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Found 25 results

  1. Greetings again dear friends! I'd like to take the opportunity to acknowledge @Chef and @Psiman for their enthusiasm and encouragement for this particular Video Review Series. I sincerely hope you enjoy them and they can assist you with your cigar journey. Again, like all my other past Series, I'd like to say that speaking 'on-the-fly' about cigars is certainly a challenge and I will need to acknowledge errors throughout this series (so again bare with me). Also, please feel free to share your thoughts on these cigars in this thread. If you have views or opinions contrary to what has been stated, please feel welcome to express your thoughts and say so, after all, my own views here is intended to serve as a guide. 
  2. The one where our hero froze his arse off - it's 33 in Georgia this morning. But a nice clear morning, I'm over the cold I had, and what better way to celebrate a Friday? Who am I kidding, I usually smoke a cigar Friday morning, it's just colder today Picked this up from an HQ sampler last October, been sitting in the tupperdor for about a year waiting for a day like today. Good construction, a bit squishy up around the band, but overall well made, nice color and smell. V cut, toast it a bit and start. Bit of an uneven burn at the beginning, but blame that on me. Hands may have been shaking a bit when I torched it lol. Lighter than I'm used to with Bolivar, not as much of the bitter chocolate or guiness, this is more ceder, some earth, some spice and leather. Fairly consistent throughout, and nothing bitter in it for being fairly young. First half/two thirds would all be leather, spice, even a bit of hay maybe. Perhaps I'm all chocolated out after eating candy last night (the trick or treaters didn't get all the stash, hooray). Great billowing plumes of smoke, and at just under an hour it was a very pleasant smoke. I don't smoke enough Bolivar, I need to get a box. I've been holding out for a box of CJ's, but I may look into a box of these - Bolivar always impresses me and I really liked this smoke. Call it a 90-92ish level smoke. Would happily smoke these often.
  3. I was curious if there was any indication that the Bolivar Corona Gigantes would be making a last swan song on FOH again before disappearing forever. I was lucky enough to get a box and in my moment of weakness both opened and smoked well over half prior to the announcment they would be DCd. I haven't seen any in many months and have been checking far more often than my wife and bank account would like . Any thoughts on this or whether they will be somewhat available on the secondary market going forward?
  4. I discovered Bolivar at the beginning of my CC smoking hobby, some 4 years ago. I was in Mexico on vacation and excited to try CCs for the first time. The cigar/wine shop had only four boxes of cigars at that time, so I picked one cigar from each box. The very first cigar I had was a dark small cigar in a red tube, a Tubos #2. I rushed back to the hotel and lit up the little Bolivar. Very aromatic and flavorful, and overpowering. My tongue was enveloped in black coffee and leather and spice and earthy flavors. It was all too much for me. I ended it halfway and thought to myself, that was so strong, that sucked. LOL. ? Now I look back and think, that was a really delicious cigar! On to this nice looking Coronas Junior I had yesterday. To my eyes, a good looking wrapper. This has been sitting in my tupperdor since July, 2018. I was giddy with excitement to taste and see how 7 months resting would do to this cigar. The last one I had was a week after I got the box. In case you're wondering, I have been traveling abroad and just got back. Or else I would have smoked through that box in 2 months! Beautiful start, thick fragrant smoke. This cigar comes on strong, full flavors immediately hitting my palate. To me, I taste a very black coffee sweetened by honey (or is that molasses?) - as well as leather and tobacco. I smoke it slowly, but it is quite difficult to do, these flavors are addicting. After a third of the way, the cigar starts to lose the black coffee intensity, and I'm detecting maybe a transition to a very dark bitter chocolate. Some of the honey/molasses finish seems to be wearing off. I actually puff a little deeper trying to get the intensity from the first third. The final third seems muted to me - I want to go back to the first third. I'm still very happy with this cigar though, and I smoke it slower, about a puff every 45 seconds, to keep it from going bitter quickly. All in all, it was probably a 30 minute smoke for me, as I don't nub it, because I don't want to end on a bitter spicy note. I wonder if aging it didn't improve it, but rather muted its intensity? If that's the case, I'm smoking these ROTT! From a box I purchased last July 2018, with a box code ETP DIC 16. Does that mean the vendor I purchased from isn't selling as many of these so I can buy at least 2 year old boxes? I gotta buy more! I'd rate this an 88 out of 100 using cigar afficionado's ratings scale. Which is very good, in my book.
  5. Hello fellow lovers of the leaf! Few of us in Hong Kong are trying to start some weekly ish reviews and figured some of the members here might find them informative/entertaining as you will. Cheers Nate
  6. No, this is a departure from the Pig's now standardized video review. I figured I would just make it simple... The recent thread on the Boli Gold Medal more or less motivated me to pull out a box and smoke one. I did buy some of the original CW release, but just like today, I have not been much to be stabbed by 'limited' cigars and even at the 'group buy' price, I figured that they were more expensive than what they were worth. As their interest began to wane, I bought more of the re-release and I am glad that I did. My cigar was firm and really well packed. It was dried sufficiently so that I could remove the foil and bands without tearing them. You might say that they had become a nice, dry 9 year old cigar. It was a brisk 90F on Isla Pigfish, and I was wondering how well I might take the adverse climate! ... the soldiers weapons aligned, I went to battle! The cigar opened with dry oats and shredded wheat. A hint of sweet followed and I thought that this was somewhat mild from what I remembered these to be. Within an inch or so these flavors developed and became more robust as they added various spices including nutmeg and some cinnamon. The cigar gracefully conveyed me though this nominally robust and lighthearted medley for some period. It bobbed and weaved removing and adding variances to the melody until about halfway through the smoke. It then appeared that the opening band was left over from the 'home for the aged' festival... and I had arrived early to the 'tribute to heavy metal' festival... And it began. The more graceful cigar came to a rather abrupt halt. As I have had a rather annoying cough for the past two weeks and have been off cigars since my last review, I began to wheeze a little and began to get some tingle from my throat, not previously hurting, but hurting now... I was slammed with straight tobacco, pepper and smoked paprika. The lovely essence was gone, the brute force of untamed tobacco had begun. In better condition, I would have likely enjoyed the cigar more, but being somewhat sick (still) I was bowled over by the torrent. Don't get me wrong, the cigar was good. It was very interesting, as far a ambushes go, but I was just not well suited for it that day... While super strong cigars are not really my forte, robust ones are. The cigar gets great points for making my interest and keeping it. It had huge constitution, and a lot of character to boot. In the right health and frame of mind I might have really been impressed, but in my case I felt more 'assaulted.' This of course was not the cigar's fault, but mine alone. Eventually I had to leave a good 2 inches in the ashtray... I just could no longer take it! If you are ready for a boorish cigar, a bully in lambs wool, pull one of these out and give it a try. Me, my throat is now sore as hell, and I am hacking like a sputtering lawnmower with water in the fuel. It is not the cigars fault, but my own. I look forward to taking one of his siblings to task another day, a day when I am done dressing my own wounds!!! -LOL Let the healing begin! -Piggy
  7. I've decided to post my 2016 Xmas Sampler Review in the Review Section for future reference purposes. It was originally posted in February this year in the 'Daily Smoke' thread... Cigars I've smoked lately... The 2016 Xmas Sampler (dedicated to our dear friend @Hurltim) Did you happen to pick up El Pres' 2016 Xmas Sampler? These cigars represent Rob's most consistent quality cigars for 2016. I smoked through these fine cigars during my January vacation time, on my own, watching sport, watching movies and sometimes in the fine company of some other dear fellow cigar enthusiasts. I promised Hurltim I'll review these when done, but as February is a busy month in Australian work life culture (as a result of everyone returning from leave en masse!), I've finally been able to find some time to share my findings! Firstly, below are the 13 cigars included... They are, from left to right, Diplomaticos Bushido, Diplomatico No.2, Bolivar Coronas Gigantes, Partagas Lusitanias, Montecristo No.1, Fonseca No.1, H.Upmann Magnum 56 LE 2015, Ramon Allones Club Allones LE 2015, Punch Punch, Bolivar Belicosos Finos, San Cristobal de La Habana La Fuerza, Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Prince and Cohiba Robustos. My review will follow in chronological order... 1. Ramon Allones Club Allones LE 2015 (SOM Dic 15) I decided to start off with the 'powerhouses', the most full-bodied of the lot. I smoked this and the BBF watching the Boxing Day Cricket Test, which is traditionally Australia's most watched and attended event of the sporting summer. The Australian cricket captain, Steve Smith and leading bowler, Mitchell Starc were hitting runs aplenty on this day of the test, and it was exciting to watch Australia comeback to bowl Pakistan out and win the game. This cigar was so strong, much stronger than other RACA I've had. It had the traditional stewed profile that I enjoy in Ramon Allones, but the nicotine buzz of this wore me out by the late afternoon. 2. Bolivar Belicosos Finos (TOR May 16) So, by the time lit this in the early afternoon I was somewhat feeling a little drowsy, on account of the strong Ramon Allones Club Allones LE I had earlier and the warm weather of this particular Sydney afternoon. I thing I enjoy about BBF's are when they have an element of cream to them, alas, no such luck here. It had typical flavours associated with this vitola such as earthiness, leather, sour dough spine dipped in coffee and dark chocolate. Still, I hold hope for the next BBF I smoke! 3. H.Upmann Magnum 56 LE 2015 (MEG Mar 16) This is the special cigar I decided to have on New Year's Day this year. I made a Brandy Alexander for myself and my wife, and together with my standard long black espresso coffee, this cigar was one of the highlights of my summer! What can I say in regards to accolades about the H.Upmann Magnum 56? Smoke aplenty, mild chocolate (like all limited editions, eh?), toasted tobacco, licorice and so beautifully refined. Yes, I wish it wasn't 56 ring gauge, but I used my Credo 3-in-1 punch cutter again on this and 'sipped' it from the back. 95 minutes of pure joy and yes, I gladly nubbed it...look below! 4. Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Prince (TOR Jun 16) When I smoked this on the 3rd of January, little did I know that I would be saying goodbye to a dear friend. Why, oh why did I not get more boxes? Oh well, I'll live with what I have and I'll try to get some more this year, if I can. Still, I'm in disbelief in regards to this fine cigar being deleted in 2017. Rob mentioned in his tasting notes the following,..cream, cedar, bitter cooking chocolate and black coffee. This description is about spot on for me. My recommendation for all Le Hoyo line HdM, is to age them. If you enjoy them young, try to smoke through half a box, and rest what's left for a minimum 5 years. That combination of cream and cedar, when aged, is just so ineffable. Some of you will know what I mean. 5. Punch Punch (ALO Mar 16) Did you get yourself a 50 cab of these recently? Well, I certainly hope you did. The Punch Punch will be around in 2018, but only in 25 dress boxes, there's something nostalgic about this in 50 cabs that this cigar deserves. Again, I very much enjoyed this, cream, leather, spice...just Punch at its finest, and how surprised was I on account of its youthfulness? I wish there were two of these in the sampler! 6. Diplomaticos No.2 (TOS Mar 16) This was the very best of all the cigars I smoked from the Xmas Sampler. Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Sourdough...just 100 minutes of sweet joy that I hope Habanos S.A can replicate for this cigar for sometime. If you've put this away, or are smoking through some TOS 15/16 Diplomaticos No.2 currently, you are truly fortunate! 7. San Cristobal de La Habana La Fuerza (TOS Mar 16) Cocoa, coffee, molasses and sweetbread...this is quintessential San Cristobal de La Habana. This is a marca I absolutely adore because I'm a sweet tooth. This cigar was very, very good and I was well-satisfied, but it goes to show how good the Punch Punch and Diplomaticos No.2 were on this day for me to rate those vitolas higher. 8. Cohiba Robustos (ETP Jun 16) This, and the next two cigars, I enjoyed in the company of some fine Sydney Friends of Habanos members at a get together at my house. Again, it was a warm Sunday summer's day, but this Robusto was still distinctively Cohiba, with that combination of grass/hay, honey, citrus and cream we all know and love. 9. Fonseca No.1 (UME Mar 15) Apparently this cigar has been deleted a few years ago, but it just seems to go into production now and then ever since the announcement. Wood, floral notes, soft marshmallow and very, very mild. This is suitable for a change of pace. Construction on this was outstanding! 10. Montecristo No.1 (BUM Abr 15) How good is it to have this Lonsdale cigar smoking this well? This was the third cigar of our get together and I think I saved the best for last! Montecristo cocoa, cream and leather in a 1 and 3/4 hours smoke. I don't think I have these often enough! 11. Diplomaticos Bushido (TOS Oct 15) This is an incredibly special Asia Pacifico Regional Edition release. You know this from the very fact that the cigar is tapered at the head, a Numero 109, a vitola saved for the very best cigars. And, this is one of those cigars so deserving of that praise. I saved this for a get together with Trevor and Alex to discuss Cuban Cigar Website on a mid-week day in January. Unfortunately, the day was extremely hot, over 100°F (38°C). Still, I savoured that Diplomaticos sourdough and cinnamon goodness, and the fine, fine company! 12. Partagas Lusitanias (OBM Jun 16) I can't remember the last time I had a double corona, but after having this, I made sure to pick up a box from a 24:24 sale soon after. I found this like a milder Partagas Shorts...mild, smooth spice, coffee and sourdough. It went for 2 hours and 5 minutes and after I finished it I wanted to light one up immediately thereafter! 13. Bolivar Coronas Gigantes (PUR Mar 16) I smoked this watching 'La La Land' with my wife and boy did this cigar send me there. Oh what a pity it's being deleted, and even though Bolivar is not favourite marca on account of the earthiness in its profile, still, I can appreciate the spice, coffee and toasted tobacco spine. How apt I should end the Sampler series on this cigar. Farewell will be long remembered!
  8. I usually take information from Cigar Aficionado with a grain of salt. However it looks like they were on the money with this article predicting the demise of the BCG back in June. Was this something obvious we should have seen coming or did our friends at CA have some inside knowledge? Either way I still have to question the decision to delete this fine Churchill.
  9. When I hear the name Inmensas it tends to conjure up an image of a very large cigar, but the Bolivar Inmensas is not as big as the name might suggest. At 6.7" by 43 it is a lonsdale (dahlia), which is my favorite format for a 2 hour smoke. With only a couple of sticks remaining from this box I've long since discarded the box. Of course, the Inmensas were discontinued in 2009, and I never got to adding more of them to my humidor, so once these are gone I will close this chapter on this once great vitola in my collection. I tend to get a little sentimental every time I light one up because I know the window of opportunity to enjoy these wonderful works of cigar craft is rapidly closing. This specimen has a smooth and expertly applied colorado-maduro wrapper, with barely visible seams. Cold draw is just about perfect. Once lit the first plumes of rich toasted tobacco filled the air, and I was rewarded with a mild-medium flavor mix of earth and coffee, and a hint of burnt toast. Burn started out nice and even, and smoke volume was about medium. As I smoked through the first inch the cigar intensified a bit into medium bodied, while the essence of garden loam became richer and more pronounced. As the second third arrived, it was much the same as the last part of the first third, with a rich earthy toasted tobacco core, hints of coffee and again burnt toast. The aroma emanating from the coal as I took a pull was like smoldering damp oak on a camp fire. Body has stayed a solid medium and consistent. At the close of the second third I used my torch to straighten out the burn a little, but otherwise the cigar has burned well. On to the final third, and the flavor has continued to intensify a bit and a touch of black pepper seems to have come into play. The burnt toast and coffee have also intensified a bit. The earthiness in this cigar is quite notable, it's not a bad thing, but it gives this cigar a rather bold everpresent backdrop. Nothing offensive, but not a characteristic I am very fond of. However, it is somewhat definitive of the Bolivar brand from the mid to late nineties as I recall. There is no apparent sweetness or flowery tones, not much wood either, just straight forward and earthy, rich and somewhat bold. It's all rich and pure tobacco of a distinctive pedigree all the way through to the core. Approaching the last couple of inches, the cigar is getting a bit hot, and the nicotine is tingling my lips and the tip of my tongue. This far into the cigar, the body has intensified further into a strong medium, but the flavor has remained consistently earthy, rich and tinged with burnt toast. I don't recall the burnt toast as much in prior specimens, but for some reason it stood out a bit in this one. As I lay this nub to rest I get the sense that another great ambassador of this great brand has fallen to the whims of a fikle consumer. On my personal scale I rate this an 8 out of 10. Not one of my favorites, per se, but definitely a great cigar in the context of the Bolivar brand.
  10. It has been awhile since I have smoked a cigar so I picked something deliberately small. I was thinking that I was going to get something a bit more powerful, these cigars can be robust. Yet with all said and done, with a few too many narcotics in my system already, using the wrong words with regularity, I was quite happy that this one did not bowl me over while making some history today. This is my first ever video review. Get a good laugh at my expense brothers (and sisters). Time to poke at the Pig!!! -LOL Thanks again Chris for the cigar, lovely. Thanks for watching brothers, be gentile, I am still afraid to move my neck... -LOL Bolivar DT- A Bolivar DT- B -Ray
  11. Stats: 7” x 47 Vitola: Julieta #2 Initial Thoughts: Like most of the big Cuban cigars that I’ve had, the BCG feels light in the hand. It lacks that dense, meaty feel I’m accustomed to from similarly-sized Nicaraguan cigars. This isn’t a bad thing. The wrapper is a golden, medium brown. Plenty of small veins, and the cigar is quite toothy. Very slightly oily. Not a great looking wrapper, but it’s not particularly dull or bad-looking either. 1st 3rd: Perfect draw, with just a touch of resistance. The initial flavor impressions are salt, baking spices. Body is pretty medium. A very nice start. 2nd 3rd: Sharp burn line. The cigar is hitting it’s stride. It’s jumped over medium line to the fuller side. Same nutmeg, cinnamon, chocolate core, but now the cigar has added some spice and a coffee bitterness that is very pleasant and gives the cigar some oomph. Final 3rd: The cigar becomes quite full and strong in the final 3rd. The spice and bitterness has replaced most of the earlier sweetness. Despite how far this cigar has become, it never gets tarry. The final 3rd does lack finesse or complexity, but I suspect that might come with some age. Final Thoughts: This is an excellent cigar. The Cuban Churchill is a great size. I’d call it a solid 92. I could definitely see this cigar aging into a mid-90s score for me. That said, I wouldn’t want to age it so long that it loses that oomph. Final Smoking Time: 93 minutes
  12. Bolivar Coronas Junior...a great little stick. This is actually the first box I purchased from our host during a 24. Luck would have it that it's a ULA Sep 14 so she's got some time on her. These were a clearance selection but look beautiful. Its a short smoke so I won't break it into segments. Here are my thoughts about today's smoke. It opens immediately with little to no foreplay. She's a medium to full smoke in the start and half way through settles at a medium + . Coffee, tobacco and some cedar for the flavors. This box has been very smokeable with all cigars having what I call a draw with a tug. Just a slight but acceptable amount of resistance. They benefit from a slow paced smoke. They have a nice box pressed appearance but not hard pressed. If you've not had these do yourself a favor and get some. I will always have a box on hand. I give them a solid 90 as an everyday, reach blindly in the box smoke.
  13. This BBF comes from a dress box of 25 that I have had for about 6 months, this is only the second stick I have tried from the box. I gave my dad one the other night and he had to put it down just past half way, he got a serious nicotine buzz. I haven't experienced that with either of the cigars I have smoked, although they have been very rich and full flavored. Pre Light- Spongy feel to the cigar, a few soft spots, nice mottling on the wrapper. I took a conservative cut, but the draw was still nice and open, some might say borderline wind tunnel, but perfect for me. Not much on the cold draw, tobacco and a bit of barnyard. Pairing= A Pacifico, and an Iced Pellegrino with a wedge of lemon and lime. 1st Third- Opens with lots of thick, chewy smoke. Toasted tobacco, a burnt sweetness, some "Charred" flavor, but not in an unpleasant way. No spice, smooth, creamy, and very Rich. 2nd Third- Sweetness continues, some leather comes in on the fringes. Still very rich, but the flavors are a bit muddled, nothing is really jumping out at me. A bit of cinnamon comes in for a few puffs, as well as some spice on the retro towards the end of the third. I start trying to slow down, the cigar is getting a bit warm. Final Third- Spice starts to build, sweetness remains, but moves from the fore to the fringes. Still plenty of rich, thick smoke. Flavors still aren't very defined. The tip of my tongue and lips start getting a bit tingly towards the end. Final Thoughts- Very nice cigar, but smoking them now is a waste. You can see the oily spots in the second and thirds photos, the richness present now leads me to believe these have llooonggg legs. The flavors are still fighting each other for dominance and hopefully will become more defined with some rest. I haven't had any nicotine buzz issues with the two I've smoked, but these guys have some punch, there is nothing "light" about them. I know this may sound odd, but with this cigar, and many other good ones I've had in the past my hand smells like cheese! Like a good 3+ year aged hard cheese, nice and stinky! Rating: 87/100
  14. Thank you to Rob for putting on this competition. I am looking forward to all of the amazing, mouth-watering reviews to come. Be well! Edit: 8/21 - In a fortuitous turn of events, my name was drawn for this particular contest. Thank you again to @Elpresidente and his fabulous staff for working to create an environment which both welcomes and educates smokers of all levels who share in a passion for Habanos. Primero: Very smooth - smooth.. Rich roasted coffee beans, not a kick/peaky coffee. Well goodness, if that isn't just lovely. In reference to the aroma the cigar was putting out. Draw is a little tight. Starting off slightly uneven, not really worried. Smoke is velvet on the palette. Waft of smoke threw me as the wind shifted. Seriously, perfume. Jasmine perfume with a smidgen of wood. Really love this, a memorable experience. Update: Ethernut also had a similar experience when smoking his BBF w/ 9 years on it (his BOTL sommelier Tom referred to it as Honeysuckle). Perhaps another 6 years has yielded a similar note in this stick? Slightly inhaling the smoke waft, a nasal draw if you will, til it burns. Just haven't had this before. What a trip!?! Flavors coming through are without fog. Cocoa & hazelnut. Short peekaboo finish. Still tight, getting more worried. Maybe i should have froze it? Sweet corn note, water from a can of corn, not rich, tad less sweet. Cigar might be opening up slightly. Earth, coffee, touch of tobacco and stewed fruit. 15 minutes in, wasted a some of the cigar trying to coax the burn. Way out in front of schedule. Trying to slow down. Leather, stewed fruit, almost to a raisin sweetness. Giving this cigar the business like a masseuse mixing uppers and juice. 19 minutes and 1st third is ending. Medio: No signs of spice on the palette, retro; zilch. Dark, earthy w/ a sweet finish. Volume of smoke still relatively light. Faint touch of woody spice. I found it funny that I hadn't had any up until I made note of it. Next draw? Trickles in.. Cinnamon went left on the scale, just as light, but w/ some wood nuance to it. Burn is straightening out. Please open up? Faint spice and coffee. Rich leather & coffee. Interesting tasting them alone in a room. Midway through the 2nd, earthy flavors now for a few draws, constant, clean. Ash is nice. Getting stewed fruit almost to raisin on the finish. Draw is opening up some. Pepper starting to come through, subtle licorice. Good rhythm. Burnt raisin and coffee. Call 2nd done, 46 minutes. Fin: Start of the 3rd I got a lot of draws that while not spicy through the nose, were quite ashy. In my mind I questioned if this was due to some build up from the earlier tight draw. Charcoal for a few draws. Lots of leather. Now fruits and caramel on the finish. Again. Little meat, some salt, no pepper on the retro. Great unexpected mellowing. Coffee, white pepper, touch of cocoa on the finish. Burnt wood and coffee. Red line taste, but without the spice on the retro, how odd. Lonely coffee. Still burning pretty cool. Smoky, woody, barbecue. My personal favorite draw, retro was slightly salty, the palette already had some char and spice. I just walked up to the grill and kinda chomped the air w/ a steak on. Rich cocoa. Back to redline teeter. I'm really curious if some of the experiences (both good and bad), could be attributed to the draw issues? Final smoke clock: ~1 hr 15 min
  15. Format: Grand Corona (Factory viola: Hermosos No.3) Dimensions: 48 ring gauge x 140 mm Date: Tuesday 12th of July, 2016 Cold Draw: Wonderfully refined barnyard with a hint of earthiness and mocha coffee. Lit: 1:45 p.m. Initial Draw: Again, I used my 3-in-1 Credo Punch Cutter, but this time I used the largest 10 mm cut, to make another perfect punch (The 10 mm punch cut is for cigars up to 48 ring gauge). I really like the size of this Limited Edition cigar, at 48 ring gauge by 140 mm, it's very close to my favoured corona-size, which I find ideal. The draw is excellent. The mocha and chocolate and espresso flavours make me look forward to how this cigar will progress. Through the nose I get a decent amount of spice, not too over-powering or too little, and the cigar is around medium in strength. First Third: As per usual, I've paired this with a nice black espresso. Spice has picked up through the middle of the first third. Combined with chocolate, these are the two flavours dominating. Construction is spot on for a Limited Edition. The burn is even and ash is a consistent grey/light-grey. Towards the end of the first third the spice has settled, both through the draw and the nose. Second Third: Still medium in strength, the flavour has changed somewhat. No longer chocolate-y and spicy, instead I'm picking up a dull earthiness, like mushroom, which comes through every draw. The spice is still there in the aftertaste. Construction and smoke output continues to excel. As the cigar progresses through to the middle of the second third, the spiciness re-appears, making this Bolivar EL, in my opinion, pleasantly complex (but not as complex as say, a H.Upmann Noella). Final Third: At the beginning of the final third, I'm still getting a combination of very mild earthy/leather and spicy flavour at medium strength. There's only a hint of chocolate per draw now. It's been a quality smoke so far, the only criticism I have is that I can't get the ash-length past half an inch (1.25 cm), but this is only a minor regret, as there are no signs of over-heating. Towards the end of the cigar, the spiciness comes back, I'd describe it like a Partagas Serie D No.4 without the sourdough/creamy edge to it. Completed: 3:05 p.m. Conclusion: If you are a Bolivar fan, I'd say you'd find this a little milder than what you're used to. My palate does not gravitate to 'earthy' cigars, so Bolivar is a marca I tend to look over, however, I'd even admit that this cigar was a quality smoke and a success as a Limited Edition release. If you like milder spice, chocolate and leather in your cigars, then this is the right cigar for you. It's a shame that Habanos S.A. could not release this in a 10-count box, otherwise I'd imagine they'd have been the 2014 equivalent of the Ramon Allones Club Allones in regards to popularity and appeal amongst Habanos enthusiasts. No matter, if you have a box, rest assured that these are smoking well now, and in my view, have the potential to age nicely at the 3 to 5 year mark.
  16. BRC...for some reason i just never reach for these when im in the mood for a Robusto. RASS and PSD4's are staples for me, Everything about the BRC looks appealing to me...the aroma at cold, the dark wrapper. so why do I pass these over all the time? Well I picked one up, packed in my caddy and finally deceided to put flame to it. I punched this cigar with the medium punch of my creedo 3 punch cutter and light it up. First third: FIrst puffs were just pure coco. Dark chocolate in spades. Cigar was producing tons of smoke as well. It was burning beautifully and even. after the first few draws on this cigar, I knew right there and then I was in for a real treat Second Third : I am absolutly enjoying every puff of this cigar. The dark chocolate flavours continue, and i am now getting espresso flavors in the mix as well. As i am smoking this cigar i am thinking to myself why havent i reached for this more often? why do i always overlook this when considering what box to buy next? I am enjoying this cigar so much so, that i forgot to take any more pics of this cigar! Last third: What can I say. this cigar has exeeded my expectations, its blowing me out of the water. Dark chocolate, espresso, coffee beans. Its very coparable in flavour to a BBF, but more on the the midium side rather than the full side like a BBF. Conclusion : Just wow. This cigar changed my mind about the BRC's. I will probably look to pick up a box of these rather than buying D4's like i usually do. Overall score : 94
  17. Hey guys/gals, You may be thinking, oh another one of these threads, but I wasn't 100% sure where to express all my thoughts. So, after spending the past 3 days in the roof of my house, removing all the ripple corrugated iron of the original ceilings, I thought I deserved a nice relaxing night. Called in sick for my overnight shift (incredibly sore back), I headed outside after tea for a Bolivar Petit Corona. Got the laptop setup to catch up on some TV shows, and got myself comfy. This was the 3rd one from this box (43 days in the tupperdor), I picked one out that had a slightly lighter wrapper than the others and got to it. I'm not going to pretend to know all the flavours, but the woody, leathery, creamy smoke it produced was absolutely amazing. The first 2 from the box (feb15), were good, perhaps coming on a little strong for my new palate, but still nice. There was something different about this one. From the first puff, I knew it was going to be good. As I was smoking through it, I found myself both getting lost in the cigar at times, and lost in my shows. The flavours all blended together so well. I think the fact that I was forgetting about the cigar, to me, says just how good it was. I was able to just enjoy it without thinking "wow, that was really woody/leathery/etc". And at other times I was thinking right after each puff, I want another and another and another. But I paced myself, I didn't want to ruin the experience, and I didn't want it to end too soon. The flavour changed most in the last 1/3 with the flavours picking up, and a tingling on the lips, and I enjoyed every last bit of it. As I got to the last ~inch or so, I was getting worried. It was ending. I wasn't letting it go without a fight. With my guillotine cutter in hand, I grabbed it by the head, ever so gently. It made a decent nubbing tool, with just enough space to get my lips around. Even this didn't prolong it enough for my liking. But, I'll be damned if I didn't try. Final smoking time, 1h25m. I could have gotten another one out, but I didn't want to risk tarnishing such a perfect cigar, on a great summers night. If the rest of them follow suit, I can already tell they won't last long, but I'll try give them a little more time, maybe another at 60 days. Perhaps I should get another box to lay down while I pick off this ones brothers and sisters. Well, that's my ramblings, I hope this helps some of you to reminisce about cigars that you've had, and to maybe pick up one that you you've been saving in hopes it will get better. Tonight may be the night. Cheers, Nathan
  18. Review: Bolívar Poderosos - 2013 Release: Regional Edition - Belux 2013 Vitola: 54RG * 180mm (7.1 inches) aka “Rodolfo” aka “Double Pyramid” Production: 2000 boxes of 25 cigars made. (50,000 cigars) Box Code: MUR SEP 13|ivar#377_Edici|on_Regional_Belux Date: Sunday June 1, 2014 Start Time: 8:42PM EST Reviewers' Notes: My style of cigar reviewing is “open”. I try to jot down what I’m experiencing with every draw. When you see a “/” consider that a break in between puffs. What I leave out in fancy prose is made up with observation. Consider each segment a play by play. This style works for me. I hope you enjoy it. Pre-light notes Visual: nice colorado wrapper, smooth, light veins, spongy foot, firm roll, seems ready to go Aromas: sweet wrapper/ bready/ baking spice. Light earthy notes too. A nice clean cut at the head/ draw is firm but good. shouldnt have any problems. Easy to light with cedar spill. Perfect! 1st Third very smooth/ hints of cinnamon / cedary finish / tangy tobacco / draw is perfect / decent amount of smoke coming off the foot / burn is solid thus far/ slight tannic notes on draw leading to cedar finish/ some spice and dry nuttiness appears / woodsy / toasty tobacco / more cedary notes on subsequent draws / slight hits of coffee grounds, the cigar also gives me a taste of spice / wow, some coffee with sugar!? on two draws / cocoa,slightly sweet profile develops / loads of smoke, but slow burn on the cigar, perfect scenario / nice tangy tobacco finish to a coffee hit / burn askew / coffee bomb again, mocha I’d say / really enjoying this right now / more coffee and toasty tobacco exchanges / hint of baking spice / glorious rich hit of coffee grounds / my luck these days when smoking, ash falls off a second before I think about doing something about it / still smoking great though, solidly lit , performing like a champ / back to some tannic notes and cedar 2nd Third toasty tobacco opens up this third / cigar has been steadily getting richer in flavour, that spice bomb i was predicting has not materialized and I'm fine with that, the flavours have been great thus far / toasty tobacco notes with a slight cocoa finish / mocha coffee lingers on the palate on the next handful of draws / baking spice / cedar / earthy notes followed by nuttiness / salt and pepper ash, odd flakes here and there, cigar is well lit, 2 touchups at most / interesting, slightly salty, mineraly notes emerge on a few draws / earthy again, great baking spice finish going on / flavours are becoming earthy and “meaty” / slight ammonia and some tannins / back to some cedar and cocoa / medium bodied cigar, i do admit, the brain is “swimming” a bit / meaty notes return, very interesting / not a boring cigar / settling into a earthy cigar these past 10 draws, still a whole 3rd to go, so im not too worried / some nutmeg appears / 3rd Third sure enough, beans make things interesting , good change up / earthy notes / tannins, followed by cedar notes / earthy notes , nuttiness / coffee and sweetness all but gone, dry nutty and earthy flavours trading off / cigar needed a touch up, going out, concave cone on the ash / nutty / meaty notes again / more beaniness returns, nice smoky finish too , cigar is definitely getting strong on this final third / earthy notes take over / slight ammonia, not a concern as the finish is earthy / more nutty flavours, dry almonds I’d say / good meaty flavours / tons of smoke on this final third, / cigar goes out again / all is good again / beany notes / cigar snuck up on me all this time, very strong, head it swimming, still have some ways to go / more earthy notes / lots of smoke / some anise like flavours / head swimming in the clouds, too much trouble staying lit at this point / last few puffs were earthy and strong / Done @ 10:46 EST Conclusions This is a monster cigar. The first time I encountered this vitola was smoking the Ramon Allones “Super Ramon”. Which was a 2011 Canadian RE. The Poderoso is an impressive looking stick. Being an RE, it will be difficult to source for many Habanos lovers. I was fortunate enough to grab one from a friend who managed to snag a box. As for the performance of the cigar. It was along the lines of what I hope for when I light up. That its’ flavour profile be vast and varied. That I won’t taste the same thing from foot to head. I enjoy when flavours weave in and out at various points. This cigar did just that. Each third gave way to new flavours and allowed for some old ones to reappear. One thing I did not count on was it’s “strength” By the time I was halfway into the final third, the cigar had snuck up on me. The only other cigar that did that to me the first time I smoked it was the La Escepcion Selectos Finos. Nothing in this cigar prepares you for “buzz”. No really harsh tobacco notes at all to give you some warning. This cigar had some finesse behind it. Only time will tell how these will age. Being such a large cigar, it should have many years of life ahead of it. As a relatively young cigar. It performed beautifully. So good, I didn’t bother to light up a follow up cigar. Score 92
  19. Bolivar Colosales RE Alemania 2006 First impression: Nice darker wrapper, slightly oily, sweet, grassy, woody smell, no soft spots to the touch. Draw at cold close to perfect with a sweet wood taste. Paring with water Smoking outside at 29C / 65 RH, slight breeze First draw: Nice sweetness, wood, grass, leather, medium strength, intense in flavor, a lot of them, to many for me to detect. Every puff brings out a slightly different flavor profile. Getting backing spices, a bit of saltines on top of the others. 20 minutes in. The strength is constant, at just medium. The flavor is constantly changing. Just had some Caramel, sweetness on and of, leather, sometimes wood, here and there a pinch of salt. Going into 2nd 3rd, she becomes more a Bolivar. Strength increases, more leather, wood, still the sweet and grassy undertone and a lot of flavor I am not able to describe. Constant and for me a near perfect burn. Tons of smoke since the first draw, slightly velvet feel to it. Half way down, I can't say the cigar is following proper the traditional 3rds, more like constant changes every few puffs. A synergy of Sir Winston, Coro and Bolivar CG. Last 3rd, the overall strength and flavor gears up a bit. More going towards Bolivar, leather, wood, some bits of pepper, grass and hidden molasse. Set it down after 1:30 hrs To me a fantastic cigar. Close to perfect balance of strength, flavor and progression. Thanks for reading.
  20. You can read the full review I wrote here on my blog. Enjoy At cold, the Bolivar Super corona has that barn smell a lot of fresh cigars have. As weird as this might sound, this smell is quite attractive to any aficionado as it can make the mind travel all the way to a curing barn in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba. The construction is even and there arent any soft or hard spots. Visually, this doesnt have the prettiest wrapper. I find this tends to happen more frequently with the limited editions as the have a thicker and darker wrapper. When cut, this cigar gave me a perfect draw with just enough resistance to prevent smoking it too fast. I can taste some sweet tobacco, again a sign of good quality fresh tobacco. 1st third: This cigar doesnt play around and goes straight to the point with a nice amount of power. I place this as a medium-full bodied Bolivar. You can feel the finish lingering and it is quite pleasant. Flavour wise, in this first third I get toasted tobacco, some sweet and stewed fruits notes as well. I cant help but to make a parallel with the 2011 limited edition from Ramon Allones, the beautifully packaged Allones Extra. They both have similar power and flavour combo. 2nd third: The Bolivar Super Corona has not showed much evolution from the previous third but it has been giving me good consistent flavours. The burn itself is pretty good besides a couple of touch ups that were required. I got more of the toasted tobacco than the stewed fruits from the beginning. The size feels pretty good and just like the now defunct Bolivar Corona Extras. 3rd third: Ok, now we are getting into some serious Bolivar territory. The body has picked up and it really full now. Good strong tobacco, some leather and spices in this as well. The Bolivar Super Corona shows signs of aging potential; they will smooth out some of the power and become quite nice. I suspect these will be good after about 3-5 years of nap time. I doubt these will ever become classics or sought after like the Cohiba/Montecristo Sublimes but they offer an honest experience. Also, the presentation in the natural wood with papeletas on the side is well done. The release is well done in size and in presentation! Cheers!
  21. By accident I ran into a partial box of 19 Bolivar Regentes. I am not a big fan of Bolivar and I really do not know what happend to me, but believe me or not this little bugger were waving and shouting: Buy me - smoke me. Hey how could I resist?? Have a look yourself: and yes I did smoke a few. I was always wondering with the citrus taste in Bolivar, but with those little bugger I get it. Cold draw was very earthy and leather. First puffs very mallow and mild I was absolutley surprised by this little flavor bomb. Citrus, candid lemon peel, creme brulee very solid ash and smoked down to end. Smoking time was 45 min. Strength medium And yes it is hard to resist not to smoke them down in one evening. I am glad that I was listing very carefully ......
  22. Random Dribble Before the Review Actually Starts Feel free to skip this. Or the entire review, for that matter... "When God created cigars, he imagined a Lonsdale." -Bloke i can't remember on this forum. Bloody hell do i hate 1999 box codes. Why in God's name did they have to have an annoying little transition phase for these? I mean, many good cigars i've had bear these codes (Dip 1s, Hoyo Coronas, Punch Margaritas, just to name a few) but damn is it annoying for the sake of consistency. Anyways, back to this specific cigar. CCES is July of 1999. This just so happens to be the month Hong Kong was relinquished from British control: July 1st. It also happens to be Canada day, which is how i remember that and it's a fact that's much more relevant to me. Sorry! Alright I promise: This paragraph actually has to deal with the Lonsdale, now. This Bolivar has consistently been one of my favourite Bolivars. I would even go as far as to say they have been my absolute favourite Bolivar vitola and blend. And this isn't something i say lightly. To unsuccessful dethroning attempts, i've tried 80s Royal Coronas, Corona Extras, most of the regionals (I say that as i'ven't yet tried MANY), and even a few decade old Corona Gigantes. All which pale in comparison with this outstanding Bolivar Lonsdale. And it's about bloody time I post up a review. Preliminary Comments and Illustration of Personal Bias Dry box for 3 days. Bolivar has always been a little ass-kicker for me. Whether it's a young Royal Corona or a tubed No. 3, they've always seemed to get me down and lower my count for "number of cigars left before i get sick". But i've always found them to be a gentle giant. In other words, if you only meet them for a year or less, they'll appear scary and ass-kicking. But the longer they are in your life, the sweeter they'll seem. And in the end, they mellow out to a bouquet of epic proportions. The strength has always seemed like a cauldron of amazing flavours and oils that really need some time to settle. They can be smoked whilst the porridge is still too hot for a ZING flavour. But i prefer my porridge too cold and would love for all the flavours to be mellowed out. before slmoking. I love Bolivar. Regionals make me love it more. If that didn't exist, i'd be smoking Corona Gigantes left and right whilst leaving the Belicoso Finos for at least 3 years before lighting those up. No. 2s are amazing smokes that are reminiscent of these aged cigars that i'm reviewing. Prelight Foot is beautiful. This flame is going to fit JUST right! Ligero is a tad one sided for my looks, might have some burn issues... But we'll see. The clearly visible crescent is, well, clearly visible. Less entropic than i'd prefer. Punch cut and found the normal inverted pigtail. Always a nice sight to see. Feels like when you cut open a watermelon and you know just from the sound, feel, and look that it's going to be the sweetest angel **** you've ever eaten Obligatory shot with entire cigar in hand. Say what you want about the construction, My BlackBerry has good enough resolution. Prelight draw is quite nice. Really nice Cohiba prelights - grassy, hay. Felt like i stepped into a beautifully kept barnyard that's been devoid of horses, cows, and other livestock for 2 weeks. No foul odours, just pure dessicated grass with the smell of waterdamaged wood about to crack and cave the building onto your skull. Day is the 21st of June, 2014 - Summer Solstice for us Northern Hemispherians. Touch of flame was at 1500. First Light and the First Fourth Absolutely euphoric. That's the Bolivar flavour i talked about earlier! It smoked like a nice vintage Bolivar should taste like. Devoid of nicotine and much power but had its substance replaced with a complexity of herbal soups like a Cohiba. Tastes like a vintage Cohiba's second third, actually. Quite the barnyard burn and a great, vegetal flavour. Tasted like Oktoberfest when everyone was still sober. The cornucopias, all the greenery, the smells of the combine harvester, wafting scents of ales, the slight sprinkle of sawdust to soak up the vomit to come in 3-5 hours, and the barmaid's occasional herbal perfume that mesmerises you as she walks by. Forgive me, for i have sinned. I was too entranced at the flavours that i just kept going back for more. Smoking so quickly without repercussions just led me to go back for more and more. Ashed, i realised how quickly i was smoking it and awoke from my daze. Much like a baby bunny or German shepherd puppy, you don't want them to grow up. But you know they have to change and the change is the reason why you bought the thing. Same goes with cigar. Moving on. Secondary Thoughts and the Second Fourth Awoken from the euphoric daze, i was a tad more down to Earth. Down to an earthy hint of dirt. Much like how a dribble of dirt seemed to have made that strawberry you picked as a child taste better, this same principle applies for this part of the cigar. It got filthier. The cornucopia disappeared and has started fermenting to a strong, sweet musk. Sulphur comes to mind. But so does vermouth. Not tasting it, but simply smelling it. Each drag was like a noseful of the vermouth that seemed to be hiding the odours from the first third. Very pleasant, though. The burn started to fix itself, too! Damn, do i wish i could return to the first third... When the Cigar Became a Cigar Again and the Third Fourth The Second Fourth sounded like it turned out to be absolute shite. But please consider relevancy. It bore resemblance to the first fourth and that alone gave it me a sense of euphoria. As it started to move down again, it's gotten more filthy. So much so that it actually tastes like a Bolivar No. 2, upon first light. This part of this cigar has made me realise that i am actually smoking and not lying on a cloud of white billowing smoke, being pumped flavours into my mouth. Has gotten filthier, again. Stayed calm with strong hints of nuts kicking in. Pistachios? Almonds? Peanuts? Who cares. Nuts. Has, of course, gotten stronger again with a sense that it is picking up some very good floral odours. Much like a young ERdM CS, it's preforming decently well with 30-45 second cool downs. Simply put, it tastes like a young ERdM CS's first light but twist in some cream, coffee, nuts, rosemary, and balls. Lots of balls on this cigar. Final Fourth and Final Resting Not much of the final fourth was smoked, actually. After the religh in the Third Fourth, it just wasn't the same. It got soggy and damp with barely any help with purges. I managed to get a decent way down the final fourth to make out with the nutty flavours again. Mixed with a stronger espresso. But like a strong espresso, the final bit remaining at the bottom of the cup is hard to swallow. The floral flavours are still there but at this point, it's like drinking sweet vermouth from the bottle. It's soggy. It's harsh. It's getting in my eyes. It's out. Closing Thoughts Final length: 3.5 cm Time when out: 1621. Those first two fourths got me entranced. Smoked too quickly for the first half and shortened the smoking time substantially! Perhaps i would've gotten it farther down if i didn't plow through the first 2 fourths. I've gotten these down farther! Ah finally! This review was a nice walkthrough of that glorious cigar. Get to relive every little flavour profile again. Loved it. Those outstanding aged Bolivar odours really show in this cigar. To me, it's the quintessential smooth Bolivar. The No. 2 being the quintessential young Bolivar. Lonsdale over any other vitola from that decade!! ... Until i try the Dunhill Bolivar Seleccions that seem to exist 95/100. That's the highest score i'd give to a cigar i couldn't nub. I'm pretty sure if i treated more of them better and focused a tad better, i could easily get it down to 2 cm or even 1.5. But this time, it isn't so. For comparison, the last one i've scored over 95 was a Partagas 20th Sublimes. New Trinidad Colonials normally rate 81 on my scale. Bolivar Tubos No. 3 rates at 72. The Por Larranga Panetela hits around a 67. The RyJ Short Churchill-Ts rate around 50. And the RyJ Duke i had a few days ago received a 42. Man, I need a box of these.
  23. Length: 18cm Ring Gauge: 54 Factory Name: Poderosos Vitola: Double Pyramid Type: Rodolfo Presentation: Box of 25s (Only 2,000 Serial numbered) Special Presentation: Jar of 25s (Only 100 Serial numbered) exclusive to LCDH Knokke & Gent Release Date: Last quarter 2013 The Poderosos is the second exclusive release for the 2013 BELUX region (Belgium and Luxembourg) following its predecessor the amazing La Gloria Cubana Belux No.1 back in 2011. They hale with an awesome new size of a double pyramid and a ring gauge of 54. Named "Poderosos" which is Spanish for The Mighty and Powerful, I can only imagine what I am in for...I have been resting those Poderosos for 8 weeks now but I can't wait any longer to try them... so lets take a look. The Construction - A dark matte Colorado Claro wrapper with a few visible protruding veins giving a rough texture and feel to the cigar. Quiet firm and resistant with fairly packed tobacco and finished with a near perfect pyramid cap. It is long and thick so clear your schedule. The Draw - with a double blade cutter, a 7mm snip off the cap gave this cigar the perfect draw. Not much resistance yet not too loose and in fact it shows that it will be a long slow smoke. Notes for the cold draw gives a roasted coffee taste with hints of dark cocoa. Slight hints of dark wood and meaty taste. The First Burn - a sweet smoky flavor with a light peppery taste on the very first couple of puffs. Little tingle as your let the smoke out of the nose and taste of light ammonia which quickly dissipates. Once you get an even burn then you can really pick up on some of that green peppery, earthy taste with fresh tasty leather scent. I can't tress more about how perfect the draw is. Smoke is warm and smooth while the ash is crumbly soft and has a few dark shades of grey. The Middle Burn - character development starts to kick in with distinctive dark cocoa and light roasted coffee highlighted with leather notes. Some bitter aftertaste but probably from the tar build up near the cap. If you are a slow smoker like me, be prepared to relight this cigar once or twice during this part. As I take my time, I am trying to make sure I have a slow burn on the Poderosos so I can savor those many flavors that can be shadowed from these different characters. Smoke tends to be light but full on flavor and ash holds on pretty well. The Final Burn - Coffee roast flavor deepens and the leathery taste turns rubbery. Some sweetness to the smoke but the dark cocoa hints somehow comes and goes. The spicy pepper has faded away and can hardly get picked up from all the sweet coffee and leathery/rubbery notes This is where you really feel the powerful taste of this Bolivar Poderosos, full flavor and full bodied. Smoke is rich and smooth and smells magnificent. The bitterness at the cap is expected since this is a long cigar and the tar keeps building up. To avoid much of this bitterness try to not wet the cap with your saliva or cut the tip before lighting it up a centimeter or so and you should be fine. A truly full flavored cigar and that is just the beginning. The Poderosos will definitely refine its character with time and is a perfect candidate for again as well. I am in love with this size and can't wait to revisit them again once they hit a one year mark! This is another smoke which I really hate for it to end... The Pairing - With such a flavorful smoke you need something as full bodied to balance it out and truly savor the cigar character. The Nespresso Roma, with intensity level 8, complements the Poderosos with its sweet and woody notes that will keep the palate tasting fresh and not over powering your taste buds. Enjoy!
  24. Hello everyone, I just wanted to give my personal review of the Bolivar Belicosos Finos. I just received these babies a couple days ago and they have been sitting in their personal humidor since these cigars have a strong smell I keep them away from other cigars. The first part of the review is the overall construction. it may be hard to view from this Camera photo (sorry HD pic is too large for a better quality) but the construction is just magnificent and the aroma lifted me off my feet and sent me towards the Humidor. the smell of Cedar surrounded the Cigar. As everyone knows lighting is the first step of smoking any cigar, but with this cigar during the lighting process the flavor was already beginning with a Mild spice at the foot with flavorful coffee this continued during the first third of the cigar. in the entrance of the second third of the cigar coffee remained but the mild spice became more full and became a medium to full bodied spice flavor as sweet notes of chocolate began to enter this cigar. The beautiful ash stayed perfectly attached to this cigar without interfering with the draw or the combustion of this well made habanos. during the end of the second third and entry to the finale the ash finally decided to fall down but none the less the beautiful taste of Full spice finally overpowered the flavor of the cigar, but in the last draw before I let it rest in piece in an ash tray I tasted a smooth flavor of Coffee, Chocolate, and mild spice yet again. it was a perfect end of this wonderful cigar. Thank you for reading this review.

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