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  1. First one of these 898s for me. Luckily I have a whole box preceded buy a great meal for my birthday
  2. Been searching for a BPC can for 2+ years since I finished my last one and finally found one. Also picked up some REs that I haven't tried yet
  3. First CC box purchase was actually 3 boxes (circa 2011) 10ct Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios 10ct HdM Epicure Especial 10ct Bolivar Gold Medals (Still have 1 left) man I regret not stocking up on BGMs when they were $75 usd per box
  4. Where is this secret stash of dip 4s. I need I need
  5. Where is this secret stash of dip 4s. I need I need
  6. Boy oh boy I do not miss those days being only a few months out of school. I really do enjoy being paid for my hard work. But as the older folks say work hard it's worth it.
  7. Will do where are you located currently. I work in Robinson but commute from Uniontown so I do a lot of driving
  8. Lol thanks for the run down you hit the nail on the head with everything I've seen/ noticed so far. Let me know HSA starts making skinnys again
  9. Saw this thread a couple years ago and still use it to this day normally on use salt and pepper but results are still amazing. I have passed this technique to many friends and family and they are all blown away by how was it works
  10. Was going to try Jacob &Co last time is was in Toronto but I loved Hys so much the first time I was there I had to go back again so my list is NYC: Strip House, Peter Lugers was an experience but not the best steak ever, however the bacon is amazing Toronto: Hys Jackson Hole, WY: Local Restaurant & Bar Pittsburgh: Hyde Park - it's a chain but I believe there's only 5-7 locations Las Vegas: STK in the Comsopoltian Ft. Lauderdale: Shulas I'm sure I'm forgetting some
  11. Welcome to FoH I just graduated from Penn State this past fall (December). I loved my time in state college. Especially now that there is new ownership of the cigar lounge downtown.

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