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  1. I live in HK and fully agree with this list haha.
  2. There hasn’t been any evidence of this at all, likely the local hk protestors would spot out any mainlanders in the midst as well without too much difficulty and call them out on the spot
  3. While the protests may be in the news a lot, it’s not affecting us a whole lot. Unless you’ve wanted to fly the last two days... I think most people are supportive of the protests here. We would like to see less violence and destruction of property on both sides though - keeping things peaceful. See what happens at the airport today with the court order and how the police handle it... Thanks for the thought Rob, and hello !
  4. A birthday cigar review by myself and Chucko87. Thanks again Rob and it was amazing !!!
  5. Not all of them obviously ??‍♂️. Have you tried the cellar reserves ? They’re preaged starting at 15 years. If not I’d recommend it. Having said that I generally much prefer Cuban cigars.

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