Thank god they're not cubans!!

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51 minutes ago, Islandboy said:

That doesn’t look very comfortable, but I’d smoke ‘em.

Ha, I was thinking of a negative response in terms of careless damage...and less so for the accidental creation of flavour savers

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I believe that cigar “La Gianna” is sold by one of the larger independent retailers on the east coast, and he named it after his daughter. I’m guessing the lovely lady in the photo, however, is not his daughter lol. 

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On 6/28/2019 at 2:13 AM, 99call said:

The wife-   But Honey!!!   I thought it would be sexy.......I thought you'd enjoy it......

Me-   It's over!........and your not having the dog!


... wait till you are my age brother! With those legs she can mingle with my cigars all she wants!!! -LOL

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      H-E-E-E-Y!!  :surprised:  She means well!!

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