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  1. In for sure ... Boys we have to organise our MArch event as well, Fuzz will call you tomorrow to organise boy.
  2. Well done mate! I find the best form of training at the gym is crossFit, mixing cardio and weight lifting. Started doing it 12 months ago and never looked back.
  3. I can't believe you blokes never invited me to your dinner, I was paying the bill for the night and by the time I was out everyone disappeared on me ... I will remember this one Chris.
  4. It was a top night, you blokes are full of ****, there was 5 lebs in the entire place the rest were italians, croas, greeks but you obviously can't tell the difference! Rob your money is in the humidor as I left it, we have an excuse to catch up in January ... Also please tell me you took the rest of the box! Jason you whinge too much, but every club needs one. On a serious note, thank you Rob for seriously saving the night and Chris (Fuzz) for pretending to help me organise the event love you both.
  5. HAHA awesome work Rob! I couldn't tell the difference between the two either, same height. Happy Birthday Chrisi you old fart! We'll celebrate it in style next week.
  6. Loveeeeeeeeeeeee my burgundy! I wish I can afford more of their 1er and grand cur unfortunately in Australia after we pay all taxes and GST we're paying nearly double if not triple the price. I love their whites and reds and my favourite appelation for the whites would have to be chassagne montrachet and for the reds vosne romanee and Nuits St Georges. I also know that it's Guy's favourite! Cheers, Elie
  7. You already gave it a name, just look at the number plate.
  8. Lonsdale partagas 02: When I visited Paris two years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Ken (Stalebread), an incredibly intelligent man with a witty sense of humour. I had brought a stick with me to give him and was surprised to see that he had done the same thing, unfortunately it was snowing that evening and after nearly having our fingers fall off our hands from the cold we decided to retire into the lounge and drink tea. On that same trip I also had the privilege of meeting Guy and spending 3 nights in his village, full story can be found here . Yesterday the weather was perfect in Sydney, sunny and 20 degrees and was looking for something special to smoke, dug deep into my humidor and found this stick so here we go: 1/3 coffe, wood, licquorice, dark chocolate ... Wow so balanced! Burning perfectly. 2/3: cappuccino, creme brule, leather and bake beans still very balanced. 3/3: The flavour intensifies here, lots of espresso, burnt wood, burnt toffee, yet everything is still in harmony and the burn is still perfect. I have only had 3 cigars this year where I thought they scored above 95 pts and this is on of them. Thank you Ken and Guy love you mate and thinking of you and Monique. Cheers, Elie.
  9. Shame you can't fit your golf bag in it and no you can't use my boot. Well deserved my man but seriously change the number plate please.
  10. He likes them wet, hey did you get home ok?! I think I saw the gimp chasing you, he seemed to have taken a liking to you and Kent.
  11. A member of our club brought them from the states, I can't remember the name though sorry, Fuzz can you remember?

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