember Tom saying that the Partagas LE 2014 were a 'go deep' cigar. I've tried a few singles and was very impressed. Am currently looking for a few boxes of these.
  5. You sure? Could have sworn my bottles had differing numbers but they're all gone now
  6. Definitely a nice stick. Can't go wrong with them.
  7. About 6-8 a week. Every second day I'll have a couple

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