In honor of the fallen ( cigars )

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Alright folks, we all know Habanos SA has discontinued a bunch of great cigars over the last few years. My question is: what is the cigar you regret the most amongst all that dissapeared over the years. On my side, I kinda regret the Culebras. Even if they are still available and ot the greatest cigars around, I just think they were probably the most unique and coolest cigars around.

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Punch SS #1 - Although still picking them up regularly, SS#2, Diplo 4, Raphael Gonzalez Lonsdale, LGC #1.

I'm with you on the Dip4... I feel it's a matter of months until the brand disappears :(

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All the LGCs will be missed by me the most. The PC, Coronas, and Lonsdale sizes will be ERDM PC, Punch Corona, Parti Lonsdales, HU lonsdales, etc. So many great cigars gone in the past decade. I just hope the trend for Donkey sized cigars dies or that they keep enough of the Lil guys around for me to smoke.

Could you imagine if they cut the RASSC or Parti Shorts? Man...

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Put them all up on a board and throw a dart. Likely to hit one I wish was still around.

Agreed, just the diversity of aromas and flavours always was the true forte of Cubans IMO.

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LGC MdO 1 and Party SdC 2 for me.

It seems everyone loves discontinued cigars...but I wonder if they gained popularity because they got discontinued?

Didn't get the chance! In the hobby less than a few yrs and its only by chance I'm picking up cigars that are no longer. Every time I see a skinny-anything I get excited, go to cubancigarwebsite and then realize I should have bought a box instead of a few singles.

With the exception of the PL Encantos when was the last decent long skinny release (Germany RE doesn't count as they re as attainable as unicorn poop)?

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*Ramon Allones 898

*El Rey Del Mundo Gran Corona

*Por Larranaga Lonsdale


Ohhhhh, the Agony....!!! sad.png

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My fallen favourites and my steadily declining stock:

Punch RS12 - 2,5 boxes left

Punch RS11 - 1,5 boxes left

Punch PC - 3 boxes left

LGC Tainos - 4 sticks left

Diplomaticos 4 - 2 boxes left

Habanos! I curse thee!!! forkyou.gif

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