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  1. By far my favourite St-Estèphe. Had a bottle of '90 recently and was blown away. Enjoy!
  2. Really like Rhum Clément, especially the ones with some age but haven't tasted one I didn't like yet.
  3. Monte 520 - UPE SEP 12 Certainly the best cigar this month for me, probably even of the last 6 months. Still seems to be improving every time I try one.
  4. It's not a bad looking watch but I don't understand these sort of brand combinations. I don't need a cigar band on my watch, nor a watch on my cigar...
  5. Of course the whisky itself is by far most important. That said though, I do appreciate what e.g. Compass Box do with their labels. They obviously put a lot of thought and effort in their labels and boxes and I usually appreciate the result. If the whisky was crap I of course wouldn't buy it but if it's quality whisky I do like a well designed label.
  6. Don't have to think twice about it, Lagavulin 12yo!
  7. You're not doing anything wrong in my opinion. This is exactly what I do and it works like a charm. I am using some Boveda packs that I've recharged 3 times over the years, still working fine. It will usually take about a week or 2 to recharge them completely. I use them in my desktop and recharge them when I start feeling small chunks in them, I don't wait until they're completely solid.
  8. Good but not great Behike 52. Behike have so far been a bit of hit and miss for me, shouldn't be the case at that price point.
  9. That's a nice gift from a generous Santa! A local bottle shop has this on stock but I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet. I'm curious to know what you think of it once you've tried it.
  10. My experience only starts with the 2009 LE's. I absolutely agree about 2011, but it's all terribly subjective of course. I don't think there are too many cigar enthousiasts who don't like the 1966 (leaving price out of the equasion). The RA Extra on the other hand seems to be a very polarising cigar, I like it a lot but going by the comments on this forum there are plenty of others that don't. The Short Hoyo Piramides is just a solid decent cigar for me, reminds me quite a bit of an Epi 2 with a dark wrapper but in a fun change of pace format.
  11. Benromach 10 - Very nice whisky, makes me want to open and try the CS but have to say that this standard strength really holds its own as well.
  12. Old Pulteney 17 and a Clif bar, breakfast of champions!
  13. Looks like a great evening Seng! So, what did you think of the 2015 Cairdeas?
  14. I also have one of these in the queue waiting to be opened. Did you open one of yours already?
  15. Longrow Peated - Why they call this peated is beyond me, no peat and no smoke at all in my opinion. Disappointing dram, hopefully just a dud bottle. Added some Lagavulin 12yo to it - much better!
  16. I absolutely agree with this. I also feel most red wines don't pair too well with cigars, except port, preferably an aged tawny. I also agree regarding bubbly pairing well with cigars, I like the element of freshness which contrats well with most cigars. White wines can also work well, I tend to prefer the sweeter wines with cigars, like a Gewürztraminer, or sometimes a Sauternes or Vin Santo.

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