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  1. I have always been a fan of DCs and Churchills. I love how the cigars change profiles three times over the 2 hour smoke. I also love how they smoke cooler than a small cigar like a corona. Since DCs and Churchills are larger vitolas there is more tobacco involved and in my mind more chance for nuance in the blend. I had a Lusi the other day that was absolutely gorgeous. I have some Punch DCs that I cannot wait to try that are lying down now. I hope FOH gets some 25 boxes of Hoyo DCs and some Esplendidos again. I am so mad that Habano SA dropped Bolivar CGs and Vegas Robania Don Alejandros. For those wanting a stronger Churchill experience the Boli CGs are amazing if you can find a box somewhere.
  2. I'm not sure if anyone cares or not, but I thought I'd post a follow up which might pique some interest. It appears that the Glen Taite offering is a "private label" which purchased excess aged scotch from the Macallan distillery. Macallan says that they sell off some of their aged whiskies if there isn't sufficient demand to bottle them under the Macallan label. From what I've read on Whiskey boards, it's a good whiskey and price at $99 a bottle from Sam's Club. Costco has a similar offering of a 19 year old Macallan under yet a different label for a similar price.
  3. Gentlemen, I was at my local Sam's Club and they were offering a scotch called Glen Taite. It's a 19 year old scotch and the bottle said that it's from the makers of Macallan. The price is $99. I've googled this scotch several times and can't find anything about it. I was hoping one of our resident scotch experts might be able to provide info. on this offering. Thanks!
  4. My new desktop humidor finally arrived today! It was handcrafted in solid Bubinga wood with ebony accents. There's something really awesome about a pyramid and I can't think of a better place for cigars to rest under. Now, I need to get my order together for the big sale so I can fill 'er up!
  5. Colt, I was thinking more along the lines of this picture where Ken's hair is a little bit longer in the back. Don't pay attention to what Ken is doing in the picture. Still, I think the resemblance is remarkable!
  6. Is it just me, or does the guy on the right look like he could be one of Ken's relatives? P.S. Who changed my post???
  7. That doesn't impress me much. With the advent of HSA adding more and more bands to a single cigar, Fat might have only smoked 10 cigars to pile up that many bands! :-P Just kidding! Very impressive! What are you going to do with them all?
  8. » I am a little under the weather today so will hold off until next week. » Always happy to review requests. Jeez, Rob, I wonder why you're under the weather! If I drank like that, I'd be under the weather too!
  9. Smokum, Great watch!!! Wow, that's awesome. I've had the honor of walking up to Air Force One to meet the President as he came off the plane. It's a pretty awesome experience. Air Force One is really one of the symbols of our country and it's truly a beautiful sight! You're lucky to have such a great watch!
  10. » I operate a small retail store in a Casino/Hotel in Las Vegas. » » We sell women's accessories. Maybe you should look into stocking Ken G.'s fix all cream!
  11. » http://www.cnn.com/2007/WORLD/americas/09/...view/index.html Is it just me, or is Fidel a little bit like Bernie Lomax from Weekend at Bernies?
  12. » Until this morning I thought I had seen everything in the world of » Habanos. » » I have certainly seen this before: » » » » Notice the upturned Monte 2 on the end? Bad enough about the cracked foot » on the cigar adjacent. » » » » However I have never seen this: » » » » Yes folks.....cardboard » » From a regional factory? » » » » Nope....from the Partagas Factory. » » Have sent the photo's to Habanos s.a. so they can table it at their next » quality control meeting with Partagas Factory Manager. In my three pack of Hoyo DCs, all three cigars had cracked feet, and a little worse. But, I'm sure they will smoke just fine.

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