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  1. Doesn’t smell per se, isn’t water-soluble, yes fully lined with Spanish cedar. 😊👍🏼
  2. Update for anyone curious, from Bob Staebell... " I have occasionally seen the substance on the molex connector. It is the resin in Spanish cedar that has gone airborne & tends to collect on hard shiny surfaces like drawer slides & wiring. The resin content on cedar can vary & every so often we would get a batch that was quite high & in a year or two the wiring was "gooey" & the drawer slides were gummed up a bit. We used rubbing alcohol to clean up the slides & wires. It's very rare to actually short out the system. The cedar intensity usually waned after a year or two & clients only had to clean things up a time or two & all was ok after that." This makes perfect sense for a few reasons: First, my humidor is only a couple years old. Second, there are pockets of resin that have been drawn to the surface on the Spanish cedar lining of my humidor, leaving a few sticky patches on the wood. Third, it makes sense that any resin-vapor would condense on hard surfaces as Bob has observed. Finally, I'm also curious if there's an electrostatic condition involved with the resin-vapor and the current flowing through the wiring, as the wires themselves also were sticky, not just the connectors. Net-net: it's Spanish cedar resin, it's easy enough to clean, and it will dissipate over time.
  3. I did some humidification system maintenance on my humidor today (an active system that I bought from Bob Staebel). I noticed that the fans weren’t kicking on at all, so time to investigate. Going through all the possibilities, I came across this: a gooey, black substance on the electrical connections. My only guess is that it’s a vapor of sorts from the cigars, which interacts with the electrical current of the wiring? After snipping off the gooey connectors and replacing with new ones, it seems to have been the issue. Has anyone else come across this before? I’m only 5 years into cigars, so I’m hoping you grizzled veterans can shed some light. I also have an email into Bob for his perspective. If you have had this experience, how did you deal with it? Is there a permanent fix? Or just part of the process every few years? Thanks in advance! - Wheezy
  4. In the scenario here with your BiL, and his generosity to your family, of course! For me, almost any sort of reciprocation, acknowledging the gift, is measure enough. But the one way street of “Hey Wheezy, you got any cigars?….Hey Wheezy, can you hook me up with a smoke?”….man, that shit gets old. And the blissful ignorance of a non-CC smoker, not understanding current prices/availability, they have no clue what they’re really asking is “Hey Wheezy, can I have a $50 cigar…one that took you a LOT of effort to buy?” Shuck that fit… More context…just wrapped up our 3-day Member-Member golf tournament. Lots of friends who know I smoke, most of them “over served”, and in the past I’ve generally accommodated people.
  5. With prices and availability being what they are these days, how are you handling the cigar mooches in your life? In times past, yeah I’d probably hook a guy up with something entry-level, but now I’m definitely thinking twice, if not walking quickly in the other direction! You?
  6. So @El Presidente - if this is the case, maybe crank up the Nudies business a notch or two, and start your own brand for the uber rich/glamorous demigods…how does “Kenhiba” sound?
  7. I prefer dry wit and sarcasm fully clothed. But I’ll settle for fully clothed.
  8. @El Presidente - it’s customary to put the “NSFW” tag on a thread when the content might objectionable, or worse…🤢 Ken in his underpants definitely qualifies.
  9. Hey @ChicagoRob - Amazon, search for “Noctua fans”. I’ve built a couple freestanding humidors, and researched the heck out of fans for just this situation. Noctua fans are little tiny monster air-movers. Been rock-solid for me. Apparently the brand is a favorite of the PC gaming crowd. Quiet as a church mouse, and just little work horses. Pay attention to the wiring options, as there are a few to choose from. I’ve used both the 40mm and 60mm fans. They’re solid. Good luck! Wheezy
  10. If only there were some salty attorneys on this forum who could help me with a lawsuit…
  11. For many of us, work has evolved into back-to-back-to-back Zoom calls. Thanks Covid. Yet here we are… In my home office, I have a small fridge for mostly beverages, but also some snacks. Cuz B2B2B Zoom. Today, I was on a call, and discretely grabbed a pepperoni stick from the fridge and started munching away. Then I set I down to participate in the call. When I looked down, I saw this… @ElJavi76 astutely pointed out that it’s just “plume”. My digestive system disagrees. Yet here we are…
  12. Traveling to Houston tomorrow, so bumping this thread again. Any updates from the Houston-savvy? Looks like Embajadores is permanently closed? I’m staying in the Galleria area if that helps? Thanks! Wheezy

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