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Received my first 50 cab a few weeks ago, can’t wait to try! I’m trying a 90 day nap but may dig in at 30 and 60 days for scientific purposes! I know they are totally different, but I love the D4. I also just received a 25 box of Serie P # 2. I’ve never had a Party Short or Serie P # 2.

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@KnightsAnole @SCgarman you know what: fair enough! If I really think only about the minuto size of 42 ring by 110mm length, then Shorts are not at the ‘strongest’ end. BCJ clearly a fuller smoke (too

If I had to pick one cigar to smoke the rest of my life this might be it. It’s at least in the running. I probably own close to 1000 of them ranging from 2006-2021. They are 45 mins-an hour for me. 

I smoke two of three Cuban cigars a week so I tend to focus on the cigars I smoke and I'm looking for a cigar that lasts longer than a PC. I smoke a lot of MC#1, Siglo III when I have them, and I'm bu

My first full box purchase was P shorts back in 2013. Been in love since. It gets the job done every damn time. I smoke slow and get near an hour from them. Generally a baby D4 that costs half as much, 1/3 as much these days… They are great aged but I tend to like the power in their youth. Just finished a 2013 box. Have a 2014 that I decided I’m putting away for another 5+ years to see what happens. 

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