PSA: Fake Cohiba dissected. Hold on to your lunch

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I was given a four-cigar known-fakes sampler as an added gift, years back now, in a decently sized trade that I did with Emil / "tropicaldoc", from on here (awesome gent, too). I still haven't touched those four known-fakes. They're segregated and double bagged in a deep, dark corner of one of my coolerdors. I've been waiting for a specific relaxed day and time that I can do it, and do lots of pictures and even video maybe, of a big four-cigar taste-test of fakes.

I'm still gonna do it someday....

....But I think I need to make sure I have all my rabies shots and vaccinations up to date first.

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Those are among the scariest counterfeits I've ever seen, and I've seen a ton. Believe it or not, some counterfeits I've tested have smoked reasonably well and look pretty good on the inside. Of course reliability is zero, but they do span the spectrum from this to "I'd smoke this before an authentic NC.


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Just as I was about to ask, "Were they spray painting that day?" here came the statement, "paint chips". covereyes.gif Shiver me timbers that gives me the jibbers!

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Wow that is horrible... Both his fingers and the cigar made of scrap material. One of the worst I've seen-

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