Way too hot...

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Brutal!  Our heat index today in Mobile is 110 degrees.  You walk outside, do nothing but stand in the shade, and your shirt is soaked ten minutes later. 

The good news is relief may be in sight by next weekend.  The bad news, as I'm sure you know, Tommy, is the relief may be coming in the form of a tropical system.

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2 hours ago, slowsmoke said:


Snapped this pic several years ago driving back from Vegas.  I remember thinking AC don't fail me now!

Now that’s serious heat. I’d be afraid to use a lighter, let alone try to smoke a cigar.

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Thank God for a climate controlled mobile cigar lounge (aka my car)!


Here’s a shot of the opposite effect to maybe cool things down a bit. This was taken during a trip to South Dakota this past winter.


-20* F. Brrrrrrrrrr




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