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  1. I'm still in shock from hearing the news this morning! Chuck was a good friend of mine who I got to know here in Tampa along with Professor Twain. He taught me a lot about cigars and was a genuinely nice man. I'm going to miss him a lot!
  2. You could come to Tampa... the cigar capital of the US and formerly of the entire world! Plus there is good food and hot chicks with loose morals and slightly bad vision... you'd love it!
  3. I'm here in Tampa along with a couple other FoH members. There are tons of great places to eat/drink. When are you coming into town? Perhaps we can setup a meet up of the local FoHers.
  4. Yes we do and sorry Ken there aren't any (male) strip clubs inside.
  5. I'm not attacking Islam either but I'm in Florida... its been just above freezing for a week now! I can't smoke inside (points to his wedding ring), I can't go play golf (my [golf] balls would freeze) and my keg is about to run out! Allah can lick my frozen, bored ass!
  6. I had to return a box of Cohiba Lanceros just a few months ago. Every stick felt like a wooden dowel except one. The box I received back as a replacement has been perfect. It's not the tobacco but the hands that roll it!
  7. The La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Lancero is quite tasty if you can find it. Unlike Lanceros, etc I've never had a plugged one either!
  8. Yes a Merry Christmas to all! We here in the Kilroy household have nothing but the best wishes for our friends and loved ones! Feliz Navidad!!!
  9. Is that the 18th here or there thus meaning today and/or yesterday or tomorrow? Oh and look... 300th post!... THIS... IS... POKER!
  10. Its that time of the year already?! Happy birthday my friend! I'll have a pint of homebrew and cigar just for you!
  11. I think they should put an injunction on the Monte Open line.
  12. I was quite surprised how mild the flavors were from that cigar! It was typical Bolivar flavors with a great drawer, burn etc but just mild. The tobacco taste out shined any earthy, rich leather that you'd expect. Ironically the same thing could be said about the RA Celestinos Finos we had a week later!
  13. That's what gets me is that I've smoked 4 so far and the other 3 were just like that. Wonderful aged leather smacking you around like you were its *****. I went back and inspected the rest of the smokes and they felt nice and much more pliable than this one did.
  14. I posted pics of this box months ago and finally am getting around to reviewing one. I found my camera and it was a beautiful day out in the backyard so I thought why not. What was supposed to be a relaxing cigar and mohito turned into an hour of hacking away at some intruding vines. The cigar is out of this world though: PreLight: A little wrinkly wrapper with a slight fade of color. Great smell of leather with light hay and a firm draw. First third: The corona started off just slightly charcoal for the first few draws. After that subsided a nice flow of warm leather and coffee flavors came out. It wasn't strong at all. In fact the taste seemed covered up or lacking. It was enjoyable but you had to focus on the flavors instead of having them smack you in the face like most Partagas do. The rest: After the first third I got myself mixed up in taking my 8 iron to this thorny vine that started taking over some palm bushes in my backyard. While not focusing completely on the cigar I can say that the flavors really stayed solid throughout the entire cigar and after diverting my attention from dispensing of the unwanted shrubbery I finished the cigar on my patio. Thoughts: This is the first one out of this box that wasn't a stunner. It was good but just muted flavors. It could have been the tight draw on it even though I was getting plenty of smoke. Score: 86. Normally these get 90-91. The mohito got a 92.
  15. This is all under the assumption that there are actually three wise women! Outside of you Lisa of course...
  16. Those are one of the smoothest Montes I've had but damn they're jawbreakers! Good review!
  17. How are the Connie 3s?! Any chance we'll get a a review of one of the SdC line to whet our whistles?
  18. RASS - TEB Oct 07 I reviewed this cigar earlier this year and while I did like it and thought it was young I've had other RASS this year that were much older and thus more refined, balanced and mellowed. While they were fine cigars I've realized that I do enjoy a little bit of the stand out flavors you get with slightly younger cigars. I digress... here is what I learned: Appearance: Beautiful cigar with a slightly flared foot. Soft and pliable to the touch with a leathery scent to it. Initial Opening: This cigar started out just like ones from the same box did earlier this year with powerful stewed fruity notes and luscious, thick toasted tobacco flavors. The draw was just slightly looser than perfect and the smoke was copious. Half way in: The cigar at this point started mellowing slightly from the brash, young self into a more refined smoke. The fruity tastes were still there but slightly muted (to about 75%). The burn started getting a lil off: Final Third: I didn't dry box this cigar and I wish I had. Its constantly humid here and I had to either hot box it to keep it lit and thus hot and bitter to smoke or relight it every 2 minutes. The flavors were still solid but I had to ditch with just over an inch plus left. I would have taken more pics but as we just moved I dont actually know where the camera is... yet. I'm reviewing another one today so I'll be sure to find it. Score: 88 <- They are getting better with age. Now to shut the box up for a year.
  19. Now THAT... is pissed off! I agree... Diplo #4s?! LGC #1, #3?!! OMG I love half the cigars on that list!
  20. Yeah seriously... there are two petite coronas in the list and that's it?! That list just reads out as the whos who list of each line. Tampa and shrink are right. I we need more thin gauge representation! I do like that the Partagas topped the list however!
  21. As a lifelong Saints fan and being from New Orleans its hard seeing other teams losing to us doing exactly what the Saints did my entire adolescent life! The only thing the Skins didn't do was go into the nickle prevent defense! But... another Saints victory! Geaux Saints!
  22. I use skype to talk to clients, family, etc.... Its a pretty sweet service if you have high, HIGH speed internet of course. For basic text stuff I'm starting to use Google Wave. Sure its basically ICQ, but you can drag in most google supported file formats live.

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