Are underpants essential?

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OK...this is not one of the great questions of our time but I am going to throw it out there.

I am in the habit of wearing 20 old year old Queensland Rugby shorts around the house after my evening shower without the necessary boys "harness."

Come early morning weekend shower I throw on a shirt and fumble around looking for some boardshorts. I may go into the lounge on Saturday/Sunday mornings minus ...well..."bottom wear".

This has now become a big issue in my household. Supposedly...."sleepover friends" of my daughter and son, don't find it amusing when I fill up the kettle in the kitchen, flick it on and wander to the laundry...not completely dressed.

While no "parents" have complained as yet (Their has been a noticeable lack of "second sleep overs") I was grilled on the weekend in a "intervention" by the family.

Now they grant that I have been doing this since they were well.......born but apparenly enough is enough.

I haven't caved as yet and I am loathe to doing so. Mi casa Mi castle etal but apparently I have crossed a line.

I don't want to cause undue embarrassment (actually I do) so today I ordered online a tutu.

The question is .....well....should I wear it around the house when my kids have friends sleeping over?

I am sorely tempted because if they get me on this one next will be serious issues and then finally they will have me commited to an asylum.

I am reaching out to the forum for advice on how to keep "Alpha male " status. I want to continuously have my family on a psychological "edge".

I need your help Shrink. Am I pushing the boundaries :-)

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are you going for the guinness book of records new mark for interventions? what haven't you been 'intervened' about?

minus 'bottom wear' with kids around? go directly to jail. how pissed are you to have confessed this?

it is not a big issue in your house - that will be questions like who gets the dog (minus bottom wear means you are buckleys on the kids) and will she let you keep any of your cigars?

"today I ordered online a tutu." i think we can safely say that the need for advice on "how to keep "Alpha male" status" is now irelevant. barn door swinging, horse over the hill.

what you have done to your family provides more than enough material for about six conferences for shrink and his mates.

an edge? a bloody great abyss. even i think you've crossed the line.

but as for wearing them, thank god i live alone and can set my boys free whenever i like. i get to wander about starkers as one cannot perv into my place. love it.

ps - balcony drinks/cigars thursday? only if you are wearing undies.

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First of all... wtf is up with the sausage fest pics?! I almost puked up my morning coffee!!! I didn't know some of you boys swung that way but hey... not that there's anything wrong with that...

NOW... Rob... don't feel bad man! I started getting lazy and having commando spurts when I was in my mid 20s. Whats 3 months straight sans skivvies?! The only time I needed them back them was when I was going to exersize or wear scrub pants.

Lately I find myself back into the swing of it (no pun intended). Who wants to have to rifle through their sock drawer looking for a pair of underwear on a Saturday morning? Especially when the entire day's schedule is made up of 'doing laundry, smoke cigars, check email, watch TV, drink wine, diddle the fiancee'!!

There's nothing wrong with it until you find yourself at the checkout line in a store in shorts that you REALLY needed a belt with and you look down and notice you forgot to zip your fly up! Yes that happened to I'm not proud of it!

Do I still go single layered? You betcha. Do I check my zipper in the elevator when I leave for the store now? You betcha!

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We all embarrass our kids in some form or another by default, we dont even have to do anything.

they are bigger now, respect their feelings, havin pops swingin in the breeze is not cool.

I had to stop and so did'nt everyone else in the world

BTW, my kids are grown, moved out and my nads are hanging off the chair as I type :-D

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There are two stages of being a father to a daughter. The first stage is when you see your daughter's female friends and say,"Hey kid, you're mom's pretty hot." The next stage is when they get old enough and now you're saying to their friends, "Hey kid, you're pretty hot." Your problem is that you'll be pitching a tent when you reach stage two, so my suggestion is to start wearing underpants at that point.

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» Come early morning weekend shower I throw on a shirt and fumble around looking for some boardshorts. I may go into the lounge on Saturday/Sunday mornings minus ...well..."bottom wear".

You can do what you want at home when it comes to tutus and lack of "Bottom Wear", as long as you turn up to work fully clothed.

I however have to commend you on slowly destroying your children's lives, through your own self indulgence.

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Prez, in order for us to give you an adequate comment we need further clarification.

Did your daughters' friends notice you:

Showing crack?

Dangling the boys out the leg?

Dangling the trouser snake out the leg?

Or are you sporting wood in front of these young girls?

Fess up.

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You live in a hot, muggy climate. Underpants are a hindrence. You have a case. Stay strong. I have a bright blue pair of old torn running shorts from my football pre-season training days. They have been my official chilli shorts for the last 5 years. They are worn with nothing but a diving mask when making my tiquila-infused five-alarm especiale reserva chilli. Just keep the boys tucked away when snorkling. Green turtles can get a bit snappy.

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