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  1. Can anyone tell me about these cigars? I couldn't find any information in the sources we all know not in MRN book and CCWsite nor in Internet. The box was purchased over 20 years ago. Box is still sealed. Stored in pristine conditions all this time. Machine-made? Long filler? I would appreciate any help! Thank you!
  2. Hi Alex! Yeah! This anillos printed by Mr Vrijdag factory. It creates difficulties for illegal printers. And for simple guys knowing these nuances is good. Thanks for sharing this
  3. Happy BDay mate! Have a great one! Best wishes to the familie!
  4. I was there in FdH time this year and made home movie for my friends. Text on vids on russian, sorry. But you can look around
  5. I'd prefer to kill off two vitolas from MC Open line: Eagle and Master. Regata yet not bad And a big portion of RyJ
  6. I'll be in Charles de Gaulles this sunday and tell you what they have next week (on Cuba very slow net, after returning at home) Ok?
  7. Hope to taste some of them on FdH next week if they available and if this info true
  8. I'm not late? Happy BDay! Nice lookin' cigars! Love it! Thx for posting this!
  9. Thank you Lars for detail's info. I've bought already trip on XV FdH.

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