Happy Birthday Mika

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Happy Birthday mate

Hope you have a real good day ,and have something good to smoke

A valued contributor to this forum

cheers mate


OZ :cigar:

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Mika...Happy Birthday. I hope you have plans to celebrate with a great cigar...

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Thanks very much to all, much appreciated! :buddies:

I will have a COHIBA Genios this evening and heading away with the family this weekend as my wife also celebrates her B'day five days later after mine.

Tonight, I'll be having some family around for dinner and drinks so I'm looking forward to it. :cigar:

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Thanks again to you all! :cigar::D

I had a fantastic evening, great food, great drinks, great company and great cigars. I enjoyed a R&J Duke earlier in the evening followed by a COHIBA Genios much later, closer to midnight.

Had to attend work today, feel pretty buggered but wouldn't change a thing as I agree with Llaficion, this "only occurrs once each year and one must make the most of it." ;)

Damn I'm getting old, 34 now!! :lol:;)

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Hope you have a safe and happy birthday. Mine was the 25th, so happy birthday to me too. :D;) ;) :D

Thankyou Samb and a very happy belated one to you too. :rotfl:

All great people are born in April. ;)

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