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  1. Behike 54 if you're rich. Otherwise, for me it would be: H.U. Connie A H.U. Royal Robusto R&J Wide Churchill Beyond those, I age almost everything. I'll try them young, and some are better than others for sure. I will say that E.Ls tend to be good sooner for me (wrapper maybe?), but they also age really well (H.U. Mag 48s from 2009 ... unbelievable cigars for the past 3 years!).
  2. My advice would be to find 1 or 2 guys to go in on it with you and buy them all. Then you can try a variety and see what you'd like to age yourself. But these are all good marcas, so you will probably be happy with any of them. If it were me, I'd skip the Royal Coronas if they are asking a premium for them (though those do age really nicely). I'd also pick up the Royal Robustos. But everyone has their own preferences, so if you can box-split them all, that would be great!
  3. I'm 99% positive that the Cohiba maduros are simply Siglos with a maduro wrapper. Meaning I think the Genios is literally a Siglo VI with a different wrapper. If you like the Siglos and like maduro wrappers, these are a must try. I will say that although I'm a fan of non-Cuban maduros, the Cuban maduros are different. Flavor-wise I think it would be better to compare these with the LE wrappers than with non-Cuban maduro wrappers. They are just ... well, to me they're awesome, but of course to each his own. With age they can develop a syrupy sweetness that is unlike anything I've had in a cigar ... the 2009 LE Magnum 48s are a great example. As to the cost ... they charge that because they can. No other reason. Sure a maduro wrapper is matured longer, but I don't think it justifies the price. But hey, try them and see if it's worth it to you. And try as many LEs as you can, as I think those wrappers are just as good if not better.
  4. I've only got them from Rob, but they've been some of my favorite fresh cigars ever (along with the HU Connie A). Working through my 3rd box, no burn issues to speak of. Could yours have been a bit wet?
  5. Isn't the Connie A regular prodution? That would be my top choice. As listed, I voted for the Mag 46. It always hits the spot for me, one of my favorite Cubans. Sir Winstons can be awesome, though, no doubt, as can the #2s. I also had a great Mag 50 the other day. Overall, I think HU is one of the best marcas, for me anyway. One of the only marcas where I actually like every single vitola.
  6. I would have purchased and smoked more samplers and such at the beginning, rather than going whole hog. There are a lot of things I'd like to get now that I can't because I have so much already!
  7. H. Upmann Connie A ... that was a 90 cigar ROTT for me. They've improved over the 9 months with a lot of potential for more ... I need another box soon so that I can set some of this box asside to age, lol.
  8. Last one I had was about 6 months ago. Great cigars, for sure. I still like the Grand Edmundo better right now, but the 520 certianly has the potential to be as good or better, imvho.
  9. Honestly, to me this is the best size group that Habanos puts out. Only in the last 2-3 years have NCs even approached the quality experiene you get in a small Cuban (with the standard exception of Padrons).
  10. Gosh I hope they switch bands! There is no excuse in this day and age for tearing off chunks of wrapper when removing bands!
  11. Not sure how we're defining "nuance," but I can say that both the '08 Sublime and the '10 Grand Edmundo are quite different than the regular production Montes, at least to my palate. They are still definately Montecristo, but at the very least "tweaked." Of the two, I prefer the Grand Edmundo, though.
  12. CoLa is a good choice, very generous. Just be prepared for most of the guys to leave the cigar less than half smoked. I'd recommend something that has: --Name recognition: Cohiba, Monte, R&J --Tubo --Shorter format I think an R&J Short or Wide Churchill Tubo might be perfect. Or even a Monte Petite Tubo.

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