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Found 4 results

  1. This Torreon comes from one of the later releases without the LCDH band. Usually I am not a fan of such large ring gauges, I do like a 54 though for some reason. I wish they would have chosen to make these sublimes, but that is just me. Drink pairing: Some brewery Mayan mocha stout Pre light: great construction, and perfect, I mean perfect draw. Opening: Toast, slight nuttiness and raw sugar sweetness. Hay then enters, reminiscent of Cohiba, but more elegant. Very even burn and that great draw continue. Deep richness coats the palate with long finish of sweet shortbread notes. Just when I a realizing that the SCDH molasses is missing it starts to drop in. This cigar is firing on all cylinders at the moment. Hopefully it continues. Molasses leaves with the sweetness and now the hay returns. Construction continues to be top notch. Smoke production is excellent as well. So far, I am highly impressed with this cigar. The parade continues, toasty short bread, sweet cane sugar, drops of molasses. Second third: While the first third had a plethora of different taste changes, the second third was marked with a touch of cocoa on the draw and even more on the retro. This is a great addition and really plays well with the sweetness that this cigar possesses. The nutty shortbread starts to come back into the picture along with a rich crème brulee/ flan. If you haven’t guessed I am loving this cigar. The flan continues with the shortbread, as both the construction and smoke production remain exquisite. Final third: Looking for one more change of pace in this cigar I was greeted with some herbal notes, and some of the sweetness faded away. Usually I am not a fan of herbal notes, while it played nicely as a change of pace I was happy that it quickly left. The sweetness, short bread and the molasses comes back. I do wish that there was a little more sweetness on the finish. But the rich depth of the flan is now present again. The great construction continues as the ash is holding strong in the final third. I wish there was a little more change in favor profile as the cigar finished. Overall Impression: While there was not as much evolution in the final third as I wished the flavors that were in the first and second thirds all were present and mixed very well as the cigar came to an end with no harshness to be experienced. I think that this is a very good cigar at the moment, and like most jar releases it will evolve into a classic. Verdict: 94 If you can buy a jar do so. If you can afford to buy two do so, one to smoke now and one to age. If you can buy three, one to smoke now, one to age, and one to sell when people start paying upwards of 2000 usd for them, you will be happy you did.
  2. I recently received a Montecristo Edmundo Jar from a reputable source. I don't have too much experience with jars, but the few I have were inconsistent in their labeling/seals/markings. For example, I got a San Cristobal Torreon from FOH last year; The box had a warranty seal holding on the top, and the underside of the top of the box was stamped with a factory and date code just like a standard CC box. The Edmundo Jar's box had no warranty seal, and no date/factory code under the top. The bottom of the jar does have the Byron logo/seal, which is the correct current jar manufacturer. The Torreon oddly did not have this logo on the bottom. There is very little info on the Edmundo jars, but from what I have read they were released in 2010. I'm not sure if that means they were only produced in 2010, but one thing I noted was that the Edmundos have the newer style white glossy embossed bands, so I assume the cigars are more recent. Also all the pictures I've seen of the Edmundo Jar box lack the warranty seal. Anyone knowledgeable with jars in general or the Edmundo jar specifically care to weigh in. Are these inconsistencies common with jars?
  3. Torreon 54 x 150, Geniales, no box code (2013/2014) First one so far for me of two singles bought of the second release (no LCDH band). Initially wasn’t too impressed by format and price and thought I would pass. But after some interesting reviews finally wanted to check for myself. Appearance: Nice medium brown (no colorado hue), smooth wrapper, fine veins, not oily. Cold draw on the loose side but still ok. Pre-light taste a mild plain tobacco and perhaps very faint cocoa notes, not at all like a young stick. First 10 mm in and the cigar starts very mild. Nutty and cocoa notes. Good smoke volume. 1/3: Basically nutty - hazelnut and perhaps a tiny bit almond - with some wood notes coming into play. Plain cocoa now more pronounced and then towards the end of this and start of the second third a very nice honey hue. Strength under medium. Nice start into this smoke. 2/3: Staying within the realms of nutty-woody notes. But with the wood rather being like an aromatic tropical, perhaps kind of teak wood, not at all oaky (which could become unpleasant at times). Balanced and nice. Slowly and steadily increasing in strength to a solid medium. This is not an overly complex cigar, but what is there is quite intense and flavourful. Good length on the palate now. Some wonky burn that needs the occasional correction, which I attribute to the rather loose roll here. 3/3: Nicotine kicking in a little bit but only for a brief moment. Still intensifying taste but very little change in the general profile. Woody notes coming more to the fore now, as was somehow expected. But then finally the honey notes, which faded out in the second third, seem coming back again but now with more touch towards cane-molasses sweetness. Which is very nice at this point, as it brings back balance to the nutty/woody/cocoa notes towards the end of this fine smoke. Unfortunately removing the band didn’t work out without tearing the wrapper, being very firmly glued to it…. Summary: A very satisfying and relaxing 1.5 hour smoke (the second one will certainly be worth a longer smoke, as it is a bit more packed). Asking myself whether this might indeed be worth buying a jar. This cigar would certainly be very nice to have in the rotation, as it is something special, a true change of pace cigar. But at the set price point still not an easy decision. 1:35 h, 92 P for now. Paul
  4. So LCDH Mexico just published in it's facebook page some pictures of the SCDH Torreon Jar and other new stuff. As far as I know, this is the only picture out there of the jar, so I wanted to share it with you guys. Also some pictures of the new book of Cuaba and the Bolivar libertadores "exclusive" for LCDH and some humidors and Lusitanias GR. Bolivar Libertadores Cuaba Book2012 Lusitanias GR and you can see the new Punch EL in the corner and the HDM Grand Epicure Partagas Book 2013 Vegueros and in the back Punch EL and Montecristo Petit No.2 (I guess) Ramon Allones replica antigua humidor Cheers and hope you enjoy them

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