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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys, hope everyone’s well! Recently just purchased a box of RyJ Churchill Añejados and wanted some opinions on if it’s genuine or fake. Everything seems to check out honestly but what got to me thinking was that the date on the box (SCO E000) I know this line is supposed to be aged at least 10 years but if I’m not mistaken does the code mean these would be around 20 years aged? And from there you know I started to overthink everything lol thank you very much and cheers?
  2. This is my first review in a long time, so bear with me. I got this LGC Tainos back in 2008 as a single from an online retailer. It has been in my wineador all these years. Prelight, this cigar had a nice shiny wrapper with some slight tooth. I dryboxed it for a day in my 3-cigar leather pouch. After a punch cut, the draw was perfect with prelight aromas of tea and floral notes. I lit the cigar with a table lamp. The initial flavors were tea and floral notes which is especially pleasant on a retrohale. These flavors were very light and pleasant for the first half of the cigar. At the halfway point, there were slight tingling on my tongue with some cedar notes coming through. Towards the end, I started double-puffing which led to aromatic woods. Right before I finished the cigar, there were slight mint and roasted chestnut notes. Overall, this was a very elegant cigar. It was not very strong or dynamic, but it was very enjoyable nevertheless. Final smoking time was 1:20, 9/10. I smoked this on my back porch. You can see the oily wrapper. You can see the age of the cigar through the back of the band. Again, the wrapper was a pleasant sight.
  3. I'm going away on vacation in a couple of weeks, and I wanted to bring a big cigar with me to smoke on my last night at the resort. I have smoked the RyJ Churchill and thought it was just ok. I have smoked the HUSW and thought it was sublime. However this is the extent of my experience with Churchills and Double Coronas. So, my question to you FOH community, is which of the BIG BOYS would you reach for first? To level the playing field, let's say current regular production and nothing with more than 2 years of box age.
  4. Montecristo Churchills Añejados Brand: Montecristo Commercial name: Churchills Factory name: Julieta Nº2 Dimensions: 47 ring gauge (18.65 mm) x 178 mm long Paired with a nice Cafe Latte con Legendario Anjeo Punch Cut Aroma at Cold faint woodsy barnyard aroma Cold draw: Smooth draw light woody cacoa. First light: Even light a mild hint of cacoa and coffee, nutmeg and light oak wood. Reminiscent of an aged Monte especial. First third: Getting that delicate sweet twang that we search for in a good montecristo. Nutmeg/cacao/coffee and a slight vanilla bean flavour. This cigar is starting out brilliantly and seems to me to be aged longer than advertised. A bit south of medium strength and very smooth. Nice even burn and a good amount of smoke. 2nd third: Picks up to medium in strength but still very smooth delicate well balanced flavours of cacao/coffee. The nutmeg faded a bit but still there. The vanilla bean flavour now a little more prevalent than in the first third. Also a nice light woodsy flavour in the background akin to the sweet oaken flavours in a chardonnay. Both the draw and burn are still perfect. Nice white ash typical of an aged cigar that is holding on surprisingly well. Final third: Monte twang in full effect! Cacao/coffee and caramelized vanilla bean flavours abound all delicately balanced as one. A shade north of medium in strength but still as smooth as can be and nice and light on the tongue. Lovely bittersweet chocolate and cinnamon on the retrohale. Through to the finish of the final third this cigar has remained extremely well balanced with typical montecristo flavours and no harshness at the end. Exactly what you would expect with an aged cigar. The burn remained sharp to the end and a nice volume of smoke throughout. Conclusion: I was hoping for but not expecting too much from this cigar as I was sorely disappointed with it's stablemate the RyJ Pyramide Añejados. Well was I in for a treat. This cigar has developed extremely well with aging and seems to be hitting its prime upon release. I would put it up there with some of the best that Montecristo has to offer. I feel confident that all will enjoy this cigar both now and a few years down the road as it has that great balance of complex flavours and strength. Final Score: 94 Just realized that I forgot to take pictures before smoking this. Oh well.
  5. @Mattb82's recent topic on Petit Coronas got me thinking about longer cigars, especially in consideration of @earthson's reply in that topic. Whilst I don't mind the ring gauge (47 rg on a Churchill, 49rg on a Double Corona) I don't seem to smoke enough of these, I always seem to reach for the shorter and standard ring gauge cigars by preference. Do you do the same? Give me 2 hours to enjoy a cigar and I find I'll nearly always try to fit a Minuto/Perla or Petit Corona in there! So let's have a look at current regular production of Double Coronas and Churchills... What cigar from this list do you tend to gravitate to and why? One common reason why cigar enthusiasts may not reach for longer cigars is due to a perceived lack of complexity for the time it takes to smoke them. Do you find this true or not? (The table above was screen captured from an advanced search at Cuban Cigar Website here) A couple of points to consider... The Romeo y Julieta Churchill topped @El Presidente's 2015 poll after being 'out-of-favour' for a time The Bolivar Corona Gigantes is currently in @El Presidente's top 5 cigars coming out of Cuba at the moment The Quai d'Orsay Imperiales and Saint Luis Rey Double Corona are rumoured to be discontinued The H.Upmann Sir Winston is a seasonal production cigar and I have no doubt would sell out within minutes if offered for sale on an upcoming 24:24 The San Cristobal de La Habana El Morro is currently not available amongst retailers. This doesn't mean it won't return nor it isn't available at your retailer.(Incidentally, the same applies for the El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme, Saint Luis Rey Serie A and Diplomaticos No.2)
  6. Stats: 7” x 47 Vitola: Julieta #2 Initial Thoughts: Like most of the big Cuban cigars that I’ve had, the BCG feels light in the hand. It lacks that dense, meaty feel I’m accustomed to from similarly-sized Nicaraguan cigars. This isn’t a bad thing. The wrapper is a golden, medium brown. Plenty of small veins, and the cigar is quite toothy. Very slightly oily. Not a great looking wrapper, but it’s not particularly dull or bad-looking either. 1st 3rd: Perfect draw, with just a touch of resistance. The initial flavor impressions are salt, baking spices. Body is pretty medium. A very nice start. 2nd 3rd: Sharp burn line. The cigar is hitting it’s stride. It’s jumped over medium line to the fuller side. Same nutmeg, cinnamon, chocolate core, but now the cigar has added some spice and a coffee bitterness that is very pleasant and gives the cigar some oomph. Final 3rd: The cigar becomes quite full and strong in the final 3rd. The spice and bitterness has replaced most of the earlier sweetness. Despite how far this cigar has become, it never gets tarry. The final 3rd does lack finesse or complexity, but I suspect that might come with some age. Final Thoughts: This is an excellent cigar. The Cuban Churchill is a great size. I’d call it a solid 92. I could definitely see this cigar aging into a mid-90s score for me. That said, I wouldn’t want to age it so long that it loses that oomph. Final Smoking Time: 93 minutes
  7. Date: August 5, 2016, 7:20pm Cigar: Punch Monarca, Habana, Cuba Format: Julieta No. 2 (Churchill) Code: PUL NOV01 Pairing: Martini & Rossi Rosso (Torino, Italy) Preserved in aluminium tubes, the Punch Monarca is a churchill sized cigar at 7 x 47. The inscription on the tube states "This cigar has been packed in a sealed container to assure the natural Havana aroma and freshness of the cigar when smoked." The wrapper looks like leather, milk chocolate colored, with visible seams and an evenly applied cap. There are a few small veins, and one medium vein that snakes from the middle up under the label all the way to the cap. I cut very shallow, and found the cold draw near perfect with an aroma that embellishes a bit of the cedar lined tube it was wrapped in. Torching this 15-year old specimen was easy, forming a nice even cherry. First draw is mild with a distinctly sweet cedar overtone and hints of vanilla. Smoke volume is somewhat light. After the first inch or so the cigar flavor and body picked up, and a toasted tobacco core became central, while the cedar faded into a trace. A rich aroma of bread baking in an oven emerged. The ash is a bit flaky, but holds for about 2 inches before a light tap snapped it off. Near the tail of the first third the burn wavered a bit, and early into the second third the cigar extinguished. I relit and purged. After a couple of draws, the flavor resumed a solid earthy and toasted tobacco core. The cedar is gone, and now I sense some cumin and other spices I can't quite put my finger on, maybe paprika I guess. Body has again intensified slightly, but creamy and not a hint of harshness or bitterness. Smoke volume remains a tad light but the aroma is rich and pleasantly earthy. I'm starting to sense a little buzz. At one hour I'm not even at the half mark and the flavor and body have become very smooth, almost chewy, creamy and balanced. I am loving this stage. Inhaling a little of the smoke trail as I draw I am again getting some cedar and a rich barnyard note. Wow, what a pleasant flavor and aroma this has developed into. There is a slightly sweet aftertaste that lingers for a couple of seconds with a hint of vanilla and some chocolate, mmmmm.... Entering the last third the flavor has developed into a complex blend of earth, wood, mild spices, and that sweetness... delicious! Body has evened out, and the flavor is so perfectly balanced, smooth, creamy and surprisingly cool. The second half of this cigar is pure bliss. Smoke volume has increased some and the aroma is heavenly, it's like cookie dough and toast. I have to slow down a little because I'm smoking in earnest to absorb every bit of flavor and aroma from this beautiful cigar. With every drag I'm letting the smoke rise up out of my mouth and wash over my face. I can't get enough of this intoxicating aroma and taste. The burn is slightly uneven again requiring a little touchup. At the last couple of inches it is starting to get a little hot and a tad spicy. I finally laid the last inch and a half down, not willing to risk tainting the flavor I'm still savoring. Exquisite, sublime.... these words just can't describe this experience especially the second half of this cigar. I rarely smoke churchills anymore, I seldom have over 2 1/2 hours to quietly enjoy a cigar, but right now I just can't stop thinking about a repeat performance. I am so blessed to have half a box of these left to smoke. The only disappointment is HSA has discontinued this outstanding cigar. What a shame. I only bought one box of these, and now I wish I had a humidor filled with them. Despite some burn issues, this may well be the best cigar I have smoked in a decade, maybe ever.
  8. Jun 16 2016 Romeo y Julieta Reserva Cosecha 2008 (Churchill) Vitals: Vitola: Churchill Measurements: 7inches * 48RG A 2012/13 release using tobacco from the 2008 harvest. So technically a 5 year old cigar. The major distinction being the leaves used were aged, not the finished cigars themselves. I can only assume that the filler, binder and wrapper are all from the same year as well. (2008) Pre-Light Notes: Appearance: Milk chocolate wrapper, slight grain on hte wrapper. Small veins, nice roll Aroma at cold: Sourdough. Cocoa and the foot. Roasted nuts on the wrapper Draw seems firm. Paired with Cava Start time 3:22PM EST Reviewers notes My style of cigar reviewing is “open”. I try to jot down what I’m experiencing with every draw. When you see a “//” consider that a break in between puffs. What I leave out in fancy prose is made up with observation. Consider each segment a play by play. This style works for me. I hope you enjoy it. Cava= I took a sip of Corodniu Imperial Brut Cava First Third. I toast the foot carefully, it lights easily. First puffs have a tanniny feel with a slight cocoa finish // perfect draw // hints of fruit // bready/biscuit notes // woodiness, not cedar though // woody, some mineral hints // good burn, nice smoke production // tanniny mouthfeel, like a dry Italian red wine // cocoa // bitter fruit hit (unripened plum) // a bit more of that bitter fruit // I’m hoping for RyJ Cherry trademark flavours, not present yet I am sad to report // nutmeg & fruit // some cedar notes on the finish // a bit of Cava to cleanse the palate // sourdough with a hint of sweetness // faint sourdough on the next 2 draws // nice cedar notes, very crisp // some cocoa on the finish is nice // ash is salt and pepper, good burn line // very fruity hit! Not bitter at all, almost floral // Cava // woodiness and cocoa // cedar again, almost cherry..almost… // ash is leaning..with my luck i’ll be wearing it // cocao again // more cocao! // still too early in the cigar but this first third isn’t showing me too much, it is a smooth cigar though // fruit again // mmm nice draw, hint of anise and some fruit, almost has an effervescence to it. Though I’d venture that’s a mineral note on the finish giving me that impression. I taste something similar in the RA 2015 EL (Club Allones) // almost finished this third, contemplating ashing out… we’ll see // my next two puffs are the same fruity/mineraly notes, not bad // good floral hit now, time for some Cava // stronger cocoa flavour, very nice // ash still holding on...going to go for it. // very mild nutmeg flavour // somewhat chalky / mineraly flavour now // thus far, the blend seems very accessible in that it wouldn’t turn off the average smoker // cocoa // experienced RyJ Churchill smokers may not recognize this cigar // two draws, exactly the same: cocoa // wow..that mineral fruit combo again // fruit again, reminds me of some Juan Lopez’s I’ve smoked // last draw before i tap the ash is fruity again, not that RyJ cherry I’ve come to expect, but pleasant nonetheless // bye bye ash // Time: 3:58PM EST Second Third First draw is...nutmeg! // Cava // dry cocoa notes // nutmeg again // more nutmeg but with a cedary finish, burn is going askew. A bit windy now, maybe that’s at play? Might touch it up..we’ll see // some bready notes // i must say this cigar is somewhat on the mild side, I’m enjoying it but it’s not what I’m used to in an RyJ Churchill, fresh or aged // a double puff yields more cocoa // slight burn correction with my lighter, palate correction with a swig of Cava // more cocoa // cocoa again after a more aggressive burn correction // mineraly taste returns with fruit on the finish // baking spice // back to woody flavour // bread and fruit, very chalky mouth feel // a little cedar makes an appearance // cocoa again // burn correction needed // sharp cedar note, still no “cherry” // sourdough // mild cocoa // overall a mild cigar up to this point. Easy for someone not really into cigars to get into, so far, this is not reminding of an RyJ Churchill, no cherry, no cinnamon // a rich tobacco note follows my tirade // Cava // chalky // cocoa again // cedar notes // burn evening out on it’s own now // cocoa again, with a charry note on the finish // more sharp flavours // Time 4:22PM EST Final Third A swig of Cava to start this final third // a bit of fruit again // fruit again // fruit and mineral hit // a more robust tasting draw, very rich tobacco // fruit // // next two draws yield more fruit, very crisp on the finish too // fruit seems to be the overall profile thus far // wow, very rich draw! But still mineraly and fruity, almost like a soda // same as before // rich cedar draw , cigar becoming bolder // Cava // cocoa with dark chocolate on the finish // fruit/mineral combo // same // anise // Some cocao, mineral finish // burn still solid // cedar // tapped ash // sharp cedar notes // found a void in the cigar (pic below) // very nice fruit hit,very bold, like a Shiraz wine // Cava // cocao returns // big hit of fruit again // correct burn // cedar notes // very sharp cedar now // charry taste // next few hits are a bit on the strong side, nothing too interesting, // back to cedar/woodiness, pleasant // last few puffs are charry// going to stop FIN 4:49PM EST Conclusions Where you see me mentioning the taste of “fruit” think of a plum, but not too sweet, on the dry side with some “fizz”. This cigar was quite enjoyable though not the most dynamic of cigars. Given the type of release, a Reserva, I expected an elevated RyJ Churchill. What I smoked was a very good cigar, but it was not indicative of its’ pedigree. The flavour profile was very good, the body, medium, which makes it accessible to the novice smoker or the one looking to buy a “blingy” box of cigars. I have to look at this cigar from two angles. As a Reserva release of a famous cigar and how it might compare to an aged, standard release of the cigar. On it’s own merits, with no reference to the original. A stand alone high end Habanos release. As a Reserva version, IMO this really does not share much with the regular production RyJ Churchill of a similar vintage. I’ve smoked about a half doze 2008/2009 RyJ Churchills. The Reserva did not remind me of an aged version. Having smoked the Monte 4 Reserva, I could definitely taste the Monte 4 on steroids. Brilliant cigar. So how was it its' own merits? Very good! But not box worthy. At this price point, this needs to really outperform a similarly aged version of the regular production. What I smoked seemed like a completely different cigar. I don’t know how that is. Is the Reserva tobacco the same tobacco for the production version set aside and aged? Or is it really nice tobacco from 2008 that Habanos wanted set aside for the sake of it at the time and with no clear idea of where to use it? As I was smoking this I clearly wasn’t tasting the original cigar but it did remind me of a similar smoking experience. This cigar reminded me of a 1985 Davidoff Dom Perignon that I smoked a few years back. It had a similar body and tasting notes. The big difference was the Davidoff was more complex, but the flavours were muted. Where this one was the opposite. Please don’t go and buy these as a modern day substitute for the Dom P. Especially on my word! This is just my observation and partly why I probably won’t slam this cigar as much as I think I should. Given the duality of my observations, I’ll go with two scores. As an RyJ Churchill. I give this an 84. A very good cigar, but nothing like its original. As a “high end” Habanos offering. An 89. It has some very enjoyable flavours and could potentially mature into something more grand in another 5+ years. The price though holds it back from garnering a mid 90’s score. This is of course, just my opinion. I’d be interested in hearing what others think. Thanks for reading. BW
  9. Planning to go with our host for the first time and need some guidance in terms of flavour/complexity bang for your buck. I’ve looked around in threads and have found some info on DC’s and Churchill’s but I specifically would like see the opinion of many and form my decision from there, on what is smoking well now. Looking to get one box of DC’s and one box of Churchill’s and the following are my choices. I have tried and have Punch DC’s (love them) so I have not included it and the 50 cab SLR DC’s are not in my budget. I have already tried the HdM and the SLR and I equally love both as well. I have not tried the others. Would love to hear which of each you would get or if you would rather get 2 from the Churchill’s and not the DC’s or vice versa. Thanks for your input in advance. RA Gigantes HdM DC Party Lusis Bolivar Coronas Gigantes QdO Imperiales HUpmann Sir Winston

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