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Found 10 results

  1. Astros-Sox has ended with a Game 6 shutout and, of course, a champagne celebration for the Pennant winners in their locker room. I finally recognized and perhaps lamented a bit that these celebrations have gone from intimate celebrations of a team's triumph to what they are now: a part of the entertainment. But hey if the players enjoy them that's what matters - though I'll never get on board with champagne spraying after merely winning the division or even the NLDS. With this particular celebration on in the background, I caught a glimpse of the bottles and, between the distance and my astigmatism, thought they were using bottles of Comtes de Champagne - a glorious blanc de blanc. The 2008 is out now and it would've be hard to see that much being wasted. I quickly got close enough to the TV to ascertain that it was actually just Moet, my least favorite of the major houses' NV. I then began to wonder what champagne I would want in the locker room (my best shot at MLB would probably be as owner after winning the lottery... twice). Let's assume you're getting around 500 bottles, 95% of whose contents of will end up everywhere but someone's mouth. Your choice will have no impact on what you can drink later, but you can't take any with you. Do you go with the finest and embrace spraying such precious liquid away? Or would go with something like Moet, because wasting something better would pain you too much to enjoy yourself?
  2. Hi everyone, I have not bought or smoked that many cigars for the past ten years, but in the last few months, I did start to smoke more from my stock which is mostly 2008-2010. The renewed interest in cigars is leading me to look into buying another box or two of some regular production large format cigars, mainly Prominentes. I've been a big fan of the Partagas Lusitania, but want to know if the Hoyo DC, Punch DC, or RA Gigantes have been better of late? Also, have any of the above had any significant blend changes in the last ten years? Any other info would be very appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I'm going away on vacation in a couple of weeks, and I wanted to bring a big cigar with me to smoke on my last night at the resort. I have smoked the RyJ Churchill and thought it was just ok. I have smoked the HUSW and thought it was sublime. However this is the extent of my experience with Churchills and Double Coronas. So, my question to you FOH community, is which of the BIG BOYS would you reach for first? To level the playing field, let's say current regular production and nothing with more than 2 years of box age.
  4. Above is listed Cigar Journal's Top 25 cigars for 2017. As with Cigar Aficionado's 2017 list, there's only 3 Cubans listed...#5 Romeo y Julieta Edición Limitada 2016 Capuletos, #10 Bolívar Tesoro ER 2016 5ta Avenida and #15 Juan López Eminentes ER 2016 Suiza. Feel free to post your thoughts. Mine? I'm much more keen on Rob's Top 10 for 2017, gleaned from his inspection of actual mastercases. As a comparison, you can view the thread for Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 for 2017 here. Or alternatively, have your say on the @bundwallah Unofficial FOH Cigars Of The Year Poll
  5. Greetings all. Haven't posted much lately. Thought I'd try to stir things up a bit. As I sit here enjoying a 2009 P2, I've been thinking about what cigars I've enjoyed these past few years and from what year they came from with less concern on the specific box codes. If we treat Cuban tobacco crops the way vintners do with their grape harvests; which years in the last 10 years stand out for you? Don't dwell on the marcas but the overall sampling of cigars you've had from specific years that make you think. "This was a good year for Cuban tobacco." I've broken down the poll into two questions to cover two five year spans. As we are in 2015 now, I'll cite 2014 as the cutoff year for recent vintages going back to 2010. The second period covers 2005 - 2009. From each question, please select only two years that stood out for you. If you've been smoking for at least 10 years or have access to older boxes or singles in a fair quantity and have smoked your share, please chime in on Question 1 & 2. Question 2 is meant to cover the "newbs" with 1 - 5 years of CC smoking. If you're a new smoker but have had a good share of pre-2009 CC's then feel free to answer Question 1. Cast your votes, feel free to post follow up comments & questions in this thread too. I hope everyone is doing well.
  6. Best New Cigars of 2014 Notes: Heavy emphasis on "new" since Habanos is not great with meeting release dates, many of the cigars listed were actually released late 2013. Not many have had a chance to smoke them, so I've bumped them up to make them eligible for 2014. This poll is just for fun. It is not the most scientific but it is hoped that we can capture FOH members' opinions on what they enjoyed the most the past year. (or so) I've taken this list of what was released late 2013 and throughout 2014 to come up with "Best of 2014" Candidates. The items not grayed out are eligible for the "Best of 2014" Voting. The one's grayed out can be voted on as your most anticipated release. One vote per question. Make it count. Poll closes Dec 31 11:59/23:59 (Czar time)
  7. And so it ends. FOH's second "unofficial" Top cigars of the year poll. Members had about four weeks in which to cast their votes. In scope were the 2013 new releases from Habanos. "New" in terms of product line, not box codes to existing cigar lines. Poll Stats: 4 week poll duration 20 Cigars listed. 99 Members voted. 6 cigars with "0" votes. 2013 FOH Top Cigars Results Last year's winner was Cohiba's 1966 EL. Another cigar that was released late the previous year and made it into the top spot. Thanks to everyone who voted. Enjoy this for what it is. I'd like to see a list that comprised of all Habanos current releases. Maybe next year? In the meantime, Feel free to discuss the 2013 results.
  8. "Unofficial" FOH Cigar Of The Year Poll. Here we go again. Last year I opened up an "Unofficial FOH Cigar Of The Year" Poll. Why not again? Below is what has been officially released by Habanos during 2013. I've decided to mix all the releases as the regular production releases really haven't hit wide distribution. This list is "unofficial". Have some fun with it. Vote for as many selections as you like. Poll Duration: Friday Nov 29 - 12PM EST - Friday Dec 20 11:59PM EST I've used CCW to compile the list. Many thanks to Trevor for this tremendous resource. Note: There are 21 cigars listed. Of them, two have not actually been seen by anyone. The Partagas Series E No 1 Rafael Gonzales Petit Piramides
  9. I was making my way through the wintery , slushy mess this morning with ipod in pocket. I cranked some AC/DC from my playlist and wondered. Both Bon Scott and Brian Johnson were/are perfect lead singers for AC/DC. But which one endures? Who comes to mind first? Who is the penultimate AC/DC lead singer!? Let's find out.
  10. The results are in! The poll thread closed today. Below are the favorite cigars of 2012 as voted by FOH members. Thanks for participating. Take a look and keep the discussions civil please! Some stats: 16 cigars qualified for voting. See original post for criteria. 100 Members voted. Poll was open for 7 days. We have a tie for No 1 spot! FOH's Top Cigars of 2012 (unofficial)

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