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Found 5 results

  1. Here is a follow up to my previous post regarding the Maduro Genios that have been confirmed counterfeit by the placement of Taino head (tnx @Cairo) here is a box of cosecha reserva 2014 from the same trip please see photos I will say it again ,it’s amazing the high level of detail gone into these while code matching on habanos website ..uv micro printed codes matching bar code on tax stamp near every detail seemingly correct please point out any tells you see Thanks all for the learning experience post regarding behikes from same trip to Panama forthcoming
  2. Hi All, thanks for reading as it is my first post. I'm looking for the inside little humidifier system lid with the logo Cohiba in the Cohiba Reserva 2003 box. If anyone has an empity box at any info in where to find will be great. Sadly I found a box without the lid many thanks to all of you in advance for your help Smoke well vin
  3. Jun 16 2016 Romeo y Julieta Reserva Cosecha 2008 (Churchill) Vitals: Vitola: Churchill Measurements: 7inches * 48RG A 2012/13 release using tobacco from the 2008 harvest. So technically a 5 year old cigar. The major distinction being the leaves used were aged, not the finished cigars themselves. I can only assume that the filler, binder and wrapper are all from the same year as well. (2008) Pre-Light Notes: Appearance: Milk chocolate wrapper, slight grain on hte wrapper. Small veins, nice roll Aroma at cold: Sourdough. Cocoa and the foot. Roasted nuts on the wrapper Draw seems firm. Paired with Cava Start time 3:22PM EST Reviewers notes My style of cigar reviewing is “open”. I try to jot down what I’m experiencing with every draw. When you see a “//” consider that a break in between puffs. What I leave out in fancy prose is made up with observation. Consider each segment a play by play. This style works for me. I hope you enjoy it. Cava= I took a sip of Corodniu Imperial Brut Cava First Third. I toast the foot carefully, it lights easily. First puffs have a tanniny feel with a slight cocoa finish // perfect draw // hints of fruit // bready/biscuit notes // woodiness, not cedar though // woody, some mineral hints // good burn, nice smoke production // tanniny mouthfeel, like a dry Italian red wine // cocoa // bitter fruit hit (unripened plum) // a bit more of that bitter fruit // I’m hoping for RyJ Cherry trademark flavours, not present yet I am sad to report // nutmeg & fruit // some cedar notes on the finish // a bit of Cava to cleanse the palate // sourdough with a hint of sweetness // faint sourdough on the next 2 draws // nice cedar notes, very crisp // some cocoa on the finish is nice // ash is salt and pepper, good burn line // very fruity hit! Not bitter at all, almost floral // Cava // woodiness and cocoa // cedar again, almost cherry..almost… // ash is leaning..with my luck i’ll be wearing it // cocao again // more cocao! // still too early in the cigar but this first third isn’t showing me too much, it is a smooth cigar though // fruit again // mmm nice draw, hint of anise and some fruit, almost has an effervescence to it. Though I’d venture that’s a mineral note on the finish giving me that impression. I taste something similar in the RA 2015 EL (Club Allones) // almost finished this third, contemplating ashing out… we’ll see // my next two puffs are the same fruity/mineraly notes, not bad // good floral hit now, time for some Cava // stronger cocoa flavour, very nice // ash still holding on...going to go for it. // very mild nutmeg flavour // somewhat chalky / mineraly flavour now // thus far, the blend seems very accessible in that it wouldn’t turn off the average smoker // cocoa // experienced RyJ Churchill smokers may not recognize this cigar // two draws, exactly the same: cocoa // wow..that mineral fruit combo again // fruit again, reminds me of some Juan Lopez’s I’ve smoked // last draw before i tap the ash is fruity again, not that RyJ cherry I’ve come to expect, but pleasant nonetheless // bye bye ash // Time: 3:58PM EST Second Third First draw is...nutmeg! // Cava // dry cocoa notes // nutmeg again // more nutmeg but with a cedary finish, burn is going askew. A bit windy now, maybe that’s at play? Might touch it up..we’ll see // some bready notes // i must say this cigar is somewhat on the mild side, I’m enjoying it but it’s not what I’m used to in an RyJ Churchill, fresh or aged // a double puff yields more cocoa // slight burn correction with my lighter, palate correction with a swig of Cava // more cocoa // cocoa again after a more aggressive burn correction // mineraly taste returns with fruit on the finish // baking spice // back to woody flavour // bread and fruit, very chalky mouth feel // a little cedar makes an appearance // cocoa again // burn correction needed // sharp cedar note, still no “cherry” // sourdough // mild cocoa // overall a mild cigar up to this point. Easy for someone not really into cigars to get into, so far, this is not reminding of an RyJ Churchill, no cherry, no cinnamon // a rich tobacco note follows my tirade // Cava // chalky // cocoa again // cedar notes // burn evening out on it’s own now // cocoa again, with a charry note on the finish // more sharp flavours // Time 4:22PM EST Final Third A swig of Cava to start this final third // a bit of fruit again // fruit again // fruit and mineral hit // a more robust tasting draw, very rich tobacco // fruit // // next two draws yield more fruit, very crisp on the finish too // fruit seems to be the overall profile thus far // wow, very rich draw! But still mineraly and fruity, almost like a soda // same as before // rich cedar draw , cigar becoming bolder // Cava // cocoa with dark chocolate on the finish // fruit/mineral combo // same // anise // Some cocao, mineral finish // burn still solid // cedar // tapped ash // sharp cedar notes // found a void in the cigar (pic below) // very nice fruit hit,very bold, like a Shiraz wine // Cava // cocao returns // big hit of fruit again // correct burn // cedar notes // very sharp cedar now // charry taste // next few hits are a bit on the strong side, nothing too interesting, // back to cedar/woodiness, pleasant // last few puffs are charry// going to stop FIN 4:49PM EST Conclusions Where you see me mentioning the taste of “fruit” think of a plum, but not too sweet, on the dry side with some “fizz”. This cigar was quite enjoyable though not the most dynamic of cigars. Given the type of release, a Reserva, I expected an elevated RyJ Churchill. What I smoked was a very good cigar, but it was not indicative of its’ pedigree. The flavour profile was very good, the body, medium, which makes it accessible to the novice smoker or the one looking to buy a “blingy” box of cigars. I have to look at this cigar from two angles. As a Reserva release of a famous cigar and how it might compare to an aged, standard release of the cigar. On it’s own merits, with no reference to the original. A stand alone high end Habanos release. As a Reserva version, IMO this really does not share much with the regular production RyJ Churchill of a similar vintage. I’ve smoked about a half doze 2008/2009 RyJ Churchills. The Reserva did not remind me of an aged version. Having smoked the Monte 4 Reserva, I could definitely taste the Monte 4 on steroids. Brilliant cigar. So how was it its' own merits? Very good! But not box worthy. At this price point, this needs to really outperform a similarly aged version of the regular production. What I smoked seemed like a completely different cigar. I don’t know how that is. Is the Reserva tobacco the same tobacco for the production version set aside and aged? Or is it really nice tobacco from 2008 that Habanos wanted set aside for the sake of it at the time and with no clear idea of where to use it? As I was smoking this I clearly wasn’t tasting the original cigar but it did remind me of a similar smoking experience. This cigar reminded me of a 1985 Davidoff Dom Perignon that I smoked a few years back. It had a similar body and tasting notes. The big difference was the Davidoff was more complex, but the flavours were muted. Where this one was the opposite. Please don’t go and buy these as a modern day substitute for the Dom P. Especially on my word! This is just my observation and partly why I probably won’t slam this cigar as much as I think I should. Given the duality of my observations, I’ll go with two scores. As an RyJ Churchill. I give this an 84. A very good cigar, but nothing like its original. As a “high end” Habanos offering. An 89. It has some very enjoyable flavours and could potentially mature into something more grand in another 5+ years. The price though holds it back from garnering a mid 90’s score. This is of course, just my opinion. I’d be interested in hearing what others think. Thanks for reading. BW
  4. Review: Cohiba Gran Reserva (Siglo VI) Release: Grand Reserva (Tobacco from 2003, released in 2009) Vitola: 52RG * 150mm (5.9”) Canonzao aka Robusto Extra Production: 5000 boxes of 15 cigars made. (75,000 cigars) Box Code: Unknown Date: Saturday June 21, 2014 Start Time: 4:10PM EST Reviewers Notes: My style of cigar reviewing is “open”. I try to jot down what I’m experiencing with every draw. When you see a “/” consider that a break in between puffs. What I leave out in fancy prose is made up with observation. Consider each segment a play by play. This style works for me. I hope you enjoy it. Background: In 2009 Habanos S.A. releases the first of it’s Gran Reserva series. And to ensure some “buzz” they went ahead and chose Cohiba to kick off this party. The release consists of 15 Siglo VI’s to a box. The tobacco within is from the 2003 harvest. The filler, binder and wrapper has been aged for five years, then rolled into cigars. At over $100/cigar upon release, they were an expensive proposition. Nonetheless, they sold out. Expect to pay at least double on the secondary market. Pre-Light Notes: Visuals: Gorgeous. light Colorado wrapper, firm roll, excellent triple cap, wrapper has a very low grit to it, almost smooth with a nice shine to it too. Aroma at cold: The wrapper has a sweet , honey like aroma with a touch of cocoa. Holding the foot close to my nose, the aroma is similar, only more pronounced. A clean punch reveals a classic divot style cap.. Good evidence that this was rolled by a skilled individual. The draw is firm I shouldn’t have any problems. Time to light this up. 1st Third The first puff is toasty and bready with a hint of sweetness / trademark Cohiba grassiness with a cocoa finish the next few puffs / tasty tangy notes ensue, rich nutmeg, I’d say / the draw is excellent / hints of cocoa really pleases the palate / tangy tobacco notes again, slight hint of chocolate on the finish / smoke output is good, not overly present / cocoa flavour more prevalent now, this is a really great start / so tangy / nice hint of cinnamon / a hint of spice now / more cocoa / medium bodied at this point / very smooth and refined on the palate / savoury notes appear, almost “meaty” / more bready notes / slight hints of nutmeg and some cocoa / flavours are more on the rich side 2nd Third opening puff is dry nuttiness, almost dusty / savoury notes / more nutty flavours / cocoa reappears, I welcome it back / it continues for the next 3 draws / rich tobacco flavour now / a few tangy draws, slight citrus note on the finish, never had that in any Cohiba / very tangy flavours on the next draws, almost similar to how tannins in wine behave on the finish, it’s good mind you, it adds to the overall profile and balance of the cigar / more dry nuttiness / a slightly fruity note for change, interesting / more fruit, almost like the fruit notes you get in a nice red wine / a hint of sweetness mixed with oak/woodsy flavours, has a bit of sharpness to it, very cool / Reserva band takes a hike / back to some nutty flavours, hazelnuts I’d say / the aroma off the cigar is almost like sauteed mushrooms though I don’t taste that at all / some more tangy tobacco / a few more puffs to finish off the third results in dry, nutty flavour 3rd Third some tanginess to start off the third. This has been very different from all the Siglo VI’s I’ve smoked. The oldest ones I’ve smoked are from 2009. I found them to be full of honey sweetness, on the palate and in the air. I haven’t had that in this / wow, some very strong tobacco flavour comes out of nowhere, not sure if that’s the blend or some kind of tar buildup / I do a bit of a purge, flavours are not as strong, but certainly stronger than the 2 previous thirds, still enjoyable / more nuttiness with a cocoa finish, not a bad thing IMO / nice, really rich flavoured draws now, cedary, meaty. / nutty flavour is stronger, the finish is tangy / just getting better on this third, it’s become very rich smoke, the previous two thirds while tasty, were more subtle in flavour, discernible, but subtle, its ramped up big time / more of that “red wine” finish / rich toasty tobacco / a quick swig of water to cleanse the palate, let’s see what the next few puffs bring / beany flavour, similar to what I taste in the BHK54 / beany again / tangy, cedar notes now / more beans, slight anise finish, this third is really delivering the goods / beans again, slightly meaty flavour too / tangy tobacco / Both bands are off at this point / nutty flavours with a hint of sweetness, sadly, not honey / nuttiness again / more nuttiness, a cedary flavour lingers on the finish / dry nuts / the tobacco has been sneaking up on me, feeling a bit of it now, not head swimming strong, but definitely there / correction, I do feel it, the cigar has taken on heavier flavours now / going to end up nubbing this / the flavours / some more anise / beany notes / starting to feel the heat from the burn / tangy notes, really changing it up at this point, not a boring cigar / a quick swig of water / slightly tarry taste, might be pushing it at this point, the aroma is very meaty / tangy tobacco hit / one last puff yields another tangy hit / done Finished at 5:53PM EST Final Words I’ve smoked a fair amount of Siglo VI’s over the past few years. They’re either been super sweet or just “decent”. The majority I’ve smoked have come from two different 2009 cabs. Both have yielded cigars that performed differently. This is my second CGR. My first ever was smoked in Havana, Sep 2012. The first half was super rich and flavourful, the second a disaster, which I believe had to do with a lot of wind resulting in a weird burn and too many relights for my liking. My second foray into the CGR was a far better experience. The first half though was the polar opposite. It was subtle and refined. Not until the final third did the cigar really ramp up. Side note. As I type this, the nub is giving off a dark chocolate aroma and I can sense that in the aftertaste. Very interesting. Given the exclusivity of this cigar, the expectations are high. Is this the best I’ve smoked? No, early 70’s Davidoff’s and Sir Winstons trump this stick. But given the difference in age, it’s hardly a fair comparison. Come November 2014, my 2009 Siglo VI’s will be officially 5 years old. That still puts them 5 years less the age of the tobacco which comprises the CGR. I’d love to fire up a 10 year old Siglo VI to see how it compares. The CGR is technically 10 years old by now. Overall, this was an excellent cigar. It did not exhibit that honey sweetness I’ve come to love in my Siglo VI’s but it was still a very enjoyable experience. This is definitely a refined cigar. It’s a great roll, great tobacco and smoking it was a pleasure. On it’s own merits, without considering the cost of entry, I’m going to give it a good score. Price / performance wise though. I’m torn. There are a lot of cigars out there that can give a similar experience. The basic Silgo VI, the BHK54, the Esplendido a Sir Winston, etc. You’ll spend considerably less for a very similar experiencere. However, this is a Cohiba, it’s limited and it apparently contains the best tobacco harvested in 2003. Therefore, people will want it. I really enjoyed the CGR, though I would prefer to chase down aged cigars. With that said, I have no regrets other than being a bit “poorer” for putting this one to flame. Score: 94
  5. So LCDH Mexico just published in it's facebook page some pictures of the SCDH Torreon Jar and other new stuff. As far as I know, this is the only picture out there of the jar, so I wanted to share it with you guys. Also some pictures of the new book of Cuaba and the Bolivar libertadores "exclusive" for LCDH and some humidors and Lusitanias GR. Bolivar Libertadores Cuaba Book2012 Lusitanias GR and you can see the new Punch EL in the corner and the HDM Grand Epicure Partagas Book 2013 Vegueros and in the back Punch EL and Montecristo Petit No.2 (I guess) Ramon Allones replica antigua humidor Cheers and hope you enjoy them

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