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  1. Happy Birthday Steve! May you live long and prosper in cigar plenteousness...
  2. Very best wishes to you all... may you all have a joyous and relaxing Christmas, and a prosperous 2014.
  3. 2010 Monte Especial No. 2.... brilliant afternoon smoke...
  4. Happy New Year Ye All! May 2013 bring youse all happiness and laughter, prosperity and better health, and may all your cigar wishes come true
  5. Hey Graham, I strongly second Mr. Piggy's sentiment and offering... I could not have said it any better.
  6. Completely agree... awesome news! But what the fuzz is all about? (or how the Higgs' Boson leads to "mass"?), Check out the explanation below (which is perhaps the best and simplest of explanations thus far): http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-18707698
  7. We're all glad to see your post and hear that you are fast on the road to full recovery...
  8. This arvo I had a tasty Party Coronas (GSO AGO 06), I haven't had a better cigar in a while...
  9. Impressive.... amazing... thanks for posting OZ... Nonetheless, it appears that it was done by a very patient Spanish-speaking bloke (likely a Spaniard).
  10. Bloody awesome set up and workmanship mate... congrats!
  11. Betcha it is not in any script or language known to man (and, as far I know, not even women get themselves... so it wouldn't make much sense, hey XD)
  12. I'd go for 25s+10s P898 (first choice), or 25s P898 + 10 BRC (second choice)
  13. Well... the "representatives of the people" got together and have started making decisions... perhaps I am not very well informed (aside from reading the Habanos SA letter posted earlier), but can someone please clarify: did they exclude cigars? or are we to get cigars in paper boxes (no SLB, etc)? Plain Packaging Saga: Legislation passes parliament
  14. Thanks for sharing that... it is brilliantly illustrated and eloquently exposed. There needs to be a socialist renewal within capitalism for it to recover its balance. And a a hard meditative look at the German model may prove to be valuable in providing innovative answers.
  15. good point Trevor... otherwise we may as well be in the Caiman's (perhaps the forum upgrade was actually a move to the tax haven )
  16. Nice to see it is up and running again... some new bells and whistles are evident already... but it seems that the checking of online stash is not ready yet...
  17. LCDH= La Casa del Habano ("The House of the Havana") B&M = Brick and Mortar, i.e., a real cigar shop that you can physically visit and where you can purchase a cigar (not a virtual shop in Nigeria)
  18. Thanks for your comments mate... good to hear that the US can still borrow to pay its debts
  19. Whoa! bloody scary I say... and I mean real freaking scary nightmare... will the US default? will the US be seeking/needing of bailing out? will the American people do it? or will China do it? if a massive default happens, the GFC will look like a fun kids ride...
  20. X3, I am with Colts and Oz's advise... Why risk it? It may be even better not to pay for any... if in the end the insurance co won't pay up on the basis of misleading info... you won't be even alive to argue your case (or SLB)!

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