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  1. Weighing options for a large humidor that can hold my whole collection. Does anyone have experience with either of these brands; Wacota or Gerber? Seem to represent both ends of the price spectrum. Cooling would need to be added for my locale. Thanks for your input!
  2. Hi! First time posting and I did look but couldn't find an answer so sorry if this has been covered before. I will also say a lot here because I want you to have all the facts... I've just stepped up from a 20 stick desktop to a 100 stick Adorini Chianti, which finished seasoning last night (with four 60g boveda seasoning packs) I moved my dwindled post-christmas supply of 17 cigars in straight away along with four 65% packs, one on each shelf and the fourth behind the shelves, vertically up the back wall but still technically sat at the bottom. I have three hygros: one Caliber IV and one butler, both recently calibrated, and the adorini deluxe hair hygrometer which came with the unit and they claim should be completely accurate out of the box unless it suffered high impact during transit. It's been about 14 hours and the hygros have been settling roughly around 70-72%. The room it's in fluctuates between a high of 66f during the day and a low of around 58f at night, but this fluctuation is a very gradual one. We don't like it too warm! Ignoring the analog hygro for a moment... About half an hour ago I was getting a reading of 68% on the bottom shelf from my Butler and 72% on the top shelf from the Caliber IV. I swapped them round and now am getting 70% from the Caliber on the bottom and 73% from the Butler on top. It's currently 62f in the room. My question is: will it take more time for the boveda to settle down to the 65% on the packet due to the seasoning? And can I do anything to balance the difference between shelves? Thanks for reading!
  3. Hello fellow FOH’ers! I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful wife who surprised me with a NewAir CC-300H for my birthday and since I am new to FOH and have never had a humidor larger than 100 count, I have several questions that I would greatly appreciate some help answering! After plenty of hours researching and trying to figure out how to best execute setting up the CC-300H, I was hoping that I could leverage the knowledge and experience of this awesome group to best help me get started on the right foot! Before I list the questions, here are my plans for the unit so far: I have decided to season it with 3 - 320g 84RH Boveda packs for two weeks. I am planning on keeping the unit with 65RH Boveda packs, and keep it at a temperature of 65F, so a steady 65RH/65F (I know easier said than done). I wanted to separate the unit into sections based on short term, aging/long term, Cuban, and Non-Cuban. I will be adding 2 Boveda Butlers, one on the top and one in the bottom, so that I can hopefully get an accurate reading throughout (may be overkill, but I think the extra cost is worth the peace of mind). Lastly, I would love to utilize the glass door by keeping full factory boxes of cigars, this way I can look at them in their natural habitat! Is it a bad idea to keep Non-Cuban and Cuban cigars in the same humidor? Would they be best at 65RH and a temperature of 65F? Or lower? 65RH/67F? Other suggestions? I didn’t know if they should be kept separate or if one combination works best for both? Fingers crossed! I know this can be a matter of personal taste and opinion, but I thought it would be great to see what others say in regards to this topic. My main goals are to absolutely avoid mold and beetles, while maintaining a steady RH and temperature so the cigars are at their most enjoyable. When it comes to Boveda packs, for this unit, how many should I be using for proper humidity control? I know that, with it being airtight and not all solid Spanish Cedar, I may be able to get away with less, but wanted to know what others thought. Also, what would be the best placement method? All at the top or bottom or spread evenly? When storing full boxes of cigars in their factory box inside of the humidor, is there need to worry about the humidity within the boxes? I didn’t know if I needed to prop them open or put a Boveda pack inside box etc.? Love the aesthetic and uniqueness of each box, so I am hoping I can keep them stored perfectly inside the humidor. With this setup, I plan on staggering the stacking of the cigar singles as well as boxes (to provide the best airflow). My question is, would it be worth it to rotate the cigars? Singles only? Boxes? Also, other than the above, what methods do members use to ensure solid airflow throughout their units? I know the CC-300H has a built-in fan to rotate the air, but didn’t know what others experienced. What is the correct method of introducing the Cuban cigars ordered from FOH 24:24 into my humidor? I wasn't sure if I should/need to freeze them to avoid losing any stock to beetles or if it is unnecessary since the temperature would be controlled as stated above? I would love to hear opinions! Is it necessary to quarantine box orders from FOH before introducing them to the humidor? I know that with larger humidors, adding a box freshly opened from shipping can cause RH shocks to the whole system and I wanted to know if other members tend to put them in an individual storage (with the same RH as the larger humidor) to acclimate them before putting them in the final humidor? Lastly, when storing cigars (both Cuban and Non) at the above stated RH and temperature, would it be worth dry-boxing the cigars before smoking? If so, what RH should I be looking for and how long should they rest in the dry-box? If not, what are some tips for knowing when the cigars are perfect for smoking so that I am not loosing any precious flavor etc.? Bonus Question: When ordering a box of PSP/HQ (mix) is there anyway to tell exactly what you received when it comes in? I know that the video showed Rob signing the PSP, and members have said that this process no longer exists, but I didn't know if there was any identifier. I am relatively new to the hobby, so the small (although significant) differences between PSP and HQ will most likely be imperceptible to my untrained eye/nose but thought it would be nice to know either way. Thank you all of you who have spent the time to read my post, I look forward to becoming more involved in FOH and thought this may help other cigar lovers as well who are trying to set up their humidors! I am trying to follow the proper protocol so I can have as smooth of a first attempt at setting this up, as well as the best first experience with my new Cubans as possible! Again, thank you in advance for all that respond to this post, any advice is much appreciated! I am extremely excited for my first boxes to arrive and join the FOH club officially!
  4. I caught this little critter cherry-pickin' some stock in my humidor...... ??
  5. This is a question mainly for those living near czar central. I know people have asked about finding spanish cedar around oz before but does anyone know a source of spanish cedar around the Brisbane (Australia) region? Ive confirmed that a NSW mob have it but i am wondering if there is any closer to home that doesnt need posting. thanks
  6. Recently did a quick inventory of my 2 large humidors and found that a 50 cab of Punch DC and 10 box of Cohiba Piramides contained sticks that were damaged. It appeared the ends on some of the cigars were frayed and the wrappers seemed to be disintegrating somehow. Appreciate if anyone who has had this occur to them can clue me in on whether its a humidor humidity issue or possibly a knock off characteristic. I do not believe I had purchased these boxes from FOH and no other boxes seem to have his issue!
  7. Hola mi amigos! I'm new here. Though I've been reading this forum for well over a year. I must say a general thank you to all the advice given here. If it wasnt for some posts I would have never made it to my second wineador! Just like the warnings, once you start you always go bigger! I'm currently working on seasoning my second wineador. This one is much more complicated. It is compressor run, so I've made modifications to make it a running sealed unit. I currently have my RH to a 68% struggling for the 70-72% I've been striving. Racking my brain and reading, noting is coming to me. So patience and time is what I'm hoping. Just again, a thank you to all the helpful enthusiasts out there. You keep hope alive!
  8. Purchased a Wine cabinet off of craigslist for $20. After ripping out the wine rack I lined it with Spanish Cedar (as it turns out, the stuff is not cheap!) and built some shelves out of the same. Exterior made of pine but it is all sealed off from the inside using the cedar. The door is sealed fairly well and is held closed by several rare earth magnets. I have a Cigar Oasis Plus 3.0 in addition to some silicon beads keeping the humidity at 65-66%. Humidifier, fans and lights are all powered internally via a USB pass through port normally used to retrofit in a car/boat and rigged to run 12 volts off of an old computer power brick screwed into the bottom. No need for heating/cooling here in Minnesota as our basement is pretty stable at 65-70 year round. What do you think? Too much glass? - I know some of you like your cigars to sleep in the dark... Mostly Cubans in it with other cigars in the top humidor. Gives me a little room for growth of the collection Now... on to completing the powered vent in the cigar room (garage)
  9. Hi everyone, What are your thoughts on this: This company leaves minor "ventilation gaps" in their humidors, arguing that ventilation is important. Won't this make it really hard to maintain humidity?
  10. What sort of cigar related barn finds have you found? I was on craigslist and found a humidor for sale...immediately drove 1.5 hours to pick this thing up! An Aristocrat from 2005, complete with dry, broken, damaged and aged cubans! It was big mess, a bit of mold in the active humidifier, and lot of sad looking expensive cigars. Ruined Cohiba 35th I'm going to attempt to recover these guys but i doubt anything good will come of them. There's a slight warp in the inner door panel from who knows what, so i caulked it with low odor sealant and screwed the trim panel back on. Good as new! After cleanup the humidifier should be good to go and shes now re-seasoning for the next few weeks until i move cigars in. Shop-vaccumed out the whole thing very thoroughly to get rid of anything bad. All in all, I was able to snag an Aristocrat with some cigar history for a steal and some elbow grease....Full Album I am curious to see what great finds you guys have had?
  11. I'm excited to show you guys my new humidor I've been working on with a good friend of mine. Decided a while back, after seeing some of the great humidors @BTWheezy was cranking out, that it was time for me to finish an old project of mine. It was actually my dad, that started building a humidor for me some 15 years ago. It was meant to be a surprise, but I kinda knew it was happening. Guess live got in the way, and the unfinished box has been sitting around my dad's shop for all these years. I've since moved to a different country, but as it turns out, my friend is a very talented wood worker, always looking for a challenge. He's never built a humidor before, but seeing his other work, there was no doubt in my mind, this project would turn out great as well. Just before Christmas, I received they old pieces of wood, my dad started working on all those years ago. Unfortunately time hadn't been too kind to some of the parts, and a touch decision had to be made to not use all of the original pieces. This on the other hand was an opportunity to redesign the layout and change the dimensions slightly to feed my current needs. Here is a sketch of what I came up with: I wanted something a little different, where the humidification device wasn't in the lid, but actually behind the cigars. This way I hope, the humidity will be more uniform, and not higher on the top tray. After a couple month of dedicated work on my friends part, I'm now proud to show the finished product: The inlay in the top is the main piece being reused from the original humidor and also the focus point I would say. The whole box is built from 3/8 inch Spanish Cedar and 1/2 inch of Sapele Mahogany. So hopefully retaining the humidity will not be an issue. The seal is also very tight, you almost lift the box off the table, if you're not careful trying to open it up! After taking the pictures it was time to get the inside cleaned out really well and start seasoning. I will post some more shots once it is filled! Thanks for tuning in, a very exciting day for me indeed.
  12. Mods: Please delete if this is inappropriate, but wanted folks to know of a great deal available on a JC Pendergast 48 inch humidor (not mine). This is a large-style cabinet humidor in apparently excellent condition. Comes with humidification unit, though the seller indicates humidistat needs to be replaced. Only $350. Location is Greenville, South Carolina. If interested, please PM me and I'll connect you to seller. I was going to buy this but wife's car troubles put a damper on my plans. Seller is a collector and has two of these but no longer needs one. I do not personally know seller, but feel back backing out.
  13. These are the photos from Bob. I pick it up tomorrow. I went with a more modern style but using black walnut. There’s also an inlayed top. It is just in time, too. I have a few packages from our host on the way with nowhere to put them!
  14. Hi friends, So after completing my first 2 humidors (see: “Humidors and cigar boxes” thread), I’ve realized that while I like how those humidors turned out, they didn’t solve my main issue: I need a larger space to store boxes of cigars while they age. @BarryNY yes you were right! Furthermore, I don’t have convenient counter space to leave the humidors for months, let alone years, at a stretch. Sitting in my home office, I think I have come up with a solution: the Wheezydor, for lack of a better name. I’m going to retrofit a couple of bookcase shelves into humidors (initial photos below), giving me about 48” x 16”x 12” of space. Hopefully this will cover me for a while! If you’re interested in this stuff, circle back periodically, as I will update the thread with my progress. The original bookshelves (which I never use anymore). Hello, it’s 2004 calling...they want their DVD’s back!
  15. Hello everyone, I was hoping to get a little advise from someone who has successfully set up and maintained a coolidor. I just recently picked up a 55 quart cooler from the local Wal-Mart in preparation of receiving a couple boxes of CCs. I will pose my questions in list form. 1. Viable humidification options? I live in Arizona so we are extremely dry all year. Have some silica kitty litter to experiment with. 2. Hygrometers, and hygrometers accuracy? I have an older xikar hygrometer that can still be calibrated, but was curious about wireless probes to mount in the coolidor. 3. Optimal storage RH for CC? I've had multiple humidors, but none dedicated to full boxes of CCs. 4. To fan or not to fan? Cheap lap top fans seem to be a good option, but if it's not necessary... Well guys and gals thanks for the time and advice. -Kyle
  16. My Montegue cabinet humidor has served me well, but the Tetris game is getting harder and harder! I’m at about 1,100 cigars, and with 8 more boxes in the air, it’s gonna be tight for a bit Fortunately, I have a MXT on order from Bob Staebell. It should be here in about 6-7 weeks. It can’t get here soon enough! My 24:24 activity will have to go on hiatus for a bit, I think.
  17. Not sure or have come across this in this forum. Searched but nothing. But has anyone ever did a collection of there sticks? I love watching videos on youtube with people showing off there box collection. Anyone want to post? There cabinet/boxes?
  18. Hey, So I recently bought some Custom Rolls from local guy. He told me that they like higher humidity levels...72RH. I told him I'm using Bovedas in my Wineador...He said to get rid of em...Something about Boveda using a newer solution with some salts or something that Rob cigars of their natural oils. I searched around online and on this forum a bunch and didn't find anything on the matter. Has anyone else heard anything about this? Can anyone present evidence that Bovedas are ore aren't robbing cigars of their natural oils? Thanks! E
  19. Hey all - another question for you... some of my wrappers have been breaking apart while smoking...seem to be fine before....rh problem? Once I calibrated my hydrometer I'm at 64rh while staying pretty much at 61°f...any help greatly appreciated. Any suggestions on where to start on my rh target for this temp?
  20. I did a quick search on the model number and it did not bring up much, so I thought I'd ask: Anyone using (or know of anyone using), one of these: Liebherr ZKes 453 temp & humidity controlled Humidor? (link: ) Concept seems sound (and in-line with @PigFish concepts [I wonder who holds the component patents...], sans the data logging capability. It would be interesting, if one were so inclined to mess with a ~$3k appliance, to hack into the controller and rig some data output capability). But anyways, input from anyone who has first or secondhand experience with this unit would be much appreciated.
  21. I apologize for this noob issue, I felt it was fairly unique...but then PigFish suggested I post here (after I messaged with him alone) for further scrutiny among friends, so here goes, and I am sorry for the length... I bought my first mail order box of sticks from - somewhere overseas as some of you saw my post from Saturday- they arrived perfectly. In preparation, my 2+ year old desktop 50 cigar humidor with glass top...was empty and with 4 72% Boveda packs - struggling to maintain 62% humidity according to the little Xikar circular hygrometer, that in a test earlier that week performed well, reading the precise 72% during zip lock calibration with just one Boveda 72 inside with it. So, I added a 84% seasoning packet to the humidor, along with the 4 72% packs...and within 1.5 days, was reading I was happy...very happy. I know my desktop humidor isn't the greatest, at $60 and with the glass is just begging to leak humidity...but, its alright. So, once my box arrived, after 3 weeks in the mail...I promptly added all 25 sticks to the humidor, took out the 84% boveda, which was sort of hard by this point...and kept 3 72% bovedas inside as well. Within a day, the humidor was holding at 64%. Then it dropped the next day to 63%, then yesterday to 62%, and today its at 60%. I also added a new 84% boveda yesterday in the hopes of bringing it back joy. Interstingly, the cigar shop guy says even if I add the 84% boveda, the xikar may not read a higher humidity, even though, he says, it will still keep cigars fresh. I live in an apartment, with steam heat, which for my cigars is the enemy. temps range during the day from 71-78. My question, when it comes down to it...what should I do to protect my investment...with three 72% and one 84% boveda inside with 25 Partagas Serie P no. 2's inside...what did the shop owner mean when he seemingly knew that even with the 84% boveda inside, the humidity would not register as rising...and why could it keep 70% while empty, and struggle with 60% when half full? recap: empty humidor + three 72% boveda's and one 84% boveda, humidor held steady at 70% - add 25 new sticks - take out 84% boevda (which turned fairly hard over the past week) - keep three still fresh 72% boveda's...and we are struggling to keep 60, even with a brand new 84% boveda added yesterday. Thank you in advance for your willingness to help!!!!! Rich
  22. This might turn into a very long post, but I wanted to share this build with everyone in case you are thinking about doing something similar. I'm going to keep this very high level, if you have questions, just let me know. First and foremost, I am just a marketing nerd that knows how to build webpages and code. My garage turned into a workshop a few years ago and I do as much woodworking when I have some free time. Background I have 3 humidors in various parts of the house and recently my daughter started to use one as a step stool, and I decided that I needed to consolidate everything into one location for many reasons. The second reason why I wanted to take on this project is because I wanted to make my humidor fully connected and smart. I want a system that I could check in without having to be at home, it needed to be fully automated. The other reason for building vs buying is that what I wanted in a humidor comes at a high premium. I looked at the Gerber One, but those things are way out of the budget. Round 1 Around May I started out modeling the first build around the principals of the Gerber One, and built a cabinet that was going to be a piece of furniture. I had an idea of the basic build, but had way too many competing ideas running through my head, daily design changes, new features to be added. Long story short, things were spiraling before even getting started. So I took a break, during which time I built a 500 sq ft deck, and dislocated my kneecap playing soccer. That was my summer... Round 2 A few months ago I started to renovate my office and decided that I was going to make a built-in humidor instead of a piece of furniture. I started to pair down the list of features and simplified things significantly and started to map out the automation process to help with the planning process. This was the first concept I put together. The brains of the system Once I had the concept in mind, I started to look for wifi enabled micro controllers that could make my vision a reality. After researching many different products and options, I decided to use the Particle Photon. This lightweight dev board was perfect for what I needed. It was built on Arduino, and designed for IoT projects. I got two Photon's, one to use for the sensors, and one to control the humidification and fans using wifi enabled relays. What was needed now was a whole lotta code and connecting the sensor data to a web service. I decided to use AWS for all of the data, API connections, and configuration. Once again I needed to map out how all the services would need to connect to one another. This is why I chose to use AWS, it was one platform and I didn't need to patch many services together. Below is very simplified mapping that helped to break down the coding in sections. I tackled one element each week essentially. All said and done I have about 7 individual programs, 5 triggers, created 15+ API endpoints, 6 or so webhooks, error logging, and even SMS alerts. In order to make all of this possible, I had to create a user profile for myself and set my tolerances, sensor calibration values, and ideal humidity settings. With all of this information I created a program that figures out when the fans need to kick on to recirculate the air. I am further refining it and had to take it offline. The Build Now that I had a plan in place, I started writing a whole bunch of code during the evenings and testing things out. On the weekends I would work on my office and started to build the cabinet. I didn't take many pictures at this stage, I just pushed right through. I essentially built a box within a box within a box. The exterior plywood shown here is a no-VOC plywood with Maple veneer. I lined the entire cabinet with 6mil poly (the stuff used as a moisture barrier in home construction), then added blu-wood, a moisture resistant treated plywood. Blu-wood is very safe to use, and used in wet locations like bathrooms or basement construction. The idea is to use the poly as a way to seal the cabinet, the blu-wood allowed me to glue the Spanish Cedar. All in, I lost about 1.5" of interior space. Lined with Spanish Cedar. The thing in the top corner is actually the sensor in prototype phase. The electronics of the humidor are all mounted below. I didn't want to take up too much internal space with all of this. Here's what everything does: Main power. This is used to power the wifi unit of the Relay Shield and provide AC power for some of the relay circuits. The sensor unit. All Temperature and Humidity readings are sent by this unit and connect to #5 This is a junction box that splits the AC current to the appropriate relays. The relay shield that powers the humdification, fans, and any other electronics. In some cases the relays are powering 12V DC for the fans, and in other cases the relay is powering an AC plug The bottom outlet is powered by the relay. Sensors are connected using Power Over Ethernet PoE. I have about 500' of ethernet cable and a few hundred ethernet ends so I decided to use that for the sensors. This allows me to scale the number of sensors without having to take anything offline, plug and play. I just rig up a new sensor, and plug it in. Instantly readings come through. It's only 3.3V so it's very low power. This was the trickiest part of the programming, how to scale the unit with additional sensors. All of the electronics are connected through a GFCI outlet, if even the slightest short circuit occurs, everything is shut off by at least 3 failsafes since there is about 2L of water above the electronics. All of the electrical components are rated for outdoor use. I also need a few outlets for other aspects of the office remodel. Humidification I didn't want to buy a cigar oasis for a number of reasons. I know they are great units, but it just didn't fit my criteria so I started to think about building my own unit, and one day I got some inspiration. My daughter had a bad cold and the doctor suggested getting a cool mist machine to help her at night, he described it as a humidifier that saturates the air in a room with cool atomized mist. As soon as I saw it working I had to learn about the system. I quickly found what I needed and built a humidification unit. It's hard to see, but there is mist being funneled out of the vent and pulled in by the fan. Once the humidity drops below my threshold, the unit cycles up for about 1 minute, and jumps the average RH by 10-12% quickly. At the current time, it takes about 3hrs for the humidity in the unit to hit my lower limit. I need to add some beads in the roof to help keep the humidity stable for longer. There is also a door open sensor that I built using Home Depot parts and a few ft of wire. If the door is open, the humidification will not turn on. Where I'm at now... With cigars. There is tonnes of room for expansion, and I still need to add in one more humidor worth of cigars. I just need to build another shelf and re-align these shelves. The dashboard is pulling in live data can update every minute or so. Right now I have it set to track the last 5 hrs, but I can adjust that to show as far back as I want. The bottom values are the sensor readings, I only have 2 sensors hooked up currently. The chart is actually a Google chart that is plotting the data from AWS, the humidity value is an average of the two units. The status is actually dynamic, so if the door is open, the status will change, if any element of the system that I built is down, it will indicate an outage, if water runs out, same thing. The fan cycle is actually disabled at the moment, so I am just pulling in the last reading value for the time being. Water consumption is another program that calculates depletion based on usage. Next Steps I am building an air filtration unit for the roof of the humidor that will pull air in, run it through a 3M filter and then circulate it around. I need a weekend of free time to finish this up. I have 4 more sensors coming in sometime next week, and once those come in, then I will rig them up. I have to make a few wifi sensors for a friend of mine, so I need to create a nice enclosure for the sensor and the wifi unit to be housed in. Once I get that in place I will apply those designs to my build. For those looking to build something similar Make sure you have things well planned out and understand how the data will flow from humidor to your data warehouse. I had the intention of building this to meet my needs, but started to think about how it would be built if it were an enterprise solution. This meant that I had to think through lots of scenarios and possible circumstances that could arise, as a result, the data component is totally scalable now. Right now I have a database of 20,000 readings in there, and the data gets delivered lightning fast. Make sure your data platform is solid. More to come as things get done.
  23. I've been thinking about starting this topic for awhile, yet was a little hesitant to list my stock count as it may be perceived as vainglorious and boastful, when in actuality I am trying to future-proof my cigar hobby as best I can against legislative changes and tax increases. After discussing with planetary how to go about getting collective data via pm, I relented and thought I would so in the best interests of our FoH cigar community. My marca breakdown is below... Cohiba - 210 or 21.3% H.Upmann - 123 or 12.4% Partagas - 115 or 11.6% Montecristo - 88 or 9% Por Larranaga - 75 or 7.6% Ramon Allones - 70 or 7.1% Trinidad - 68 or 6.9% Hoyo de Monterrey - 55 or 5.6% San Cristobal - 34 or 3.5% Diplomaticos - 29 or 2.9% La Gloria Cubana - 29 or 2.9% El Rey del Mundo - 25 or 2.5% Vegas Robaina - 25 or 2.5% Bolivar - 13 or 1.3% Cuaba - 7 or 0.7% Punch - 6 or 0.6% Romeo y Julieta - 5 or 0.5% Saint Luis Rey - 5 or 0.5% Sancho Panza - 4 or 0.4% La Flor de Cano - 2 or 0.2% I am expecting H.Upmann to be the most represented marca in your humidors, but we shall see. Certainly, I think H.Upmann, Cohiba, Partagas and Montecristo will have the highest representations. Although Habanos S.A does not publish sales figures annually, we have had some data in the past. The seven global brands, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Jose L.Piedra, Cohiba, Partagas, H.Upmann and Hoyo de Monterrey account for over 80% of sales (In fact, one could probably estimate that Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta and Jose L.Piedra alone account for 50%!). I believe it is pertinent to mention that although Multi-Local brands such as Bolivar and Local brands such as Ramon Allones generate probably 1 to 2% of annual sales for Habanos S.A, they would be more proportionate among cigar enthusiasts such as ourselves. The information gathered here, I think, would be interesting data for our generous host Rob (El Presidente) and Alex Groom at Cuban Cigar Website. Below are some other related topics similar to this one... Which cigars are you deepest on? Going Deep...What and Why? Best Represented Marca in Your Humi... Year to date movement by volume (2015) Finally, I'd like to thank planetary, who has graciously agreed to do an overall tally with weighted and simple averages of cigar counts and percentages.
  24. So, if one could maintain their home at 60/60 or 65/65 this would be perfection. Just replace the books with boxes of cigars. Does anyone actually have an open area humidor? I've not seen one yet.
  25. I just bought one of these to store 6 or so boxes in at the office. I like it a lot so far. Temperature seems to be spot on although the humidity is still "off" a bit when comparing my OasisXL vs. my electronic gauge...not sure why that is. I seem to see a direct correlation between when the "fridge" is running and lowering/maintaining temperature and the humidity. If I see the humidity up a bit it's almost because the compressor hasn't kicked in to lower/maintain temp. Once it kicks in the humidity goes back to spot on. What's the trick here? Or will it be constantly adjusting itself? I'm currently attempting 62/62. Also, do most of you keep a humidifier "running" in your wineador/coolador all the time? Anyone have a NewAir?

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