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  1. Typically I freeze everything coming straight from Cuba. Thankfully I have never had an issue. But, if a box is from 2016 does is still need to be frozen? At what point in the aging process am I safe? It seems to me that at some point the risk is no longer there. Or, should I always freeze? Thanks for the the input.
  2. How is this good for rest of us? I don’t have an issue with someone flipping a few cigars on social media.
  3. Yes, it took me almost exactly an hour. I could have smoked faster. But, I like to take my time with a good cigar. IMHO a good cigar is never rushed. It takes me around 40-45 minutes to smoke a #5 or RG perlas.
  4. MUL OCT14 Monte #4. This was a very enjoyable one hour.
  5. Congratulations on moving forward with your life. I believe with a little TLC your cigars will be fine.
  6. I get the -200 error when attempting to upload a picture.
  7. 1) Not letting me smoke what I bring when I am spending money on cigars, beer, or accessories. 2) Bashing cuban cigars

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