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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings again dear friends! I'd like to take the opportunity to acknowledge @Chef and @Psiman for their enthusiasm and encouragement for this particular Video Review Series. I sincerely hope you enjoy them and they can assist you with your cigar journey. Again, like all my other past Series, I'd like to say that speaking 'on-the-fly' about cigars is certainly a challenge and I will need to acknowledge errors throughout this series (so again bare with me). Also, please feel free to share your thoughts on these cigars in this thread. If you have views or opinions contrary to what has been stated, please feel welcome to express your thoughts and say so, after all, my own views here is intended to serve as a guide. 
  2. El Rey Del Mundo Kon Tiki 1973 Los Andes Regional Production Vitola: 109 Ring gauge: 50 Cigar length: 184 mm / 7.24' Since I haven't seen many reviews on this special edition, I decided to have a go at it. This cigar was produced in a suitcase-sized box of 50. If you don't have a large humidor, that would cause a problem. The packaging was impressive, but perhaps not as elegant as one would expect for a cost of over $2,000, with a limited run of only 1200 boxes. As I opened the box the odor of fresh grass struck me. The enticing smell made me decide that I couldn't wait 6 months while it aged in my humidor before I tried the first stick. With a factory stamp of LGR MAR 19, it certainly hadn't had much time to age. Throwing caution out the window, two days right off the truck it would be! With what I hoped to be a good cigar, I paired it with Ron Zacapa XO Solera, Grand Reserva Especial Rum. The wrapper was nice, few veins, but not baby bottom smooth. I loved the feel of it in my hand, the weightiness and the length promising to engage me for at least the next 90 minutes. I loved the slightly rounded tip. To me the narrowing of the end of this vitola would intensify the flavor of the smoke. I retreated to my front deck, set up my drink and ashtray, and was ready to rock. Ignition! Personally, I don't care for an in-your-face overpowering cigar. Nor do I want one that tastes like I'm puffing air. I've always been a fan of El Rey. The El Rey genetics were there in the first puff. Just under medium in strength by my estimate. Grass, wet soil, a hint of strength, a bit of a pleasant after taste. I enjoyed the flavor, the pleasant aroma of the smoke, and breathed a sigh of contentment. This wasn't a complex cigar, but the simple, satisfying taste alone was enough. The draw was perfect. Goldilocks would have been happy with this, as the draw wasn't too tight, nor too loose. It was just right. Firm and satisfying. First Third: I expected to experience some harsh notes because of the youth of the cigar. To my unexpected pleasure such wasn't the case. The intensity of the flavor increased, but the strength did not. The taste continued to be medium in intensity, conveying grass, vanilla, with a background of pleasant woodiness. The burn was even, without irregularities, again, somewhat surprising for such a young cigar. Second Third: The cigar continued in much the same manner as the first third. A hint more of strength and intensity as I passed the half-way point at an hour into the smoke.. Some slight complexity developed, with a hint of molasses. The second third could be summed up with one word. Yummy. Third Third: Unfortunately, no cigar can last forever (with the exception of a Monte A stick). There were no inconsistencies. No surprises. No set-backs in draw, or burn, or taste as I neared the end. The grass taste, to me, was reminiscent to of a Siglo. Earthiness and molasses increased slightly, reminding me I was nearing the end. I found myself already looking forward to the next one, wondering how long I would force myself to wait before I'd try another? How would it develop with age? Normally, I wait at least a year after the production date to smoke the first one. But in this case, with 50 sticks, I figured I could be adventurous, and I'm so glad I did. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, boasting the medium intensity and profile I enjoy most. Overall Rating: I understand everyone has different taste preferences. For me, this one hit the ball out of the park. This was an effortless, relaxing smoke. If you want a complex cigar, this may not be for you, but for me, I couldn't ask for anything better. Perhaps a hint more complexity with aging could further improve the profile, but I'd have a hard time otherwise finding a way to improve it. At $40+ US per stick, I understand it might be a might expensive. But at least for that money you're getting a stick that will bring you two hours of enjoyment. I would rate it 94/100.
  3. If you've been on this forum for a couple of years, then you have heard me rave about this particular Tainos relentlessly. In about 25 years of CC smoking, the Tainos stands out in the top 3 cigars I have ever smoked, and I say that with absolute conviction. Few cigars in my experience dip so deeply into my well of sensations as the Tainos do. As I recall the Tainos were discontinued in 2006 from the ERDM marca, and 2012 from the LGC marca, and now they fetch upwards of $1000 per box if you can find them on the secondary market, which I have only seen once in the last 4 or 5 years of hunting. On 12/29/2017 I bid farewell to this incredible vitola as I torched the last one in my collection to celebrate my birthday before going to the Florida Panthers vs. Montreal Canadiens hockey game. The hockey game was a letdown, but the cigar was stellar and every bit as good as the ones before it. I won't go into excruciating detail in this review because I wrote a review on the Tainos back in 2016 here. Two hours and 15 minutes of smoking bliss. Officially this is a Julieta No. 2, 47 by 7", which is often referred to as a Churchill cigar. It's a large feeling cigar, on the high end of my ring gauge limit, a cigar I like to smoke quietly in solitude as it always moves me into a euphoric trance, transporting me to another realm. Elements of tea, chai and creme, with an intoxicating Cuban twang aroma. This was, as in past experiences with this vitola, a memorable cigar that I will forever remember and cherish. As with the one I smoked on Christmas eve a year ago, I rate this a perfect 10 on my personal scale, the most refined near perfect smoking experience ever. I will miss you Tainos... R.I.P.
  4. Cigar: El Rey Del Mundo Tainos Code: ECA MAY 02 Format: Churchill, 6.9" x 47 Smoke date: 12/24/2016 The ERDM brand is not a brand I have a lot of experience with, but about 12 years ago I got a fiver of Tainos in a trade. For one reason or another I forgot about them, and every couple of years I stumble into them buried in a box at the bottom of my humidor. As best as I can tell, the name Tainos originates from the Spanish explorers referring to the indigenous people they discovered inhabiting Cuba. In fact, the name; Cuba, is believed to originate from the Taino language; "cubao", which translates into "where fertile land is abundant". But don’t hold me to that. Every time I've gotten around to smoking one of these Tainos I've never been disappointed, in fact each one has been outstanding and each better than the one before. With only two remaining, I've been keeping them for special occasions, such as this Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, I was never able to get my hands on any more Tainos. So, as I prepared to light this, the second last specimen of its kind in my possession, I was bursting with anticipation and high expectations. The girth and length of Tainos are on the edge of my limits, it's a big cigar and requires planning for a 2+ hour smoke. But knowing the rewards in store, I was adequately prepared. The cigar feels evenly packed and expertly rolled. Cold draw gives a little resistance as I like it. The medium brown milk chocolate wrapper is smooth, leathery, and virtually seamless. Fire releases a wonderfully fragrant aroma, which is a big part of the delicious experience delivered by this cigar. I found myself cupping the cigar as I drew to capture and inhale the aroma from the smoke trail. Truly intoxicating. Tainos is loaded with Cuban twang, mild/medium bodied and bursting with flavor. It's not an extremely complex cigar, but the balance of flavors and aroma make it totally satisfying to my senses and my taste buds. If I could package this flavor and aroma into a bottle I would probably overdose on it because the profile is right in my sweet spot, evoking euphoria. I literally shut out everything around me and zoned in on this smoking experience, which this cigar demands. The burn was perfect, no touch ups, and smoke volume was voluminous. The flavor has elements of floral tea with a fruity and vanilla sweetness, it reminds me of sweet chai tea. The combination is perfectly balanced and absolutely wonderful. From lighting to nub this Tainos was consistent, smooth and creamy throughout. I couldn't script a better experience. Without hesitation, I do declare this among the top 3 best smoking experiences of 2016 for me. In fact, by a slight edge I'm rating this #1, a perfect 10 on my personal scale. That puts it a notch above the Lusitanias I had a few months ago, which ironically was from the same year with the same factory code (coincidence? I think not!). If I could find Tainos bearing this box code, or even this relative manufacture date, I would load up the truck. This was an incredible Christmas treat. Best of the season to you all my friends.
  5. Cigar: El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme Box date: Unknown, just bought a few singles. Purchase date: 09/12/2014 Smoke date: 06/01/2015 (First time writing 2015!) This is my first ever cigar review, but thought I would give it a crack. As this is a morning cigar I made myself a single shot latte with Peru Ceja de Selva beans (roast date 07/12/2014 and purchased from 1st third: Very smooth and creamy. Slight peppery notes to the end of the first third. Flavours are quite mild. The creaminess of the cigar paired well with the milk based coffee. The ash held for about 1.5-2.0 cm. 2nd third: Slight peppery notes still here and there, but nothing extreme. Creaminess starting to slowly disappear and tobacco taste becoming stronger. Had a wrapper burning issue which I touched up. It appeared to be caused by a leaf vein which didn't seem to want to burn. Draw also became a bit tight around the halfway mark, but nothing too bad. Made myself another coffee halfway through. Same Peruvian coffee, but an espresso this time. Combined with the cigar, the coffee had a delicious, rich marzipan flavour! First time paring an espresso with a cigar and it was truly amazing. I've never experienced such a flavour from a coffee before. Final third: Some more creaminess coming back through, but not nearly as much as the first third. I no longer taste any pepper or spice. Some roasted nut flavours appearing also, but quite subtle. Another wrapper burning issue which needed a touch up. Overall comments: A mild strength cigar with not a whole lot of complexity to it. I thoroughly enjoyed the creaminess of the first third and is the stand out point of the cigar. Most other flavours are very subtle. It was a great smoke for the morning but for the evening you would probably be better off with something a bit stronger with more complexity.

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