Epi 1 vs. Epi 2

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i'm a devout No.2 guy... not sure how it happened, just always seemed to be the one I would reach for when I was visiting the tobacconist... would love to hear comparisons myself....

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Only ever had one epi 1, bought single so no idea on age/box code, but I found it just didn't have the same character as the 2's, it was quite bland. May be an age thing as my 2's had some rest time in the humi

Agree on the bland Epi 1s. All the Epi 1s I have tried have been too mild and rather bland - whether young or with up to 5 years age. Epi 2 for me.

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Toss me in the Epi 1 column. Always thought I would love the #2 more but when I finally popped my Epi cherry it was the #1 that stole my attention. So much that I grabebd a cab a few years back and they are smoking quite well right now. Will have to give a current production #2 a chance to dethrone the 1 but I'm not counting on it.

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