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  1. If they are trying to match HK pricing. It’s only going to make HK go higher.
  2. Hibiki is pretty good. I also have the 21. Haven’t touched it.
  3. I think we are on delay because of the boxes not so much the cigars. Habanos going to the fancy boxes is nice but time consuming.
  4. they look nice, I feel ERDM, has done a lot of many nice sticks over the past 2-3 years (mostly regionals with different sizes)
  5. My initial thoughts on this stick, its very young. It's far from a wow stick out of the box. The first 3rd. It really had nothing going for it. It wasn't until maybe the end of the 2/3 when I started getting those traditional RA notes. It burned very well. Good construction. It's very mild, it's not going to knock you off you're feet in any way. Smoke time was about 2 hours. Draw was a bit tight. I'll try again in 4-6 months.
  6. There was a period in time were I was collecting alot of regionals, and honestly now I am at the point I go after preferred sizes. I love the 109 size. I also enjoy a nice Mag 56 size, some people don't. That is all part of the reason why I get some of the regionals now.
  7. terrible news, he just posted Monday. Rest in peace. Condolences to his family.
  8. I haven't smoked one yet. In PA here so weather is finally looking good. And obviously need sometime because of the size. But its a 109, I love this size. Same as the Dip Bushido. From what I heard out of the gate its a fantastic smoke. I'll let you know once I do smoke one.

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