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  1. Well worth the brag. That is an amazing space for a true fighter. Enjoy the spoils of victory.
  2. Wow, that sucks. I guess trusting your vendor is even more important in Canada. Thanks for sharing pics showing the future direction of the cigar world. I guess the outright ban is next in Canada.
  3. 1. Trinidad Fundadores 2. H.Upmann Sir Winston 3. Monte Especial
  4. Sorry for your loss. Condolences to you and your loved ones.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. I have a box of these from 2014 that I picked up during an LFTH (still haven't cracked the box). Those sales were so exciting, but alas a distant memory and apparantly a logistical nightmare. With all the members these days, an LFTH sale would likely be more frustrating than it is worth.
  6. At first, I was worried this photo might not be safe for work. At least at a distance.?
  7. Benchmade knives are nice. I would purchase a quality every day carry knife from them and use that to cut my cigar before I would purchase their cigar cutter. However, it is nice to see a quality knife maker at least trying to enter the market. I would like to see spyderco make a cigar cutter. I agree with others that it should be around $100, but they probably figure there are plenty of cigar folks who will slap down that kind of money on a cutter and they are most likely correct. another good knife maker tops knives has the 208 clipper which also has a bottle opener. Similar design.
  8. Just another self righteous a-hole mocking those she disagrees with. Another classless person with superiority complex trying to "help" by disparaging others. SAD times...
  9. I miss watching my kids play soccer out on a field with their teams.
  10. Those are nice and all, but cigars that celebrate Chelsea F.C. would reel me in.

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