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5 year old stock, in good condition, should get a premium but not a huge one.  Figure about 7%/year appreciation for good marcas.

El Pres has been helpful in the past sourcing older stuff.  It's a bit serendipitous of course but he will keep an eye out for you and screen out the junk.

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My advice would be to find 1 or 2 guys to go in on it with you and buy them all.  Then you can try a variety and see what you'd like to age yourself.  But these are all good marcas, so you will probably be happy with any of them. 

If it were me, I'd skip the Royal Coronas if they are asking a premium for them (though those do age really nicely).  I'd also pick up the Royal Robustos.  But everyone has their own preferences, so if you can box-split them all, that would be great!

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3 hours ago, Homer said:

2016 is vintage?

2016 boxes are going for a lot more than I would have figured on FOHauctions. There may be some wisdom in the crowd going on there.


Or maybe I just like the thought of boxes bought last year and haven't gotten around to opening yet doubling in value... ?

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1 hour ago, BrightonCorgi said:

I would not pay a premium over what current stock costs on any of them.

Definitely agree. I would not pay too much for these vs. 2018 and on.  Just my 2 cents.

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