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Once we have our new Forum launched next week, we will turn our minds towards the production of a monthly/bimonthy online member magazine which will feature all corners of the cigar globe. Our intent is to have member contributors from Switzerland to Seattle, Avelino to Auckland. We will do a fishing section, Cuba travel Section, industry news section, reviews, interviews, podcasts (video/radio). We are well advanced in most aspects. Launch is April 30th 2009.

The core of the magazine is about people...people who love cigars and life. It is about their towns, their friends, their clubs and their passions. I will be contacting many of you over the coming months to consider writing a piece about your local cigar clubs and societies. While it will be a passionate magazine it will not be pretentious. Laughter, friendship, loyalty, fraternity are the core.

Given the level of creativeness amongst our members....come up with a name for this online magazine.

Come up with a selection of names and we will run a poll on what we consider to be the best. To the winner....a box of the new Por larranaga Campana Regionals once they are released.

You can only submit two names per person.

Think deep :-D

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